Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Day

So this morning dawns with the election over and I for one am thrilled. Not because Obama won or McCain lost, but simply because it's over. I think elections are wearying for this country. It gets very old to sit and watch two grown men pay to hurl insults at one another day in and day out for so long. It makes me believe that anyone who would do that is not qualified to run this country.

I would like to believe that at some point in history there were men who just stood up and said I love this country and I want to do what's best for it and it's people. Then proceeded to carry out their campaign with the dignity holding the office of president deserves. I have to wonder what men who insult each other in public say behind closed doors about the rest of us? Basically elections are a long drawn out interview for the job. Would the rest of us get a job if we insulted people during the interview the process? I am sure we wouldn't and yet these men do get this job.

I would like to see the man who holds the office uphold the promises he makes just once. Obama has promised change. I am not sure he ever said it was change for the better. But I hope that is his intent and that we as a nation have chosen wisely. I guess time will tell. But for now I am happy it's a new day and I don't have to listen to any more mud slinging.

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