Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just One Hour

Yesterday I woke up and hit the ground running. Ok well maybe it was more of a brisk walk, but still. I got up, changed the bedding, washed the sheets, went to the gym, went to the grocery store, did a little cleaning, washed dishes, fed myself in there somewhere, played with the dogs, finished the cubcake, photographed it, did the graphics for the give away, (see previous post) watered my jungle, had a bath and fell into bed.

Today I after having slept well for once, I got up and looked out the window. It was another beautiful day with bright blue skies and sunshine. I decided I would take a quiet hour for myself just to dust out my brain and rejuve a bit.(something I rarely do) I got my coffee to head out to the deck. I opened the door and walked out, then turned right around and walked back in. It was false advertising on Mother Nature's part! It was cold and windy! I was rather disappointed, I hate days that are deceptive like that, I always feel sort of cheated somehow.

However I decided I would still take my hour...just one lovely peaceful hour. I crawled under the quilt on the sofa with my coffee and a couple pretty magazines. I settled in and turned on a show I recorded a few days ago I had been wanting to watch. I was about ten minutes in when the phone rang. My Mother was having computer problems. She had already called about five minutes after I woke up.

Now it's not that I mind helping her, it's just that sometimes it's difficult to explain how to handle issues over the phone, especially when the person isn't computer savvy. So I helped her the best I could, and settled back in. Five minutes later R called to tell me he was on the way home and was stopping for a haircut.

Back to the sofa and my quilt...ahhh. It wasn't even two minutes later when Buster came and gave me the mournful puppy eyed look that signals he has to go potty. You couldn't tell me before I sat back down??? More sad eyes...I guess not. *Groan* Up the stairs I went to let them out.

Back to the sofa, and a door slams followed by pitiful meowing. Gypsy has an odd habit of shutting herself in the bathroom every once in a while. She instantly freaks out at the thought of being locked in every time she does it too.

Off to rescue kitty...back to the sofa...the doorbell rings. Someone trying to sell me aluminum siding that ignored my no soliciting sign.

At this point I gave up. I think it's impossible to have just one peaceful hour...sigh~ Sadly on the days when I wish for activity and phone calls there aren't any. Why is it always like that?

1 comment:

SwanRiverStone said...

LOL!! I enjoyed reading this one.. I constantly get my one hour of power interrupted my toddler not staying sleep during his nap time.

or just life.. Great post.. maybe you should try a meditation hour at night?? just a thought;-)

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