Saturday, March 22, 2008


I was tagged to answer some here we go! =)

4 jobs I've had: I have had so many jobs it's not even funny, but 4 interesting ones are...I worked for Boeing on the Peacekeepers, I've done singing telegrams which is amazing because I can't sing at all, I did commercials for MTV, and...I played bass in a rock band.

4 favorite movies: First Knight, Where The Heart Is (The one with Uma Thurman and Dabney Coleman, not the Susan Serandon one) Twister and Bull Durham! Also I love old black and white movies and those big production musicals.

4 places I've been: Everywhere and back again.

4 places I've lived: I have moved 187 times in my life...pick a place, I've probably lived there.

4 favorite tv shows: Psych, Ghost Hunters & Destination Truth, Lipstick Jungle and Rules Of Engagement.

4 favorite radio programs: They still have radio?

4 favorite foods: Pasta, coffee, pasta, coffee, pasta, coffee...oh.

4 places I'd rather be: Sleeping, the 1980's, on a tropical island in a pink palace by the sea, or Sri Lanka, Tibet, Italy and France! (that would be one trip, so I am countin that as one.)

I am constantly in motion, going places and doing new's probably from all the carbs and caffeine of the pasta and coffee!

1 comment:

Stacey said...

Thanks for playing along! You are so well traveled, you lucky girl...I'm envious. I'd love to hear more about your music/MTV background. :)

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