Thursday, February 26, 2009


I was tagged by Holly at Haute Country Vintage to list five things about myself.

So lets see...

1. I know so much useless trivia it's mind numbing. Like for instance I know what the Antikythera Mechanism is, what it was used for, and that there is a copy in the brass museum in Bozeman, Montana. I know about microclimates in pyramids, why Mars can't be colonized (no plate tectonics) and that most goth kids don't even know the origin of the word gothic. It's derivative of goetic which is Greek meaning magical architecture. I could go on for pages and pages boring you with all sorts of utterly useless stuff.

2. In contrast to the above...I can't ever remember my cell phone number. I have had it now for nearly a decade and I have no clue what it is. But yet I can remember the Drake Equation. N = R* fp ne fl fi fc L Go figure.

3. Novocain has absolutely no effect on me at all. It doesn't numb me in the slightest and dentists never believe me until they try it. Sadly I have to go the dentist today.

4. I have never been dumped by a guy. I always did the dumping until I met R...I decided to keep him!

5. I have almost 400 pair of shoes. I have recently tried to curb my shopaholic ways. I am not doing too bad either. I did fall off the wagon recently when I saw a really cute cerulean blue clutch. I like purses too...and jewelry...and clothes...and...*starts humming I Enjoy Being A Girl...*

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Pandy Potter Bears

Autumn Rose Crafts

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Amanda said...

Ha you got me. You're doing a fab job of helping me to ignore the paperwork I should be doing! LOL I'll have a think and post in the morning. Amanda x

Kelly said...

I have a great cure for paperwork...a match! >=}

TinyBear said...

oh - thanks Kelly :o)
This is going to be fun.
I´ll have to put my thinking cap on.
Tina x

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Thanks Kelly...oooh I aint never been tagged before lol...will have a good think Sarah xx

Nyblaque said...

Ahhh you Tagged me ( runs and hides) nah .. I will write something tomorrow! Thanks Kelly, I am finally following your blog too lol:)

Be Well,


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