Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you're all having a day filled with love and lovely things!  We aren't doing much today since it's a Monday.  We are going to have steaks and hang out at home.  But somewhere along the line my darling R learned that despite Valentines Day not being important to him, it was to me.

So we decided to celebrate on Saturday.  It was SUCH a beautiful day.  Nearly 60 degrees, completely unheard of in Colorado this time of year.  We headed up to Denver and had lunch at La Hacienda.  It's one of our favorite restaurants.  I could eat Mexican 6 days a week and so could he.  It's one of the few food choices we don't clash on.

After that he offered again to take me shopping.  I declined again since I felt I had spent so much on Thursday's little adventures, plus he always says he would rather get shot in the foot than go shopping because it would be more fun and he would get more sympathy.  But he took me anyway. 

He has been mooning over a smart phone, (which I sorta suspect had something to do with his being determined about the shopping trip) so I decided since he was being such a sweet guy we would go get him one.  I on the other hand, was behaving myself pretty well...I found a cute embellished tank top at Urban Outfitters, and some lovely coffee mugs at Anthropologie, but beyond that I was keeping my purse tightly shut.  That's no easy task for a nearly reformed shopaholic, believe me!  I even made it out of Sundance without buying anything AND they were having a sale.

Then I discovered that one of my favorite shops had returned to Park Meadows mall.  It's the least likely sort of shop to find in a mall, but yet there it is.  It's locally owned; Cali & Mo.  This shop is so wonderful.  They have a mix of unique items and antiques.  The owner has a wonderful eye.  I had actually made it out of the store without indulging myself, but I spied the bracelet above in the window.  R felt that was the perfect Valentine present and bought it for me straight away!  Isn't he sweet!

I got to have a second adventure and come home with a few more little treasures and trinkets...all in one week.  What more could a girl ask for!

I wish you all lots of love and hugs and goodies!  K. <3


Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, what a lucky valentine you have been :o)

Jennifer said...

Happy Valentines Day kelly! your bracelet is so pretty...what a wonderful husband! love Mexican food! yum!... ;o)

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