Saturday, August 14, 2010

Going Back In Time

Back in the 80's I was kind of a party girl, yeah I know hard to imagine right *giggles*....and I really loved those great hair bands of the time.  One of my absolute favorites was the Scorpions.  Like most young people I liked going to concerts and I went to quite a few.  But I never made it to see the Scorpions.  It seems like every single time I tried to go I had to be somewhere.  Usually a bear show. 

I tried to see them for 26 years actually.  The last time they came I was scheduled for surgery and couldn't go.  So this year they are doing their farewell tour.  For my birthday present R got tickets to go see them.  But not just tickets...he went the whole VIP route and got us backstage passes and the works.  We get to meet the band at a pre-show party, have pictures with them, swag bag...all kinds of great stuff.  The concert is Tuesday night in Denver.

I have to admit that I have been feeling a little old to be going to a concert, but all of a sudden I am excited about it.  Sure we are older, the band is older...but it doesn't matter.  For one brief shining night we will be transported back in time.  And it's going to rock! (Literally!)

I loved the 80's.  It was really the last age of innocence in a way.  I suddenly can't wait!  R has been excited over it for months, it just took me a little while to catch up.

We will be staying up in Denver for an extra day to make it a mini vacation.  I am not sure what we will be doing on Wednesday...but it will be nice to get away from my furry little "kids" and have fun for a couple days!  I am sure they will like it too...Auntie Carol is coming and she spoils them!


KellyJo said...

Woo Hoo!!! You go girl!!! And BTW nice glam shot. ;)
Have a great time, think I'm a bit jealous. :D

The Littlest Thistle said...

Oh cool, have fun!

Michele Seraphim said...

There is nothing like seeing a band that you have waited so long to see. Last summer for me it was STYX! And can I just mention that I just went to another concert... MacCartney and the man next to me was in his 80's so YOU cannot be too old to attend and enjoy a concert! Congratulations and have a FABULOUS time!

Heather said...

Oh how exciting!! I absolutely LOVE 80s music... and so many other things from that period... granted, I was too young to go to concerts... but it seemed like there was so much going on in the 80s... for all ages... I really, really miss those little plastic charm necklaces and bracelets.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Darling girl....rock on hard core. Shelley (DD) and GK the grand went to see the Scorps on the 9th. Shelley like you is of the same age and still loves all the 80's hair metal. Too funny. GK now has been to a crazier than should be allowed rock concert and was not quite as impressed as she thought she'd be. Told me...Oma, old people act weird when they see stuff from when they were young, huh? Just cool. And have a really good time.

Amanda said...

I can't wait to hear about it, enjoy!

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