Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Color Of Days

Everyone has a favorite color, closely followed by other colors we prefer.  I like pink.  It's my favorite color.  It's probably because I have a romantic nature.  I also like green, a deep rich garnet, orange, turquoise and periwinkle.  I like most colors after that except for purple.  I am not real big on basic blue either, but that stems from something weird that happened when I was a kid.

Some days we wake up and we are in the mood for a certain color.  Have you ever noticed that?  You might have a desire to wear a specific color when you get out of bed.  Maybe you go shopping later in the day and everything you are attracted to is that color too.  I know the scientific reason this happens, but I won't demystify it for you...that would take the fun out of it.

I have been thinking about color lately.  I recently read something that said the majority of people in the US have blue as a favorite color.  This holds true for women and they are attracted to cool colors.  I thought that was rather surprising.  I would have thought that somehow women would prefer warm colors.  I guess that makes me odd girl out since I am more drawn to warm colors.

Color plays a huge role in our lives.  I am not sure we even realize it.  We can make subconscious judgements about someone based on the color they are wearing when we first meet them.  We choose the color of everything in our lives.  The colors of things in our home influence how comfortable we feel there.  Most of us try to create a cozy nest where we feel safe, secure and content.  If your sofa was a different color would you still feel the same way?

Yesterday was definitely a rare blue day despite it not being a favorite color. I had a blue and white pin striped sundress on. I like it because it feels crisp and clean. The sky was a vibrant blue. At the end of the day my hands were blue. (You will find out in the next post why they were blue! *winks*)  But if it hadn't been a blue day, I wonder if they would have been a different color?

So just out of curiosity, what is your favorite color?  What was the color of your day?  Did it have an influence on it in any way?


Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears said...

Red is my fav.
But most days I wear jeans and a white tee, since I'm usually at my studio. It's simple, and a no brainer!

bensonbear said...

I guess I'm as common as mud then as blue is my favourite colour. But when we finally finish the house I want the decor to be rich, rich, rich, with a Moroccan kind of feel. Sorry, but pink is just about my least favourite colour, I don't wear it and there's none in the house :-)I think I might have a couple of pairs of pink knickers, but only because they were included in packs of several pairs ;-)

Miz said...

I'm not so much drawn to a particular temperature of color or individual color itself. I get more into hue ranges--I'm not sure what the exact artistic term for it would be. Burgundy, hunter green, deep brown, dark turquoise--that kind of color that was so popular in the 90s--are what draw me now. It changes from time to time.

Heather said...

(and oddly enough, your two posts before this one have the word "Blue" in the title)

For me, today is a brown day. I think brown gets a bad rap.

Usually when I get excited about color, it's about a combination of color... when I see things that are any of the following color combos, I have to come in for a closer look:

Brown & Pink
Blue & Green
Purple & Green
Orange & Red & Black
Orange & Yellow
Turquoise & Purple
Green & Pink & Orange
Grey & Black & White

I really don't have an outright favorite color. I can't even say that I'm attracted to warm colors over cool ones, or vice versa. I love a cool blue as much as I love a warm pink.

Have you come across articles that explain why people choose the colors they choose? (Beyond the usual color theory and how colors make us feel emotionally?)

One thing I can say... when I worked at Target back in college... everyone was always SO angry. I always thought it was crazy that they covered the interior of their store in red :)

Kelly said...

How funny, I used to work at Target too! Everyone was pleasant in our store though. We had such a lovely manager.

I like brown as well.

Amanda said...

In clothes I like brown, blues.

The house has black accents with white, some grey and gold. my summerhouse where its really me, there is pink, pale blue and red. Lots of pastels too. No wonder I like being in there

Heather said...

They redecorated the store's interior the first year I worked there to make it more red... and the employees moods got very sour... a few years later they changed it again to be less red and more grey... and the people I know who still work there say it's much calmer now.

Or... maybe there were just a lot of angry people working there at the time XD

Linda in New Mexico said...

Kelly, I have left you an award on my blog and hope you will accept it. The Olde Bagg

The Littlest Thistle said...

Blue is my favourite, but I'm not American so maybe I'm not that common in Scotland, then again, the flag is mainly blue lol.

When I was little it was yellow, I'm not sure when I went past that phase though. Funnily enough my school uniforms were blue all through school, so it ought ot be my least favourite, but there you go! I do like some other bright colours too on occasions though to accent things.

Clothing wise my friends joke that I have tops for work in every colour of the rainbow - they're right, I do, almost equal quantities of every colour in a variety of shades, and they're all hung in order in my wardrobe. I think that might be because of some neurotic idea that people would think I wasn't wearing clean clothes if I always wore the same colour though...

Kelly said...

I have kept my closet colorized since I was about 20. It makes it so much easier to find things.

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