Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I don't know if you have ever heard of HCG, or the more concentrated version HA2CG.  Until I went to this latest doctor I had never heard of it.  I am learning however, that lots of people have heard of it and have done it.  

If you're not familiar with it, it's for weight loss.  You can buy HCG over the counter or on the internet, but apparently it's not regulated and it's not a wise choice to do this because you can't guarantee what you're getting.  Since mine came through the doctor it is supposed to be better regulated.  I am also doing a detox program in conjunction with it which is crucially important.  

I started it today.  If you're not familiar with it, basically it's a combination of 2 amino acids.  Other than some minor side effects, it's pretty much supposed to be harmless.  I am not one for "fad" diets.  But I decided to give this a try because the doctor raved about it.  

The first two days you have to "load" which means you have to stock up on all the things you are about to be denied.  Fat, sugar, oil and carbs. Then for the following six weeks you eat 500 calories a day consisting of lean protein, vegetables and fruit.  I know it sounds scary, but so far everyone has assured me it's easier than you think.  The amino acids suppress your appetite for one thing.

By loading, you are resetting your hypothalamus and fooling your body into believing that you are not going into starvation mode, so it uses the fat stores in your body.

Now the interesting thing is that when you are over weight people automatically assume that you eat badly, you eat a lot, you are lazy and you are a giant couch potato.  Well let me tell you, this isn't always the case.  I actually eat pretty well.  I am not perfect, but who is?  I eat a lot of veggies and lean protein already.  I am bad about my coffees.  I don't eat a huge amount of grains or carbs.  I am allergic to a lot of those things. I eat about half as much as my very thin husband, and I eat better foods. A huge part of my problem is that I don't process my food correctly. I am also not that sedentary.  We are going to work to fix that.  I don't produce enough hydro-some type of acid for one thing.  He also said I am not producing a few other things in the right amounts.

So this first day of "loading" has been horrible.  I feel sick.  And I have to tell you, it's amazing how fast fat, carbs, oil and sugar can effect you.  By the end of today I already had two pimples and several more on the way.  I feel bloated and my back is killing me.  He said that most people love this phase.  I on the other hand, am having doubts I can do it again tomorrow.  I know I will force myself, but I am not looking forward to it.

At any rate, this first whole week I am probably not going to feel so hot.  He said as the toxins start to work their way out of your system you will experience fatigue and just generally blah.  I wanted to update you on this so that if you don't hear from me you will know why.  I need your mental good wishes and strength.  I know that what I have chosen to do isn't going to be easy.  So I hope you will all bear with me and support me as I take this journey.  I will keep you updated on my progress.  

Also I am in the process of working on a brand new animal.  It may be slow going if I don't feel well, but it will be coming soon!

One last little fun thing...I hit 30,000 views on my blog today!  Thank you all for taking time to read what I write!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Hugs, K. <3


Heather said...

Oh, I wish you luck... it sounds kind of scary to me... I don't know about the two days OR the 500 calories a day... I hope it's not too rough!

Kathy said...

I wish you luck as well, I think I would be leery. 500 calories is nothing, really! I am glad you are doing this under Dr. care, let us know...

Amanda said...

I've heard of it but don't know an awful lot but if the Dr recommends it? Good luck with it all, hang in there.

Katy Cameron said...

Urgh, that sounds kind of icky for the first 2 days, good luck with it!

Joy said...

Oh best of luck Kelly. All sounds very interesting doesn't it. Lets hope it gives you the desired results. Look forward to the updates and the new animal. xx

Kays Kids said...

I hope you do really well and stay strong. I will be interested to see how you go.

GJOYful Bears said...

Don't know whether to say too much here or not, but these drops have been fantastic for me. I had no interest in losing weight at all, I just wanted to stop being unwell all the time, and the short story is - these drops helped. They changed everything for the better. By the way, the 500 calories a day thing is NOT recommended when you are not taking the drops (because as one of you said, it is nothing really). The drops take away the feeling of hunger and you will not experience hunger because you are eating a balanced diet and also because of the drops. It is all a very complex system but I can certainly say it worked for me. I didn't lose too much weight which was good as I didn't want to, I lost only a few kilos but that was the "toxic" fat that shouldn't have been there anyway. According to recent tests my liver has greatly improved since my time on the drops and all in all I couldn't speak highly enough of the program. I recommend it to anyone, as long as you stick to the program or the reverse can happen.

Lori Anderson said...

I'm desperately am trying to lose weight, and ordered HCG over the internet -- unfortunately, it didn't say it was coming from China, and because of a lot of their manufacturing issues, I tossed it and lost a healthy chunk of change.

You'll have to tell me how you do with this. I'm taking cinnamon and CoQ10 supplements, and did a liver detox with a pill kit from Whole Foods that the doctor approved.

And if you haven't tried, it's been a BIG help to both me and my husband.

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