Monday, April 23, 2012

Airavata And Interesting Lessons Learned

Like a kid with a new toy, I had to make another elephant.  Chances are there will be another one soon.  Or...who knows maybe another animal?   I would like to introduce you to Airavata!  He is available on my website (he has been adopted now, thank you!)  at

Now as promised I said I would give you a more in-depth update on my diet.  First of all I want to tell you that I have lost eight pounds the first week, YAY!  But I won't lie, it hasn't been easy.  

The first two days of "loading" really sent me into a tail spin.  I am not used to eating that much sugar, fat and carbs.  The second day my short term memory just went away.  Now in the past I have told you that sometimes I dislike having this incredible memory retention, but you know what they don't miss something until it's gone.  Lesson's a far better thing to remember everything, rather than nearly nothing.   It was such an odd feeling and I felt confused and helpless almost.

There was an upside to it though, when I try to design patterns I usually over think and over complicate them, and it freed me up to do the elephant without over thinking it.  Complicated is not always better.  Getting out of your head and just doing something without over thinking it works.  Lesson learned.

When I moved on to the actual diet phase, it was hard the first few days.  Especially giving up my 9 PM iced latte.  It's not even just about the coffee, it's about that pleasant hour when no one bugs me and I goof off for a bit before starting work.  My little furry darlings know that when Mom has that cup they don't bug me for anything.  A decade or so back when I discovered that I was allergic to chocolate I thought I would die without it.  Every time I tell someone now that I am allergic they always respond that same way...that they would die without chocolate.  But really you don't.  The first couple weeks were rough, but then I got over it.  It's amazing how you can give up things you thought you couldn't live without.  However...I am still on the phase where I feel like I am going to die without my COFFEE!!!  lol  Iced tea just isn't the same.

The next thing that happened was Saturday I was hit with fatigue.  Extreme fatigue.  Luckily in the book it tells you if this happens to go get vitamin B 12.  That made a huge difference.  Sunday my blood sugar dropped.  My vision was swimming, and I was lightheaded.  R made me drink orange juice which you aren't supposed to have, and he made me eat a little more.

Today I went in for my weekly visit with Dr. Ivy League, and sat in the infrared sauna.  I came out feeling great and today was so much better all the way around.  So I am confident, and I have to tell's almost surreal stepping on the scale every morning and seeing that figure 2 pounds less.  While I know it won't be 2 pounds every day for the entire time because you level off, I can't wait to see how far I get.

I want to thank all of you for your positive feedback and supportive e-mails with this.  It's really helped!

Hugs, K. <3


Heather said...

Very awesome! I'm glad it's working out!!

I understand about giving up coffee... I had to give up caffeine, and my morning ritual was a cup of coffee.

Oh sure, there's decaf, but in the morning, well, that just didn't cut it. Eventually I got over it though.... you're right, you don't actually die... but man oh man... it sure feels like the brink of insanity sometimes XD

Kays Kids said...

I think your little Elli is gorgeous.
Look after your self.

Katy Cameron said...

So you win some, you lose some on the memory front then, still, you got some cute ellies out of it, and glad that you are at least losing weight and not suffering for nothing!

Debora said...

Your ellie is so very cute. If only I could grab the time to make the designs dancing in my head. I like uncomplicated...I need to remember that.

So glad to hear you're doing well. I hope that this protocol you're on will make you feel wonderful. I am on my second protocol from my doctor, and I am hoping I'm healing. I'm at the end of a battle with some sort of throat illness, like strep or tonsillitis...thank God for fresh, raw garlic poultices!

Hugs to you!

Wayne said...

Wow... so cute! I love your new Ellie!

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