Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finding The Perfect Thing

I have been trying very hard to stick to my reformed shopaholic status. But it seems as if this week I have fallen off the wagon. I have ordered a kit and findings, porcelain doll arms, several books, and a CD.

Today I went out to pick up a few necessities from Target. I don't care for K-mart or Walmart, but I adore Target. I chose to go there today because they sell Archer Farms brand of sorbet and I had run out. They have wonderful flavors like Blueberry Lavender and Pomegranate Blood Orange. Sadly by the time I got there I completely forgot to buy the sorbet.

Before I arrived, I stopped at another favorite little shop. They had gotten a ring in that drew my attention like a lodestone. I knew I didn't need it, but it was so perfect, and it slid onto my finger as if it was made for me. I have a terrible weakness for jewelry which I inherited from my Mother. She loves it too. The ring came from Israel, and the detail on the setting is amazing, it also had a harlequin cut stone which I am very fond of. The pics above truly don't do it justice. (Please don't look too hard at my chubby thigh or messy hair showing in the pic. I had just taken a bath and photographing a ring while you're wearing it is a bit of a challenge.) I bought my ring and went off to my final destination.

Right now red lipstick is really in style. I have always loved red lipstick. I think it comes from watching all those old movies with fabulous movie stars of the 40's and 50's who always wore it and looked so glamorous. I rarely wear red lipstick though. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that nearly every shade I have ever found has a blue base and I do not look good in reds with a blue base. Avon used to have one called Red Hot Kiss that worked for me fairly well, but I haven't seen an Avon lady in years. I have never bought expensive lipsticks in red because of this.

I really had the urge to have some, and decided to have a peek while I was shopping and finally settled on two different colors. I couldn't decide between them, and since they weren't very expensive, I decided to buy both. I was in hopes that at least one of them would look good. Much to my excitement, as it turned out they both have more of an orange base while still remaining true red without being terra cotta, orange or coral. If anyone else out there has this problem, they were: Fire & Ice from Revlon which is the lighter, brighter one, and Sheer Rosebud from Sonia Kashuk which is a tad dark but not so much that I can't pull it off with my fair skin.

I also found a cute black and white hounds tooth cardigan and a black clutch with a big bow on the front. Sometimes I am just such a girl! I noticed that hounds tooth and buffalo plaid are back in style again. This combined with the red lipstick trend has me fondly remembering the styles of the 80's.

Those were the only exciting things I got, the rest was pretty mundane like cat food and red vines licorice for R. He loves that stuff.

It's always nice when you find the perfect thing, even if it does mean you fall off the shopaholic wagon once in a while.


Dana_In_Wonderland said...

your blog is super cute! x

Amanda said...

Very nice, I don't wear rings (not even my wedding ring) but have quite few from years past, I just like looking at them. I'm loving the 80's vibes, not so much the leggings (wore them when I was 70lb over weight, so have bad memories) but the batwing tops, jewel colours and the 'dressing up' feel that was around then. I used to love the coat dresses with the little clutch bag. Add a dash of Soft Cell or Duran Duran and I'm away!

bensonbear said...

Boy oh boy Kelly you really did fall off the wagon in a big way!

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