Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sneak Peek And A Reprieve

I have been so stressed this week you have no idea.  I have been trying to get everything done before I left on Monday to go visit my Mom.  While I was looking forward to seeing my parents, I was not looking forward to the two day drive.  Especially when I had to finish mice and pumpkins and decorate for Halloween and pack all my things from my china cabinet and curio cabinet and pack my clothes for the trip and clean...and do a mountain of laundry...and...sigh~

When I got up this morning I knew I wasn't going to get it all done.  Ok well I could have if I didn't want to sleep from now until then, but I am sort of fond of having a little sleep because it makes me more alert and functional and just generally more pleasant.  So I finally broke down and called my Mom and told her I wasn't going to leave until Tuesday. 

Why all the packing you ask?  Well because R was going to take the week off and paint while I was gone.  Why was I driving you wonder?  I have things I wanted to take to my Mom and flying wasn't an option to get them there.

But my Mom said they were going to come around the beginning of December so she could pick stuff up then.  And she suggested perhaps I shouldn't come at all.  But I felt bad.  I had promised to come and I don't like to break a promise.

So since I don't have to take all sorts of things now, I am flying!  But not for three weeks.  Which lifted a weight right off my shoulders.  Now I have time to get everything done properly and then go!  YAY!  Plus it also means I can actually stay longer at their house.  YAY!

Now about this sneak peek and pumpkin by candlelight you see above...well when I posted the last group of pieces I had done, my little pumpkin man was adopted within five minutes.  I know a lot of you e-mailed about him and were disappointed you missed him.  So I have two more.  They aren't dressed yet, but they will be later today and posted then.  I just thought I would give you a heads up that they are coming!  Until then...I am going to go off to bed.

Hugs, K <3


jenann said...

Have a great sleep! Hibernation is good for us in this time of decreasing daylight hours.
LOVE the little Pumpkin man! He's so cute.

Kays Kids said...

Love your pumpkin man. Have a great time at your mum's.

Marie-Christine Twardy said...

Fabulous photo, thank you for sharing. Your Halloween creatures are wonderful.

I can totally understand how you were feeling, when you were supposed to leave with so many things unfinished. Have a save flight and enjoy your visit at your parent's.

Greetings from Germany,

Katy Cameron said...

Yay for getting a great compromise all round, hope you're feeling much less stressed now :o)

susana said...

each time i watch your design, i feel young and there is a feeling which can't tell, a state of happiness, all of them are inspiring... your efforts worth to go.

Amanda said...

So glad you're now under less stress, its no fun when you feel like that. Love the pumpkin men!

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