Monday, January 24, 2011

The Kindness Of Strangers

Today I had a sweet, but funny thing happen.  I had to run off to the post office to mail a piece to a customer.  I had just rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth and lazily ran the brush through my hair. I didn't have any other errands to run...or so I I just threw on my ratty, holey jeans, a really old hoodie and sneakers.  I didn't bother with makeup either. 

When I got outside I realized there was no newspaper. When I got to the post office, the line was long, so I called R to see if by some chance he had picked it up, but he hadn't.  I told him I would stop and pick him one up since there was a gas station near the post office.  Now I have to confess it's my fault that there was no paper.  I am always spot on with getting the bills paid in a timely fashion, but somehow I missed the subscription renewal last week and had it in my purse with the other bills to be mailed today, so it ran out yesterday.

I also hadn't eaten yet, and I grabbed a bottle of orange juice.  When I got to the counter, an elderly gentleman was standing there.  He asked me what I was looking for in the paper.  I joked that I just wanted it to keep warm.  (I probably shouldn't have done that. *giggles*)  They also had some hot sandwiches and breakfast burritos by the counter.  I was looking at them trying to decide if I was brave enough to eat one.  I asked the girl how much they were, I only had a little cash on me and didn't really want to use my card if I didn't have to...especially for something I wasn't sure about eating.  She told me and I was counting my change to see if I had enough. 

I guess from my shabby clothes and my joke, the guy thought I must be homeless, so he offered to buy me a sandwich and asked if I would like a donut and some fruit too!  I thought it was really sweet.  But I explained to him that I had money I just wasn't sure if I wanted one of those.  I don't think he believed me though.  He said "Sister you don't have to be proud, it's ok to let someone help once in a while!  We've all been there."

I thought it was really sweet of him.  He didn't look any better off than I did today, and I went away with the feeling I probably should have been buying him something instead.  But it's nice to know that strangers can be kind without expecting anything in return.


Jennifer said...

That was so nice of him!... I was visiting the "group " as I call them on yankee candle Facebook, right before christmas...One of the girls really liked the key lime pie candle tarts and I had 5 of them, turns out they are retired now. I told her she could have them and I would send them to her, she asked how much? and I told her they were free, Merry Christmas! She was so happy...A few weeks later I saw her post to another girl she was sending her a candle free of charge...I just thought that was so nice. :o)

Wayne said...

Awww. that's so kind of him. Few weeks ago I was looking for a hotel that my overseas friend is staying, but i wasn't sure the location.

I approached 2 ladies for directions. They even bought me to the place without any hesitation! The journey was about 20 mins and their kindness touched my heart.

Amanda said...

How lovely, a reminder there is so much kindness out there.

Katy Cameron said...

So nice when people show that humanity is still alive and kicking :o)

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