Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blue Moon Give Away Winner!

Blue woke up very excited this morning!  He knew today was the day he gets to find out where his new home will be.  With every person that entered he whispered; "I hope they win!"

I explained to him that sadly there was only one of him and many entries, so not everyone could win.  I am pretty sure a little blue tear trickled down his nose at that thought.  "But I love them all, they have been so sweet and posted about me!" he exclaimed.

I assured him that they would have future chances to win another bear.  He smiled and his nose sparkled again at that thought.

So without further ado...

Blue has drawn a lucky winner from the magic hat! (Actually we used, but the hat made a better picture! *winks*)

The winner is Wayne from Wayneston Bears!

Congratulations Wayne!  I just need a mailing address and Blue will be on his way to Singapore!

Thank you all for taking time to enter and post about my give away.  A new give away will be along soon!


marilise said...

congratulations to the winner , hugs to Blue Moon from Greece and more more hugs to you !!

The Littlest Thistle said...

Aww, congrats Wayne, I'm sure Blue is on his way to a lovely new home

Linda in New Mexico said...

Congratulations to Wayne for winning Blue Moon.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

oh, i so wanted to have Blue Moon come live with me! congratulations, Wayne!

Wayne said...

Awwww... thank you Kelly! I am so lucky to have won Blue Moon, I assure that I will give her a good home. =)

She is lovely, looking forward to see her in person. Btw i have send a message in etsy conv.

Thank you and have a beary wonderful day. - Wayne

Terry said...

congratulations on winning !!!!
mini hugs ♥

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