Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Bear Bee

Yesterday I drove up to Denver to meet up with some other artists for a bear bee. We had a really nice time. We talked, worked and had some nice snacks.

It was great to see other artists. One of the things I miss about doing shows is getting together. I met some people I hadn't met before, and connected with friends I hadn't talked to for a while. So we had a full range of artists, new and old. It was fun. I took some pics, but they didn't turn out very well.

We met up at Sassy Bears & Fabrics which has an amazing array of miniature bear making supplies. Her fabric choices were staggering. She has ever color and finish you can imagine, so if you're a miniature sure and check out her shop!

I was delighted because as it turns out, I was just thinking the past few days I needed some miniature fabric for a project I am going to be working on after I finish the three I have started! Shhh...that's a secret! *winks*

It was a great day all the way around!

Today R is going to be finishing the garden and I can finally get to planting. Then tomorrow I am going to go to Sex And The City 2. The main reason I want to see it because they are going to be in Morocco! If you read my post about the vest then you know that's on my top ten places to go! Otherwise I would probably wait for it to hit video.

Tonight or tomorrow I will be making the announcement I promised you! Until then! Have a great Memorial Day!

Hugs, K. <3

1 comment:

bensonbear said...

Hi Kelly, Chris and I are off to Morocco in October, I'm soooooo excited about it! Can't wait! :)

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