Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Name Of It's Own

I just realized my blog had it's one year anniversary on August 18th. So in honor of that I felt that it had become it's own entity, and needed a name separate from Blondheart, my company name. I settled on "Yesterday's Glitter." Normally I would have agonized and thought for days on end to name it just the perfect thing. That's the way it usually goes for me.

But I was cleaning off the steamer trunk I use for a coffee table in the work space and it was covered with glitter from finishing the pink bird. I was musing in my head that I was cleaning up yesterday's glitter the way you clean up after a party and it struck me...that's it!

I realized it has two other meanings besides the one listed above as well. The second is my love for older things that are maybe faded but still have their appeal, and the third is what we post about always happens before we post about it. Quite often the day before. So there ya have it!

Isn't it grand when things just fit right away!

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