Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ads And Ends

I have been trying really hard not to panic over this swine flu thing. I am trying to be optimistic, but I do have asthma and out of all the dire warnings we get a viral outbreak that attacks the respiratory system does scare me a little. Luckily so far Colorado has been mostly unaffected. There have been a few reports that didn't turn out to be anything more than regular flu.

I got the new issue of Teddy Bear & Friends yesterday and I am trying to be optimistic about that too, but the ad doesn't look how I had hoped. I did it on the old computer and as I said before I had no idea how bad it was until I saw the new monitor, and by then it was too late. I guess all I can do is make a better one next time.

Other than that I have been trying to catch up on doing chores and getting ready to make some new things. It hasn't been to exciting around here other than the weather which keeps going from blizzards to warm weather with tornado warnings and back again.

Maybe tomorrow I will have something cheerier to post. Until then!


Vintage Inspired Jewelry said...

I can sure relate to you about the Swine Flu. My Husband has had Lou Gerhig's Disease for 10 years and Is on a ventilator now. I am not letting anyone In my house. Take care..Kathi

ginger said...

I saw your ad and I think that it looks good. I don't know what you had expected, but I'm fairly impressed with it. It's very cheery!

Kelly said...

I am so sorry about your husband Kathi. That must be so hard. I never let anyone in either and I have been staying home a lot.

Thanks Ginger, I just felt the color could have been better and it could have been clearer.

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