Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Site Design & Mailing List

I got the new layout done!  I have some tweaking to do still...but it will keep until after my company comes and goes next week.  I have to get the house cleaned next.  Plus I have an appointment at 10 am to find out what the MRI showed on my knee.

I like the new layout, it's not as fussy and it will be easy to change for each update.  Plus I wanted something different from what other people have.  I think I achieved that.  I wanted to do bigger thumbnails, but I may have gone a tad too big, so that's one of the things that will get tweaked later! 
Also the new newsletter service is now in place, so you can sign up for that either by using the link at the right or on the details page of my site.

So go have a look!  http://www.blondheart.com/

As always your feedback and thoughts are welcome.

I haven't had a chance to finish the new snowman or the bear...but they are coming.  I just have to clean my house since company is coming too!

Busy...busy...busy...Hugs, K. <3


Kays Kids said...

Looks Good. It is nice to have a change.

Katy Cameron said...

Looking good, and I actually like the larger thumbnails :o)

Doreen said...

Love it Kelly ~ Well done :)

ginger@bearbits said...

I like the clean look. It's inspirational. Maybe it's time I redo mine?! You have a great sense of design - in both digital and mohair realms. have fun with your company and your newly painted environment. Good luck with the knee too!


Heather said...

Love it! Very clean and crisp and wintery!!!

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