Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Defining The Dream

If you have been reading my last few blog posts, you can probably tell that I am rather unsettled. Now as a disclaimer, I have to tell you that they have put me on a medication that is altering my mood and state of mind a little bit. But aside from that, I couldn't figure out why I am so obsessed with being in a rut or trying to find new perspective until this morning.

While soaking in the tub I read an article about a woman who has finally realized her dream as an artist and is living it. These types of stories abound, and they always leave me feeling happy for the person the article is about because I have been able to live my dream as well...right?

But suddenly this morning I wasn't sure if I was? If I was being interviewed for an article and someone asked me what my dream is, I would probably say to make bears forever. But when it gets right down to brass tacks, that's rather vague.

If someone asked you, could you truly define your dream? Has it changed from what you initially set out to do? If so why did it change? In my case, I realized that it has changed, but I am not sure to what? Of course my dream is still to make bears...but what do I want to do with that? What kind of bears do I really want to make? When you live your dream it becomes reality, so we need a new dream to strive for. Somewhere to take our original vision after we have accomplished what we set out to do. I think ultimately that's why I am unsettled. I don't know where I want to go exactly.

That's something I need to figure out. Just two days ago I was giving someone advice on how to figure out which direction they wanted to go...I think it's time to take my own advice.

Now with the meds, and my unsettled state of mind, I can't say for sure what the rest of the weeks posts will hold. In fact I never know what my posts will be until I start writing them.

I have read that many people plan and even orchestrate their blog posts. I try doing that sometimes and I never end up writing about what I intend to. Life is a journey, blogging is a journey, and even defining our current dream can be a journey. We will see where that road takes me. You're all welcome to come along for the crazy ride!


Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

And you just said it at the end there Kelly. "Defining your current dream can be a journey" I have found that if I open myself up to the infinite possibilities, the road presents itself without any help from me. Pay attention to the doors that seem to be opening. Have no guilt about letting past dreams go. Best of luck with your journey.

Heather said...

My blog simply motivates me to create more, because I want to add something new at least a few times a week.

Otherwise... is there a plan? Heck no! :)

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