Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What A Weekend!

This past weekend started off pretty good.  We named the puppy Ridley after Ridley Scott who wrote Blade Runner.  He loves to run all over the yard 90 miles an hour, so in my brain that somehow made sense.

We barbecued and it was just lovely.  But Sunday evening it started to rain, then it started to hail.  HARD. It hailed for what seemed like hours.  We still had hail on the porch Monday morning.   My garden is destroyed, my camellia and rose bushes are stripped and I am going to have to rake the yard to get all the tree leaves and branches picked up.

This afternoon R went off the gym, when he came home he seemed a bit off and was slurring slightly.  Then he told me he passed out in the shower in the gym.  He said his head hurt and asked me for an ice pack.  I wrapped it in a towel and he leaned back on it.  He didn't seem right and I wanted him to go to the ER but he assured me he would be fine.  When he leaned forward a few minutes later I saw a big spot of blood on the towel so I made him go to the ER.  He didn't want to, but it's a good thing I made him because he had managed to split his head open 2 inches!

They ran a whole bunch of tests including an EKG, Cat scan and a bunch of blood tests.  He ended up with over a dozen staples in his head.  When he turned over to have the doctor do it, I could actually see his skull.  I thought I was going to pass out.  I could never work in the medical field!

As it turned out his blood sugar had dropped because he forgot to eat before he went to the gym.  So after a good workout and five minutes in the steam room it must have just plummeted.  But I was terrified until we found out what happened.  It's very hard when something is wrong with someone you love and you don't know why.

This evening I had a pounding headache...not as bad as his though I am sure...and for the seventh straight night in a row they kept setting off bottle rockets in our neighborhood.  I will be glad when they finally run out.  Enough is enough already.  Poor little Jazzy is beside herself, they scare her so badly. 

After all the things that have happened this past week...or should I say the past couple months, I am simply worn out.  Things have got to turn around and get better soon, because I have gone way past needing good luck.  I think at this point I need a little Divine intervention.

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Hugs, K. <3


Amanda said...

I'm glad R is OK, just goes to show you can never be too careful.

Love the name Ridley, sounds good. I just hope hes the good luck charm you need.

Darlene said...

Ridley is beautiful and tell R to feel better soon. You have been through the ringer lately and it does seem never ending, but I see your bright spots piercing through the clouds. It's in your humour that seems to ground you no matter what.Keep hanging in there!

Hugs and joy, Darlene

The Littlest Thistle said...

Oh no, hope both your heads feel much better soon. I know what you mean about the fireworks, we get that in November for Guy Fawkes night, and it really sets me on edge, never mind what it must do to a dog!

Anonymous said...

Luckily around here the boomers have been light enough that it gets my dogs to singing, not frantic barking.
Sorry to hear about your headaches. I've been having dull thuds this week too, so can empathize. Then add uncharacteristic heat.
Like R, the man here was away from home, tells me for some unexplained reason he "went down," hitting his head on a window sill and leaving a gash. His friends put some pressure on it, added a bandaid and gave him a bed for the night. Being guys, no one suggested an E.R. There will be a scar!

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