Friday, August 7, 2009

The Long And Short Of It

I was reading a makeover article in a magazine last night. It dealt with people who "overdo" things, and suggested that less is more. The twist on this article was that they got a psychiatrist to weigh in on why these women were doing the things they do. One was too blonde, one was too tan, one wore too much makeup and one...had too long of hair.

The article went on to say that women who have too long of hair get too attached to it and keep it for attention. The girl in question was 28 years old and like me, she had waist length hair. They chopped it off to a slightly layered chin length bob. Quite frankly after the change she looked about 15 years older.

It's kind of a funny thing when you have very long hair, it's almost as if the world is conspiring to get you to cut it off. I am not sure why that is? It's perfectly natural for women to have long hair.

My Mother is constantly suggesting I cut it all off...but I think that's just a thing Mom's do regardless how long or short your hair is.

Every time I have seen a woman with long hair going into a makeover they always cut as much of it off as they can. Every time I go to a new hair stylist they want to cut it, or at least layer it. Now I understand why they want to do that...if you layer it, you require more trims to maintain the shape, thus putting cash in their pockets.

But why is long hair such a crime? The girl in the makeover would have looked lovely with a trim to get rid of split ends and straighten it up a little, and maybe a few bangs. There was no reason to chop it all off.

I have never really noticed very much extra attention beyond an occasional compiment being thrown my way because of it, I think the psychiatrist was wrong. My hair stylist says my hair is in better condition than most 20 year olds he works on. I keep it healthy and trimmed. I like it, and not because I have an unnatural attachment to it. In the long and short of it, I don't see that the length of your hair is that important. If you like it long, keep it that way despite what anyone says. I know I am not planning on cutting mine off, why should I?

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bensonbear said...

Hi Kelly, I'm about to turn 50 and have hair that reaches the top of my backside when it's not plaited up. I regularly contemplate cutting it (usually on hair washing day) but can't think what else to do with it so it stays! At least it hasn't turned grey yet, I think that's when it will come off, it will look altogether too "witchy"- a metre of grey hair down my back! Nothing wrong with long hair, I'm always being stopped and complimented by complete strangers and it's probably easier to care for than some fancy "do" antway! :) Linda

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