Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quilts, Dinosaurs, A Hospital Scare And Work

It's been a crazy four days. I guess the best thing to do is go in order.

Friday morning I had to take the dogs to the groomer, so my friend decided to leave at the same time I did. She headed North to home and I dropped the dogs off. After I left them at the groomer, I decided to head out to buy a new quilt. I had seen a couple when we were shopping the day before that caught my attention and I went back to get one. I couldn't decide between two which were very different. They were kind of expensive and I stood there deliberating for about a half hour. Normally I can make a decision quite quickly, but this was a tough one. In the end I bought them both. I knew I shouldn't have spent so much, but I did. One was just squares of various plaids in classic Americana colors. The other was pink and white florals. I usually am drawn to pretty girly stuff, but I decided I rather liked the plaid one. I opened it up and sat down in the chair with it. Basil was the first to arrive. A few moments later I had a lap full of three cats and one dog. The new quilt had been approved.

When R got home, he was happy to see that I had bought him a quilt as well in guy colors. I passed it on over and opened the floral one. In reality I did have him in the back of my mind when I got that one. With the coming of the new quilts I was satisfied, and pretty much stopped mourning the loss of my old one.

Saturday we went out to dinner then to Walking With The Dinosaurs. If you haven't seen this, I must say it's quite amazing. I got a few pics, but they don't allow you to use flash (even though a lot of people did anyway) so they aren't the very best. When the T-Rex came out, despite knowing it wasn't real, I still got a little shiver. Those things were HUGE! All in all it was really fun, we had great seats and got a wonderful view of everything.

Sunday R wanted to watch the football game. The Vikings lost darn it! They are my team! While we were watching the game we played Monopoly which was fun because it was something we hadn't done in a ages. I also decided it was time to tackle the guest room and wash the bedding. I hadn't even gone in there since my friend left. Yes...it was pure avoidance, but I needed a couple days off before cleaning again.

My friend, who is a wonderful and thoughtful house guest had stripped the bedding for me. I picked up the pile of sheets and headed to the washer. Then I went back for the bedspread. Under it, all folded up neatly was my old quilt! She hadn't taken it. I panicked thinking maybe somehow she had read my blog.

As it turned out she hadn't read it.  Yesterday I talked to her on the phone, she said she had forgotten it. But not to worry she had gone out and bought a nice colorful one for herself, so I should just keep it. After all my fussing I still have it! *Bangs her head on the desk* Now we have lots of quilts! But I confess, I am not sorry my old friend isn't going away and that everything ended well.

About 6 PM my Step Dad called. I knew something was wrong instantly because he never calls. He is hard of hearing and the phone is difficult for him. He told me that my Mom was in the hospital and that they thought she had a small stroke. R was out of town, and I panicked instantly. Apparently my Mother had been getting dressed for the gym when her memory just vanished. She couldn't remember anything at all. He had rushed her to the hospital where they had run a whole battery of tests. I talked to her for a long time on the phone last night, and while her memory had mostly returned and she sounded ok...things were still a bit off. They weren't going to know anything for sure until they got the results back today. Needless to say I spent the night sleepless and worrying myself to pieces. I wanted to leave immediately to go up there, but they said no not yet.

I called this morning and they were in the process of releasing her. But I had to wait until she got home to find out what they said. Apparently she has been doing too much and was really stressed and overloaded. Plus she is hypoglycemic and her blood sugar had dropped drastically. No stroke though thank God. She is fine today and I am so SO relieved. She just has to be careful about her blood sugar and lower her stress. I have finally convinced her to try the meditation CD's and I am going to order her the one I have from Amazon.

While I was awake last night and trying to avoid stressing myself out from feeling afraid and helpless to do anything, I decided I should pour my energy into work. I haven't made anything in over a month and it was time to get back to work anyway, so I started stitching my new piece. He is half sewn and should be finished by tomorrow if I am lucky. You should be seeing him or her soon! I was going into work withdrawal, so I am sure this has opened the gate and you should be plenty of new stuff coming.

But for right now, I need to go meditate to get my own stress under control and take a nice hot shower! Keep your fingers crossed for me that the rest of the week is peacefully uneventful!


Amanda said...

Your quilt came back! So to speak...What a few days you have had. I found getting back to my bears helped, my other job is very busy this time of year. We are off to York for a few days, all history, quaint shops and a few drinks and meals in haunted pubs! Well I might get to see some 'spirits'LOL Take care, hope your mum takes it easy.

Brenda said...

sooo sorry to read about your Mom glad to read it wasn't a stroke! Wow the quilt must have ment to stay with you!!

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