Friday, May 20, 2011

Grey Skies Are Gonna Clear Up...

This morning we have beautiful blue skies and sunshine.  You would never know that there was rain, hail AND a tornado only a couple miles from my house yesterday.  Luckily it set down in open field and no one was hurt and no damage. 

I am much better today and feeling back to my usual self.  I am  cleaning, doing laundry and waiting for R to come home later.  Today is our 22nd anniversary!  He was out of town last night and since he has such a long day we aren't going to do much tonight except have a little champagne. 

Tomorrow however, we are going out to a nice dinner and then I pre-purchased tickets to go see the new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie at the I-Max.  We are bother pretty excited to see it.  What's more fun than Disney pirates?

In the mean time, I am happy to be hack to normal and once I am done doing housework, I am going to work on those bears! 

I was also excited to see that despite the hail, my lilacs are starting to bloom! 

I hope you all have a glorious day! 

Hugs, K. <3


Katy Cameron said...

Well I'm glad you're feeling perkier today. I wish we'd get those blue skies too though, this who week has been half hour torrential rain, half hour sun, all mixed in with a very cold wind - blah!

Claire said...

Congratulations on your anniversary Kelly,have a lovely weekend!

Amanda said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend, have a great time.

susana said...

happy anniversary, have a nice day with the super big screen.
again, thanks for sharing those photos, beautiful color of nature :D

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