Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~*~ Bastian ~*~

While it may take me a long time to design a new animal pattern, it does not take me long to design new bears.  I have made a couple thousand bears in my lifetime and I kinda know what I am doin at this point. 

I don't usually save old patterns once I stop making them.  I feel that it's better not to because I have to keep making new ones in order to always move forward.  Not to mention that after three decades if I kept them all, I would have patterns stacked to the rafters.  That's not to say I won't revisit an idea though.

Quite a few years ago I made a very long, lanky bear pattern.  I made about 20-25 bears from that pattern and everyone really loved them.  They were nice and slouchy, very loosely jointed and a bit under stuffed in the limbs and body so they were really huggable.  I had been thinking about making that style bear again for a while.  So night before last I decided to sit down and design the pattern.  I made it not quite as long as the first lanky bear pattern, but I like this one a great deal.  He is just right!

I spent all of yesterday making the bear.  I think he turned out splendidly if I do say so myself!  I have a feeling he won't be here long, and when he goes I will miss him.  If you would like to visit Bastian, you can do that on the Bears page of my website.

PS...I figured out what to do with the hearts I made!


KellyJo said...

I think the bear and hearts are awesome. I love that style of bear!! And I would have done the same thing with the hearts! Your bears are simply amazing!! <3 <3 <3

Amanda said...

Love the lean limbed look, he really is fab!

Katy Cameron said...

Oh he's fab, love him, and that was the perfect place for that heart :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly. I just wanted to say thank you for your kind comment on my blog during the Practical Magic Blog Party even though I was in the process of moving.

Bastian looks fabulous as does that heart!

Debora said...

He's super cute, Kelly! :o) I expect you would have stacks and stacks of patterns after all the years of bear making. Designing new ones is fun!

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