Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Madness

Normally I try to make my Monday Love or Inspiration post, but today...while I am filled with inspiration, it's not the normal kind. I am definitely riding a small wave of madness. Last week was trying to say the least.

I had asked the doctor if I could go off of my hormone replacement pills since the surgery was several years ago and I felt that the menopause I was thrust into had passed. He said no, that I should stay on them for another year or two, but when do I ever listen to what anyone says? So I decided to compromise, I have been taking them every other day. I am sure he would yell at me for it, but he isn't here now is he? >=} As a result of this, I have been on a little bit of a mood roller's not nearly as bad as it was in the beginning, but I have been a bit off. I am sure my posts may have reflected that.

Also I woke up the other morning with three sore spots on my forehead. Later I noticed I have a blue-ish purple line running vertically down one of the sore spots. It looks and feels for all the world like I ran into something, but I know I didn't. I can't imagine what happened. I still swear those cats of mine abuse me when I am sleeping.

Then I had the bear buying issues, but somehow that post vanished. I don't know where it went. *Shrugs* The internet isn't a perfect science.

Of course I still have eating issues from my gums. So I guess no one can blame me too much if I am a little crazed.

I have also been trying to clean the work room. It's coming along, but I have about 12 times as much stuff in there as the room should really accommodate. I am a master at organizing and stashing it, but there are days when I open the closet that I fear for my life a little.

Having the accumulation of the ages in there has in fact inspired me. I am working on designing a new pattern for another animal or two that will work with some of these wonderful treasures I have.

As I have said before pattern drafting is not my strong suit and I always...ALWAYS make myself crazy when I do it. I want it to be perfect. In fact I always want everything to be perfect, which is in direct contrast to the love of making things that look old and worn. Whew~ It's no wonder I drive myself batty some days, hormones aside.

So wish me luck and sanity and a few days I will have a new little something to show you. In the mean time I am also working on my little Christmas bear, so he should be along in the next day or two as well.

May you all have an inspired week...even if, like me, your inspiration just comes from cleaning!


Amanda said...

Ahh hormones. In our house mine are getting ready to pack in, my daughter's ready to charge up! That said its pretty easy going at the moment, when they do go haywire its not easy being female!

Carmen said...

You said it Amanda. My poor OH is the lone male in a house of 4 females at varying stages of raging hormones - you gotta pity him really ;)

I've had blog posts dissapear twice, I blamed my toddler for bashing my keyboard and maybe deleting something - could your kitties be walking along the keys?

Good luck with the patterns and the pills :P Whatever happens, keep us posted.

bensonbear said...

Hi Kelly, I didn't want to go down the HRT road because I have a sister and a cousin who both had breast cancer. So I've been taking Remifemmin, which is herbal and definitely seems to have done the trick. No more hot flushes and I'm definitely less moody. Perhaps you could replace the pill you're not taking on your "off" day with it and see if it helps, it will take about a month to kick in. :) Good luck!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the tip on the Remifemmin, I will definitely look into that!

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