Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Just Like Riding A Bicycle

I am happy to say I finally...FINALLY finished the bear. I am hoping to get pictures today after I run my errands so you should be able to see him tonight or tomorrow. He is just a simple little bear, but I didn't feel he needed too much accoutrement.

It's kind of a funny thing when I go without making a bear for a while I have this niggling self doubt that for some reason I won't be able to do it again. Of course I always do. In fact quite often those bears exceed my expectations. I am not sure why I have that fear. Probably just another artistic neurosis.

I was expressing my concern recently and a friend said don't be silly, it's just like riding a bicycle. The thing is I bought a bicycle a couple years ago. I hadn't been on one since I was a teenager unless you count the stationary bikes at the gym, and I don't. While I still remembered how to ride, it wasn't easy. The mind was willing but the body protested the challenge quite a bit at first.

I guess the good news is, I can still ride and make a bear, it just sometimes takes me a little longer than it did when I was younger to get to my destination! =}


Susan Pilotto said...

I feel the same way about my art too...sooo you are not alone. Susan

Susan Pilotto said...

I am sure your bear will be just a great as all the other ones you have made. Have a sunshiny day! Susan

Bearly Sane said...

Hi Kelly, I'm sure your bear will wonderful...will pop back for a peek tomorrow.

Tammy said...

Hi Kelly, I have the same "Artistic Neurosis" when I make a bear after a little break LOL. I still get nervous everytime I trim a face. So , no you are not alone.

I enjoy your blog and can totally relate to a lot of what you write about :)


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