Saturday, August 29, 2009

Buttons And A Mailing List

Last night I finally sat down and added two things to my website that I had been meaning to add for ages now. I added "purchase" buttons so you don't have to e-mail me and wait for an invoice, and a mailing list. While it was time consuming, it was much easier than I imagined. I guess that's why I kept putting it off.

I didn't really care for Paypal's bright yellow "Buy Now" button, so I made my own. Luckily they give you a customization option on that. So I made one that fits better with the look of my site.

The mailing list didn't give you much on customization options other than color, but I tried to dress it up a little with a header I made. The good news is that you can now sign up to receive new item updates! You can do that on the Details page on my website.

It shouldn't be too long before I am adding a new bear. I cut one out and should have that done later this week. I am pretty excited over it, the color is a lovely light icy sage green. I have the next two pieces planned as well. So stay tuned, and thank you in advance for signing up for updates.

Hugs, K <3

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