Monday, October 5, 2009

Terror (Not A Post For The Squeamish)

I don't have a fear of the dentist the way most people do. I have had several fillings, two root canals, all my wisdom teeth and an impacted molar pulled, and a crown. None of it really phased me a whole lot. The doctor scares me much more than the dentist.

However this Thursday I am finally going to the oral surgeon for gum grafts. I was supposed to go in June, and put it off because you can't eat normally for a few weeks and it takes a full nine months to completely heal. Summer involves BBQ's and trips and I didn't want to have to deal with it. Plus I thought it would be easier to handle during soup weather.

Apparently I brush my teeth too hard and it has worn away my gums on the four corners. I have to be honest...I am just terrified. It all sounds so Frankenstein-esque.

Before they suggested this, I had never heard of gum grafts. I figured if your gums receded that was that. I was both happy and nervous to find out they can fix it.

This is your last chance to turn back, I am going to get graphic now, so if it bothers you...don't read any further!

The procedure involves making a vertical slit in your gum, and then they slide a piece of "human tissue material on a synthetic matrix" under there and stitch it closed. After nine months your own tissue takes over and the original is gone.

The human tissue material sounds really disturbing. He assured me that no one has ever had any problems with it ever. Let's hope I am not the first. The stitches part is bothering me too. I have issues with anything unnatural going into my skin, this includes needles. It's a miracle I have pierced ears or two small tattoos.

Another issue I have is that I never get numb at the dentist. They never believe me either. Luckily this guy did. He said some people have very deep set nerve endings and sometimes dentists don't get far enough up with the Novocain to numb them. The next time I find a disbelieving dentist I am going to mention that! It would save the extra expense and risk of having IV sedation or the pain of just grinning and bearing it...which I have had to do a couple times.

They also want me to take a Xanax before I go in. I have never taken a Xanax and that makes me a bit nervous as well. Sometimes drugs effect me in strange ways other than how they are supposed to, and I am not sure what a Xanax will do to me.

The girl on the phone reassured me it was no big deal and they do it all the time. Well ok...they do it all the time...I don't! So to me it's pretty terrifying.

I am trying to be that brave, tough girl I am...and I am failing miserably. I wasn't this scared over my shoulder surgery, hand surgery or my hysterectomy. Maybe it's because for those, I knew I would sleep through it.

So as we draw near to Thursday, my posts might get a little odd...if they do, just know it's the terror talking!


Amanda said...

Sounds err off putting? Mind you have been through a lot of other stuff so hopefully you'll take it all in your stride. Silver lining, those stubborn pounds will drop off with all that soup!

Kelly said...

That's the way I am looking at it! Enforced diet plans are a good thing! (I am still scared!) Usually I have something removed, not added in. That's the part that freaks me out. XD

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