Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Fairytale Dress

I came a little late to the Sex & The City party because when it first aired, I didn't have HBO yet. I think I got HBO right around the 3rd season and started watching the show. I was frequently shocked by the content and language they allowed, but I had a little secret fantasy crush on Mr. Big, so I kept watching. He is the closest thing we have had to Cary Grant in decades.

When the series finale rolled around, I was hoping against all hope that they would end it with Mr. Big going to get the girl. He did and I was enthralled because I love a happy ending. But I also fell head over heels in love with the Versace sea foam 1000 layer dress Carrie wore in Paris. The dress was the stuff dreams are made of. I have thought of that dress occasionally over the years. It was a work of artistic confection created out of unfathomable yards of tulle.

There is something magical about tulle. I can't quite put my finger on what it is. I use it quite a bit on the bears and sometimes on other pieces such as my chocolate velvet rose presentation box.

This afternoon I had a great time. I went to play miniature golf with R, then I dropped him off at home and went to pick up a few things. As I was out shopping I saw a dress. Now it wasn't the ethereal creation that Carrie wore, but it was magical all the same. The dress was sleeveless, the top very plain except for slight gathers at the cleavage. It had a full skirt that hit above the knee, covered with tulle. It had another layer of tulle under it. It was solid black. I raised my eyebrow at it as I strolled past. I got halfway across the store and decided to go back to have another peek at it. I stood looking at it.

When I was younger, I usually chose clothes that had that little something extra special. I liked things that were a bit different. As I have gotten older, I am a tank top/capri's or skirt/flats sort of girl.

As I stood looking at the dress I knew that I would have bought it without hesitation 20 years ago. But despite looking young for my age, at 46 could I really pull off a dress like that? Where would I wear it? How ridiculous would I look? I knew I shouldn't even consider buying it, it was completely ill suited to a woman of my age, not to mention I am not exactly a slender reed like Sarah Jessica Parker...but then again, who is?

Then the most important fact hit me, I didn't care. SJP is over 40 and wears stuff like that all the time, why shouldn't I? I bought the dress. I know exactly what shoes I will wear with it, I know what jewelry too. I have no idea where I am going to wear it...but I will. And I will wear it with all the aplomb it deserves! If someone thinks it's inappropriate for me...well, that's their problem because every girl deserves a fairytale dress once in a while whether they are 9 or 90!


Jigpaws said...

Good for you Kelly :O)
You're quite right....if other people don't like it, it's their problem. It's how it makes YOU feel when wearing it that's the important thing!!!
Hope you feel FANTASTIC when wearing it :O)

PS - I just LOVE the SJP dress too!!!

Amanda said...

You didn't just buy a dress, you bought a dream dress, go for it! Bet its not hidden away in your closet but hanging proudly for you to look at.

Cheryl said...

Yeaaaa! Go Kelly! Go Kelly! Go Kelly! Wear it with pride--you've earned it!

julietk said...

I am so glad you did buy the dress, I hope you find a wonderful occasion to wear it x

Heather said...

There should be a 'National Frilly Dress Day'... possibly on 'Talk like a Pirate' day, so we can dress like ladies and swear like sailors! HAHA!

Cheryl ~ZanyMayd said...

So Happy You Bought The Dress ~ You will Wear it Proud..... Go Girl ~

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