Monday, January 10, 2011

The World Is Flat

No one knows for sure who first discovered that the Earth was round. What we do know is that for a very long time the Earth was thought to be flat. Even Homer believed that it was a flat plane, and if we ventured too far to the edge we would fall off.

Ironically, we have come full circle and our world is becoming ever increasingly flat again.

Even though I am well rested and have more time, I haven't been posting much. I noticed I have lost a few followers lately and I suppose that's why. I have to apologize, but in truth I haven't had the urge. Now I know it will come back and I will go into a posting a frenzy at some point. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know it's feast or famine in most things I do...posting included.

I can blame this lack of urge on a statement I heard made by someone or other on TV the other day. They said something to the effect that we don't experience the real world as much as we used to because we can view it through a screen.

I got to thinking about that. How much time do we spend every day looking at screens? Our world is becoming less tactile and turning 2 dimensional...flat!

We have TV's, computers, game modules, Nook/Kindle's, cell phones with texting keyboards, iPods, and the list goes on.

Even the kitchen stove has a screen. No more turning a 3 dimensional nob, now it's running our fingers over the smooth plane of a touch screen to key in the settings we want.

Our keyboards are slowly but surely becoming obsolete with the swipe of a finger across a screen.

While the convenience of all that is nice, it's also nice once in a while to take a little time and live in the 3 dimensional world and avoid the flatness of screens as much as possible.

The urge to post will return, I promise. But I realized my lack of motivation wasn't because I had down shifted my mental gears, it's because I needed to shift them up for a little while. My little electronic sabbatical has already got my engine revving at a higher rate. Sometimes we all have periods where we don't feel like posting a lot...and that's not a bad thing, because it keeps our world from being flat.


Amanda said...

I believe it never should be a chore or 'job to do' so no problems there with posting. It does seem things are very screen based. I had to fill a stationery request form for work then post it off, eek, don't they know it can be done on the computer. They even waste postage sending the form to me. I even read the newspaper online...Crickey, my world is flat!!!!

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Matt, my husband, and I were just lamenting the same thing last night. We have a tiny little TV that stores under a skirted table and we only get a couple of channels. We looked into getting more channels last night and were shocked that most people are spending at least $70 a month on cable! If we spent that much, we would feel the need to spend a lot of time watching TV--not good. So we decided to leave well enough alone.

Warmly, Cheryl

Jennifer said...

Hi Kelly, people shouldn't feel they "Have to" blog all the time...I only blog when I feel like it or when I have something to blog about...I do spend time looking at stuff on others blogs and on facebook though. I do think I spend too much time looking at screens. :o/

Katy Cameron said...

Good point. Think I have a date with an unfinished bear...

bensonbear said...

Oh boy, Kelly! Your stove sounds way too flash for this ol' girl. I have a wood burning slow combustion stove, if you forget to feed it, it goes out and if it's out long enough you run out of hot water too! :o) I do agree though, our world has become way too dominated by the "screen". I know I watch too much telly.........but always with sewing in hand :o)and I have cut down the time I spend on this machine. So I guess my world isn't too flat :)

Marie-Christine Twardy said...

Good point! Thank you for sharing your point of view. I agree, most of the time I enjoy reading ePapers, blogs or news online but sometimes I get bored of the flat world and just want to go out, feel, smell and see the real world.

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