Monday, February 21, 2011

A Catch Up Post

I am so exhausted!  I have been working myself to the bone the last few days.  But let me back up a little.

So Friday I went to get my highlights.  First he took me to the beauty supply place and let me pick out anything I wanted at his cost.  It's probably a good thing that I had a raging headache or I might have spent much more than I did.  It was one of those kid in a candy store moments!  The best two things I came home with are Moroccan oil for my hair and a pumice peel for my face.  I kid you not, I scrubbed off five years!

 I must say it turned out a little lighter than I had anticipated.  I am one step away from  highlighted playboy bunny blond.  I guess it's ok, I am not quite used to it.  I am also a little concerned what it's going to look like when it grows out.  Maybe by then it will be warm enough that I can be outside to let the sun do it's job.  I know you guys wanted to see a pic, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my webcam turned on, on my new computer.  Maybe I need to download the software.  So I had to take a pic of it myself.  No easy feat!  That's why for now all you get is a close up. 

Saturday I made R take me to a specific restaurant because I have a new piece in mind I want to do a pattern for.  You will have to wait and see!  It won't be for a while yet though.

Sunday he went off to run errands while I worked and he came home feeling sick.  I spent 16 hours working since he was sleeping.

Now about all this know how sometimes you want to make a certain thing, but you don't because you get too caught up in unimportant details in your head about it?  That's what happened to me.  For ages I have wanted to make a smaller sized bear.  But I didn't have the right size joints and I needed to make the bear so I could order some but I needed to order some so I could make the bear and....aaaauuuuggghhh!

Then along came a friend who wanted me to make a smaller size bear for a reason.  It was just the push I needed, even though it still took me 3 1/2 months to do it.  And here is the interesting part...I discovered I had bought some small joints somewhere along the line.  A whole bag full, and they were exactly the right size for the pattern I made!  Crazy kismet I tell ya!

So I have made two of them already, and have a third cut out.  I also cut out a snowman for a special request I got.  I am completely in love with this new size.  They are just a shade under 7 inches.  I wish I could show them to you, but one will be going to my friend and the other will be for the Blooming Bears show next month.  I can't show you that bear, and I am not sure which one she wants yet.  Once she chooses I can show you that one.

Actually she may have already chosen, I haven't gotten a single e-mail in two days.  Not even spam.  That happens occasionally with my server, so I am sure tomorrow I will wake up and have 9000 e-mails when they finally make their way through to me.  In the mean time, I am going to go fall into bed before I collapse!

Sweet dreams!


Heather said...

I have emailed you!

The highlights look pretty good... you can see them even in extreme closeup!

Amanda said...

Your hair looks lovely and highlights grow out better than all over colour.

Can't wait to see the new bear.

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