Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Rest Of The Story

I don't know how many of you remember Paul Harvey.  He passed away last year and I kind of miss his radio spots he used to do where he told "the rest of the story."  It was always interesting.  One story in particular stands out in my mind. 

He told about a man who was well off but lived in spartan conditions, he would donate lots of money to various charities and he even put a nephew through the seminary.  He was very kind to many people throughout his life.  But very few really knew about the man's private life or all the good deeds he did until after his death.  The man turned out to be Andy Warhol who of course always seemed so flamboyant in his public life.  But that was an artistic diva-esque persona he played because at that period in time it was expected.

Today I am going to tell you the "rest of the story" about the things I post.  It won't be as lovely as anything Mr. Harvey would have told, but it might help you understand just a tad more.

I stay up all night working.  I don't go to bed until about 5:00-6:00 AM after R has left for work.  I sit down here in my creative space working on whatever latest thing I am making.  While I do that I watch TV and I think about things.  All sorts of things...some of those things would probably make you scratch your head in puzzlement.  Two nights ago I was hand sewing, watching The Incredible Mr. Limpet and thinking about a theory I have on the Higgs Bosun particle and why it's so elusive.  Not to worry I won't bore you with it.

The point is I think about a LOT of things, all kinds of things...in depth.  That's the way it is at night when it's quiet and no one is talking to you for hours.  The mind goes to these places usually prompted by something else.  

At 4:30 R gets up for work, I go see him off, pour a small cup of coffee and come back down here which is usually when I make my blog posts. 

I keep telling myself that I should make them during the day.  When I make daytime posts they always seem less...esoteric.  I suspect that sometimes you read what I write and wonder to yourself what brought me to that place and made me want to post that thing.  Especially since I always say it's important to have continuity to your work, but yet I certainly don't apply that to my blog.

Like yesterday's post.  There was more behind that than what you read.  It was an offshoot of a conversation I was in the middle of earlier in the day.  I had been mentally chewing on it for a while before I got here.

Sometimes I go back and read my posts and I think wow, people must think I am the strangest creature on the planet, when really I am only in the top twenty or so!  *gigglesnorts*

We have been discussing on a forum I frequent about blogging and what people might want to read or not read.  I have no idea what people want to read.  Half the time I am not even sure why I post what I do or if I want to read it.  But maybe you will understand now if it seems odd it's because I have been up all night by the time I get to posting.

Thankfully blogs are like art and they are subjective...I am also thankful that you come to read it anyway and leave the kind comments that you do...and that no one has sent men in white coats to haul me away yet!


Kathy said...

I have several comments.
#1 - You are nuts. BUT so am I!! Ain't it great?!
#2 I had to look up Higgs Boson. As soon as I started reading about super colliders in Cern and Fermilab - gadzooks! Fermilab is 20 minutes from here. Fascinating stuff.
#3. My mind goes strange places late in the evening/early morning too. Why is that? Sometimes the next day when the sun's come up, I think - What in the heck was THAT?!

I think you're great. Don't change you or your blog. The world is a better place with folks like you!!


I love reading your blog! Your posts always make me stop and think. (I do a lot of thinking too!) It is good to know that I am not the only one who has a wandering mind :o)
Please keep the thought provoking words coming and don't change a thing!

Ascension said...

Seguramente los hombres de blanco con las correas, tiene faena con algunas de nosotras y todavia no van a ir por ti jejejejejejejejeje
Me encanta leer tus pensamientos nocturnos.
besitos ascension

Heather said...

I love reading your late night posts too.
Admittedly, I have often pondered about your schedule, but never thought it proper to ask.

I just chalked it up to one of those mysteries in life that was most amusing to ponder. That way I could make up reasons for keeping the hours you do that are probably far more outlandish than reality. (Sewing super heroes, perhaps, lol)

I only ever worry that I annoy you too much with my responses!

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

You're in a great place right where you are, Kelly. I always enjoy reading your posts and feeling your support in the various places we meet on the internet. I'm glad you listen to your body and live on your own time table.

Heaps of Hugs,

BTW, I LOVED your post yesterday--it got me thinking as well!!

Amanda said...

Outside the box....you do your Blog posts in the day, just not your day, my day! I wondered why you were up the same as me (UK)

Carry on doing what you do, its who you are, I enjoy your posts very much.

Kathy said...

I found your blog last night while visiting my favorites, and there I found you. I am so enjoying your blog.
Tonight I will go back and read the older posts...

soggibottom said...

All clicks of a button at the moment seem to lead to A Stuffed life :-)
x x x

soggibottom said...

Probably cos I'm up late :-) x x x

Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

I never wonder - I totally get you.

When I was very young I would look forward to hearing Mr. Harvey on my grandparents' radio. I was inexplicably fascinated with the way he said "...page 2...".

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