Monday, October 12, 2009

Frozen In Time

I really don't have a Monday love or inspiration post today since I am in a lot of pain this morning. I took the putty they put on my gums as dressing off, and it was stuck in one place. It was really cutting into my gums and lips so it had to be removed, plus it was loose. One spot was stuck and when I pulled it off it started bleeding. So everything is pretty tender again. But I did take a sort of nifty pic this morning about 3 am.

It didn't get over 28 degrees all weekend, and sadly all my lovely green foliage froze. I took a pic of my frozen tree that hangs over the deck. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it was very pretty.

Perhaps later in the week when I am doing a bit better I will make an inspiration post. If not, then next Monday for sure.


Heather said...


I probably would have passed out!

That is a very lovely picture... but it reminds me of what's coming our way... right now, in Michigan, everything is still turning from green to orange. No snow or heavy frost yet!!

ginger@bearbits said...

Take care Kelly. I hope you will heal quickly and be able to return to the things you love soon.

Carmen said...

For a moment I thought you meant you had taken a piccie of your mouth... eek!

Hope you start to heal better now it's off. Gorgeous picture - we aren't that cold here yet :)

Kelly said...

Thanks everyone. I think in the long run, taking the putty off will help it heal quicker. I was supposed to leave it on for at very least 3 days and I went beyond that, so I did ok.

And no Carmen, no photos of my one wants to see that! *giggles* I don't even want to look at it let alone share it.

Amanda said...

Lovely photo. Hope things get back to normal soon.

Cheryl said...

I'm still thinking about you, Kelly, and sending healing vibrations--can you feel them yet? No? Oh, well, I'll still keep sending them! Take care!

Patricia Lazar Ceramic Art .com said...

ooooooooooh Kelly, anything in the mouth is horrible - feel better soon! That frozen tree is, indeed, gorgeous.

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