Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Little Night Magic

Nothing like being late for your own party! Last night at about 12:15 I was half way through this post when my usually reliable Internet went down. Apparently it went down for our whole area for 12 hours! So I wholeheartedly apologize for the lateness of this post!

Welcome to the party!  On warm nights during mid Summer anything can happen...and does.  If you are very quiet, you might catch a glimpse of a fairy in the work room.  Fairies love teddy bears you know!

 Sometimes they help me out when I really need it.  Last night I needed all their help.

You see I had this wonderful idea I have been keeping tucked away for a long time.  I found these little unfinished wood cabinets.  They were rouned in the front, had windows in the doors and two little drawers.  I looked at them and thought they would make perfect miniature theaters. 

I set to work painting.  I knew exactly what I was going to do.  I was going to do a fairy forest scene and make two tiny marionette fairy bears. 

But into every life a little chaos reigns. 

R split his head open, we had a brutal hail storm that required a lot of clean up, and we got a new dog that needed training.  I also had forgotten how long it takes to paint wood pieces, and make them all fancy.  Time started slowly slipping away.

Last Monday I began to realize I wasn't going to get my project done.  By Tuesday, I decided to "downsize" it and make one miniature bear in a shadow box with some fun things.

Maybe my heart wasn't in it, because the little bear simply wouldn't turn out right.  Sadly last night at 11:45 PM I tossed him in the waste basket.

I had no project for my own party!  I didn't know what to do, so I went to sit in the work room where it's quiet and think for a minute. 

Maybe the fairies sprinkled me with a little fairy dust?

It was midnight and I picked up a pencil and started drawing.  I drew a new pattern for a bunny.  Normally when I do a new pattern it takes me at least a week to even start drawing.  I like to think it through first, mentally adjusting it as I go.

This time I didn't think too hard, I just let the idea flow onto the paper.

One of the secret dreams I have had for a while is to design some new patterns. 

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Carlotta Lu!

Isn't she sweet?  She could have only come to life with the help of a little night magic...

...and fairy dust!

And so my friends I may not have gotten my original plan done, the road had a few bumps. but when it comes to secret dreams I learned maybe it's best not to over think things! 

A little fairy magic doesn't hurt either!

Thank you all for coming, and don't forget to visit the other blogs participating in the party at A Midsummer Night's Secret Dream Party!


Princesa Nadie said...

Your Bunny is lovely!
Comming to tour party has been a pleasure
Thank you very much for doing my dreams real

Lenora said...

We Looooove the bunny! and the fairies! Thanks soooo much for hosting this wonderful gig! I bet some of the other sites without parties this am were in the same blackout as you o we can check back now - thanks!
Come and be part of our Midsummer's Night Secret Dream
The Emerald Forest - Midsummer Dream

fawndear said...

Ahhh, the same thing happened to my computer the night I was posting my Mad TEa Party. Truly Frustrating.

It was worth the wait.

Carlotta Lu is very magical indeed. Love the dreams that come at a moments notice - they are authentic and the real deal.

Thank you so much for thinking up this dream party. I've had an enchanting time preparing for it and want it to last forever.


The Littlest Thistle said...

Aww, love Carlotta, she was definitely a silver lining to your cloud. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the cabinets when you eventually get to them. I'm sure without the time pressure the ideas will just flow :o)

Thanks for being such a great host



In the Light of the Moon said...

She is so sweet!!I really love her coloring and I dont know what material you used,but she just seems so cuddly!!
Thank you so much for creating such a unique experience for me.I had to really think on this one and every once in a while you need to refocus and understand why you are..where you are.Warmest Regards,Cat

a pink dreamer said...

wonderful party kelly!!! thanks for inviting us and for organizer this fantastic-magic event!!!

Lenora said...

oops.. just to let you know my kids tried to access our Midsummer's Night Dream through Lenorita on the Dream Party List and it did not work - the list and the http// was entered twice i guess - so the link does not work - it says cannot find etc. then talks about Rita Moore's books :-) so here is a link..

Come and be part of our Midsummer's Night Secret Dream
The Emerald Forest - Midsummer Dream

Anonymous said...

Your sweet bunny is indeed inspired.
My path to partying this weekend ws also detoured by some off line adventures. Then when I had hoped to get something else posted the computer decided to quit - on a weekend when all my tech gurus are unavilable.
But I am loving visiting others as I am able.
Perhaps it is the evil workings of a half moon?

marilise said...

besides all the lovable creatures
i was thrilled with the fairy dust ...... and your exceptional idea for this special party ....
thanks !!!!!

Deanna said...

She is simply adorable. I do believe the fairies sprinkled their magic and did their thing. You've got a winner here!

Miz said...

I can't believe you made that gorgeous little bunny in such a short time! I, too, arrived later to the party than I wanted to...oh well. Thank you so much for hosting such a fun party!

Surviving Grannie's Guide

Angelique said...

Hi Kelly,

Thank you for hosting the Party !
It was one of the best I have been so far and the idea behind it was great !

Carlotta Lu is a real sweetheart and I love the flowerhat she has !
How great that you make your own patterns. I am not that far yet, I still use patterns from others... But I hope one day to make a bear from scratch ;-)

The fairies are really magical, and I know that they not only helped you, but all of us that joined the party.
If you see them again, make sure to thank them very very much from all of us !

A BIG beary hug,

marilise said...

Kelly please send me your address in my email , as Ihave got a little present for you , love Marilise

julietk said...

I amazing what you can do on a night when Inspiration visits like a Fairy whispering in your ear. You surely were sprinked with Fairy dust :-) Thanks for hosting the Party and She is a beautiful Bunny.

BLISS angels said...

Thank , thank for hosting and showing one your little helpers , so cute and your new bunny friend , she is wonderful with her bird necklace and head band. thanks Hugs wendy @ blissangels

Anonymous said...

Oh, Carlotta Lu is beautiful...clearly she was created with fairy dust and magic, aided by your clever fingers! I enjoyed your story of mishaps -otherwise known as life. Talent and inspiration need a good quotient of perserverance to go along with them, don't they?

Thank you so much for throwing this's been great fun, and I really appreciate your kind words on my post...


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