Thursday, January 14, 2010

Touchy Subjects

Yesterday's post earned me the loss of several followers and one long ranty e-mail. I was rather surprised by that. The writer told me in no uncertain terms that children were entitled to freedom of speech and self expression and that I should just shut up and stick to blogging about bears. (I am paraphrasing.)

I am not sure why the person was so upset, I don't know them from Adam, and I wasn't pointing fingers at any one's kids in particular. Nor did I suggest that children aren't entitled to freedom of speech. am I, a point that the author seemed to have overlooked.

In fact I assumed that all of my readers are very invested in raising good kids. But that they can be influenced online or off by outside sources that parents aren't always aware of that pose a threat. Avatar sites for instance look pretty innocuous from the outside, but when you delve into the forums, most parents would be shocked by what they see. I was a moderator on one of these sites because I knew the administrators and they wanted trustworthy adults to help keep these kids safe. After about a year I just couldn't do it anymore because so many of these kids are so jaded and know such horrifying things, so I have seen enough to know there is concern. In fact I have even seen kids admit that if their parents knew what went on they wouldn't let them go to those sites.

As for blogging about bears...well yes that is one facet of my life. But I never claimed this was just an art blog. The name is "A Stuffed Life" and like anyone else, my life is stuffed with all sorts of things besides bears. I am a three dimensional, real person who has other things to say once in a while.

I always feel that adults can address touchy subjects and respect each other's rights to our opinions even if they differ because we are adults. I feel we should be able to do that without feeling uncomfortable. I have also never had a problem discussing the taboo subjects of politics and religion, and never felt the need to get into an argument over it.

My intent for yesterday's post wasn't to outrage or offend anyone, it was meant as a cautionary tale. I wasn't suggesting anyone was a bad parent, I am suggesting that sometimes people just simply aren't aware of threats because they haven't had any reason to be made aware of them. While my intention is never to purposely make anyone mad, sometimes in addressing touchy subjects that are upsetting to people, we also open their eyes and make them think. That is never a bad thing.


Heather said...

It's kind of a "How dare you have an opinion!" sort of deal.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I may not always agree with you, but I ALWAYS appreciate hearing things from your point of view. :)

LOL, it sounds like you were a moderator for Den of Angels, XD

Kelly said...

I get that a lot Heather. I think more people should have an opinion, even if it differs greatly from mine. It shows we have the ability to think for ourselves and stick to our convictions.

No it wasn't Den Of Angels, I don't even know what that is?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, First off I'm not a parent BUT....I have eye's and I see what kids are like now as apposed to even 20 years ago. I lost a best friend because her son was rude and felt that it was OK to talk back and swear at me. I told my friend that "IT'S NOT OK" and I thought he needed to apologize...Needless to say he never did and her words to me were "Well, I need to pick my battles with him and this is just not important enough"....I was outraged that this is the way she raised her children or even thought!!!???? I feel alot of the problems caused by children are because of bad influence either on the parents part or the other children they hang around with.......IT is a parents OBLIGATION to know who where and what their children are involved with and if you don't, then it is the parents fault when their child gets in trouble and they have no one else to blame BUT themselves. I lost a friend because I spoke up and she DIDN'T LIKE what I said because it made her feel like she was a "Bad Parent". If she felt like she was a bad parent, then chances are things need to change in that home PERIOD....I have found that parents in general don't like to be told by OTHERS that their children are misbehaving or are rude, but it's funny how they are the first to talk back and yell at the top of their lungs at them when they are doing something wrong!!....I saw nothing wrong with your post the other day infact it was very informative...I personally think the people that had anything negative to say were the ones that think their children are little angels ALL THE TIME!!!.......Hugs, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

O ya, one other thing Children are entitled to self expression and yes they can have an opinion too but if they choose to swear or talk nasty then their "opinion" and "self expression" goes right out the door...there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things or saying things and that is a choice that they choose..if they choose the wrong way of expressing themselves then their opinion means NOTHING!!....Hugs, Jennifer

Carol Roll said...

Kelly, wow sorry you lost some followers for your opinion. Heather who I don't know but I like what she says about maybe not agreeing but apreciating another point of view. A blog should be a place to say it how you see it. (as long as its not hateful or untrue). Don't let it get to your heart.

Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

Your opinion is always interesting and informative, no matter the subject, and no matter that I agree or disagree with you on it.

Gerry said...

I lost a Follower overnite. Maybe it's some sort of a bug goin' 'round.
Hey, we're still here and Following.

kelly said...

I was going to post after reading you blog the other day, but got distracted. But, after hearing what happened as a result... It really just bugs me so much that people really don't like to hear the truth. And that, I feel, parents need to take a larger role in their children's lives. (What an inconvenience, huh?)They leave the raising of the their children, to schools, or day care, or leave them to their own devises. Look at the young people today, this isn't working. Like your original post brought out these kids are getting into things that are really detrimental to themselves and society. No one is perfect, but, an effort needs to be made, set limits, follow through with discipline, set a good example and people would really be surprised at the results. I feel bad for these kids with little or no guidance.
I'm a single mom of a now 19 year old son, and I didn't always have an easy time of it, but what I had that helped me was following Bible principles that I've learned over the years. My son appreciated and continues to appreciate and is a wonderful young man.
I applaud and appreciate your posts.

Kelly said...

Thank you all for your comments. I know there are a lot of people out there who do get it. It's just always a little surprising when some don't.

As for losing followers...well that's normal with blogging, you gain and you lose and you gain. (I lost another one since I posted this though!) *laughs*

Heather said...

Den of Angels is an Asian Ball Jointed Doll forum filled with insanity :) (The dolls are made by Asian companies)

While I LOVE Ball Jointed Dolls, I often do not love the community of Ball Jointed Doll owners!

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