Monday, February 9, 2009

Confessions Of A Teen Idol

I like a little bit of reality TV, but I don't get caught up in every reality show that comes down the pike. Somehow I got really hooked on this show. I am not the sort of person who ever cares much about what anyone in Hollywood is doing beyond their performance in a show I watch, because I have other things to concern myself with. Even as a teenager I didn't get all goofy about most teen idols. (There was one...but he isn't on this show.)

If you haven't seen Confessions Of A Teen Idol, it's on VH1, and it's about a group of guys from various shows and movies who enjoyed fame at some point in the past few decades, trying to jump start their careers again. Some I remember clearly, and some I just know of in passing from seeing their shows advertised. I never watched Baywatch or The Real World.

I just watched tonight's episode and I found myself really rooting for these guys to succeed. I think that many of the things they have had to hear during this series have been pretty harsh and I have felt bad for them several times. It's fascinating to watch their growth.

I started to wonder why I cared if these guys succeed, and I realized the answer pretty quickly. Aside from the fact that you get to see these actors as their true selves laid bare as real human beings who have the same struggles we all do, there is a larger reason I find myself caring. I have always believed that no matter who we are, what kind of successes or failures we have had in the past, or how old we are...that we should all be able to come back at any point in life and make a success of ourselves in anything we choose. Sometimes, like these guys, we mask our fear, uncertainty and lack of confidence with vanity or anger. But if we can get past that we can do anything we want to do. It's important to somtimes get outside of our comfort zone and take risks on opportunities when they present themselves.

If I didn't believe that, I would probably be working behind a desk as a computer programmer somewhere right now. But I wanted to bring my business to the internet and make it work. It will work. I won't give up until it does.

I know these guys will never know who the nameless, faceless people they have no concept of, are watching the show and rooting for them to win, but maybe there are enough people out there who feel that way, that our positive energy and thoughts will help them. Maybe...there are people out there that all of us have no concept of rooting for us to win? I certainly hope so, we could all use some positive engery and thoughts aimed our way.

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