Friday, October 2, 2009


I really love old movies, especially musicals. "The Glass Slipper" with Leslie Caron is one I have seen several times and enjoy. My favorite character was Mrs. Toquet, played by the fabulous Estelle Winwood as the eccentric version of a fairy godmother who likes to "borrow" things.

When she first meets "Cinder-ella," she says she likes the sound of her name because it's as much fun to say as elbow, windowsill, pickle relish and apple dumpling. For some reason that left a lasting impression on me.

Whenever I run across a word that I find fun to say, I think of Mrs. Toquet. This afternoon I took a little break to read a chapter in my book, and came across the word arhipelago. Every time I see that word I have to say it out loud a couple times. That is a very fun word to say! It rolls off the tongue and brings up all sorts of fanciful visuals that have nothing to do with what it means.

I also like the word Algonquin. In fact I liked it so much that I named a little bear that once. Maybe there will be an "Archipelago" arriving soon? Don't worry though, he won't be in a cluster!

What words do you find fun to say? Maybe if you share a few they will turn into names for bears! In the mean time, try to catch the movie if you haven't seen it. I believe it pops up on TCM channel every once in a while.


Heather said...

The Algonquin in NYC has an In-Hotel cat :)

And here are a few words I think are fun to say:


(if I think of more, I'll post em!)

Carol Roll said...

Cute cute cute!

Kelly said...

Two years ago at Halloween I made a Miss Widdershins! I like that word too!!! *grins*

Carmen said...

I haven't seen that film in to long! Love it also and I always remember there's a bit where she is eating dry bread and cheese, I was only young the first time I saw it and at the end I snuck out to the kitchen to get a bit of bread and cheese... yuck! So dry! *g*

I love the words:

'whoopidoo' (hence my blog name)

So glad I stumbled upon your blog today :)

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