Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Only...

R is a techno gadget junkie.  He has XM radio, a Blackberry and another cell phone, a Nook, A Zune, laptop, big screen TV with high definition and sattelite service, a GPS and a whole host of other stuff.  For most presents I get from him it's something electronic.  He can't go into a jewelry or lingerie store but he has absolutely no problem with Best Buy.

I don't have a problem with it, although some of it doesn't seem worth it to me.  Take the Nook for instance...it's no more convenient than a paperback in my opinion.  It's not smaller in any way and it doesn't cost less for books. 

The XM radio I bought him because he travels around the state so much, and he goes through the mountains where he can't get a radio station.  His work truck is a company truck so it's not equipped with a CD player or anything like that.  It still killed me to have to pay for radio though.  But he loves it.

The Blackberry also came from work, but he has a personal cell phone.  He decided this past weekend he wanted a new one because the ringer on his isn't loud enough.  He was looking at that new iPhone.  He decided to wait until February when we are both eligible for an upgrade and can each get one.  The service is only 15.00 more a month.  He assured me that would be a good thing, I could look up directions on the internet if I need them.  Also I can see him on the screen when he calls.  I rarely use my cell phone and I already think we are overpaying for the service despite being on the least expensive plan.  I have enough roll over minutes to last until the year 3000. 

Oddly enough, on those rare occasions I can't find my way I have still managed to figure it out by asking someone or looking on a map.  In 47 years I have always managed to get where I want to go without having to connect to the internet via my phone.

Today I had to call Qwest, they sent me a letter to tell me something on my account had changed, but I hadn't changed it.  After we got all that worked out, she told me that I could upgrade my internet connection speed.  Apparently I am connecting at 1.5 and  I could go up to 7 or 12.  To go up to 7 is only 10.00 more a month, plus 100.00 for a new modem which she told me I could break up into 3 payments and that I got a month of service for free by upgrading.  I told her my connection now is instant.  I don't have to wait for anything to load.  She assured me that it was faster (how can anything be faster than instant?) and that it payed for itself and told me again, but it's only 10.00 a month more.

First of all, I have yet to see for a service of any kind that pays for itself.  Wouldn't that be nice if it really did?  But it doesn't.  Also it's not only 10.00 a month, it's 220.00 for a year if you figure in the cost of the new modem...which we only replaced  for 100.00 a year ago.

The iPhone service at only 15.00 a month works out to 180.00 a year.  That's a lot of money.  All these little things really start to add up if you're not careful.  I don't think they are necessary either.  In fact all this constant upgrading of technology is starting to wear me out. 

I still like books, free radio, asking live human beings for directions, not having to get on the internet when I am away from home...and I am starting to consider getting a couple tin cans with some string for talking to people!  Afterall, it only costs as much as two cans of beans and the string!


KellyJo said...

It is amazing all the "little" things that add up. I saw a report that, because soooo many of the minutes you pay for go unused, the average person is actually paying some outrageous amount like $3.00 or $4.00 per minute. Yikes!!!

Miz said...

It's true that the constant seemingly useless upgrading of technology, people pretending that service costs aren't high, and everyone relying on the Internet for *everything* is getting pretty tiresome. And I'm someone who really LIKES the Internet! I just don't think we need it every second of every day, as fast as possible.

Also, I have to say that real maps > 'net directions any day. MapQuest has gotten me lost plenty, and what saved me? The ancient mapbooks in my trunk. So I'm with you on the tin can phones--ha, I wonder if they'd work better too!

Heather said...

Plus you'll get a bean meal out of it! It pays for itself XD

The Littlest Thistle said...

I work in IT and everyone assumes I must be a techno geek. I hate all things that help people hunt me down when in the 'old days' one could happily be hidden in peace lol Oh, and map reading skills are SOOO much better than reading a screen. I have a friend obsessed with sat nav and the like, but when he gets lost, and his gadget can't help, who does he ask? Me lol

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