Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Monolith

If you have seen 2001: A Space Odyssey, then you know that the monolith represented the tree of knowledge with it's forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. By touching it, the ape men gained knowledge and furthered society and technology. Whether it was towards a better end is open to speculation.

As of yesterday I have the big black monolith in my kitchen. Now it may not represent forbidden fruit, but it is holding fruit.

This past weekend we went and bought a new refrigerator. It came in black or stark white. I don't really care for stark white appliances. In fact I am sure in an alternative universe I do custom paint jobs on appliances and electronics. Wouldn't that be great if you could get appliances painted the same way they do cars. They need to make this stuff in a larger variety of colors.

Anyway, we picked out the black one. Now in the store I thought it was a tad larger than the one we had. R said it was, but only a little. He has this idea that bigger is better. It probably stems from being in the construction field.

But as all furniture that we buy seems to do, when we got it home it had grown considerably in size. (Or maybe it's just that my rooms are smaller than the showrooms so things seem smaller when we buy them?)

At any rate as I was stretching to put all the stuff back on top, which I now not only cannot reach I can't even see it...I realized that Stanley Kubrick's Monolith is in my kitchen. I wonder if they will find another one like it buried on the moon?


The Littlest Thistle said...

Ah, I ended up with a fridge just like that a couple of months ago, and yeah, it looked only a teeny bit bigger than the old one in the sales room...

bensonbear said...

We had that same problem with a couch last year! And we're thinking the same with a new telly, they look really small in the store, but we don't want the living room dominated by it's blank face when it's not on :-O

Anonymous said...

My tv is like that in our pink bedroom....it's an eye sore...ugh!
Have a nice week kelly! : ) Jennifer

Kelly said...

Oh I know exactly how it is. I have a dresser in my bedroom that's as big as the great wall of China and a sofa that rivals the Titantic all because they looked smaller in the showroom and I am far too stupid to ever take a tape measure.

Heather said...

You should purchase some tiny plastic monkeys to stand on the floor around it.... for when guests come over... you can bring them out along with the fine china XD

Kelly said...

Oh now Heather what makes you think I don't have some already! XD

Anonymous said...

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