Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Goodbye My Friend

Ernest Hemingway said that all great love affairs end in tragedy. I think that actually extends to any good relationship you have with anyone or anything that you love.

I have always believed that there is nothing in this world that can't be fixed except for death. As a result, I am not good with death. I have a hard time reconciling it. No matter how many people or pets I lose, it takes me a long time to understand that when a spirit leaves this world I will never see it again during my lifetime.

I know that any time you decide to get a pet, that a day will most likely come that you have to make a hard choice. It never stops me because I think these little furry friends enhance my life, and hopefully I enhance theirs. But it never makes it any easier knowing you have to make the responsible decision. I just returned from the vet. I had to put Chyna down. I feel a hole in my heart. I know it will pass with time, I know ultimately I did the right thing, because she was in pain. But I still feel guilty because I never feel like I have the right to take a life since I didn't give it, and it just hurts.

Goodbye my faithful friend, rest in peace.

Chyna 1999-2009


ginger said...

Oh Kelly. I'm sorry for your loss. You're right though. We venture into the love of a pet with an awareness of what will likely happen at the end of the road and then when it comes, it's never easy. You're in my thoughts and again, I'm so so sorry about Chyna.

Marlys said...

Kelly, I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost three of my Scotties in one year and while I knew it was time to let them go, it is never easy and I understand the emptiness you feel in your heart. Take care and one day you'll be ready to take in another little companion in honor of Chyna.

Kelly said...

Thank you both so much, I really appreciate it. Marlys I have a westie and a cocker spaniel too. Chyna was a really sweet dog for being a chow. She was kind of the rock of my little pet family and I am not the only one who is missing her tonight. The other two don't understand where she is. R is pretty heartbroken too. We will get through it. We always do.

Patricia said...

These wonderful creatures place their lives in our care and trust us to do what has to be done. We love them with all our hearts and we do make the right decisions for them as they have no voice. But they don't ever leave us. I often still feel my kitty with me.

Amanda said...

Its so awful, but you let the vet do the right thing for Chyna. I'll never forget the day we found our Westie dead in his basket, he had been a bit ill and we were going to take him to the vets in the morning, too late. It must feel very raw and empty without your little friend. Take care. x

Darlene Allen said...

I can understand the pain in a choice of not having a loved one suffer,my cat and friend died before I had to make that decision.
Love is in the decisions that no one else wants to make,
it's in the memories that death cannot take,
it's in the joy that Chyna will not let you forsake.
Be Blessed,and your heart lightened

Laura Lynn said...

Kelly I am SO very sorry for your loss. Many many hugs... Laura Lynn

Kelly said...

Thank you all so much. I think artists are usually great animal lovers so we all understand how each other feels when we lose a pet. I appreciate your kind words!

CubbyHole Cubs said...

So sorry to hear about your baby, friend, loyal pet. It is never easy no matter what to lose one so loved. Chyna was beautiful, you were very lucky to know her and share your life with her.


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