Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm Still Alive

If I go for more than a few days without making a post or answering e-mail, people start inquiring as to my health and well being.  I really appreciate your care and concern, but other than another stupid mistake I am fine and there is no need to worry. 

This was a different kind of mistake though.  I am just so accident prone sometimes.  I always have been.  It seems as if it's one little cruddy thing after another.  Saturday I was going along pretty good.  I got up early, cleaned the kitchen and worked outside getting the garden ready...then I came in to sort laundry.  When I was sorting I was throwing stuff for the first load into the washing machine when the double doors snapped back closed rather quickly and caught the back of my hand in between where the doors hinge in the middle.  I felt a searing pain in my hand.  When I looked at it, at first it didn't look so bad.   It just looked like a large blood blister about an inch long, there was a cut on one side that was very neat, as if it had been made with a fillet knife.  But it wasn't bleeding.  It hurt a great deal more than it looked like it should have.  In fact it hurt so much I started to hyper ventilate.  It was weird, I have never done that before and I have certainly done worse things to myself.  Then I felt a little dizzy.

R came running downstairs to see what was going on.  He told me to sit down for a minute.  I decided to respond to an e-mail while I was sitting there and that's when blood just started pouring out of it.  Apparently I had sliced open the vein length wise that runs across that first knuckle.  I bandaged it up, but every time I moved my hand for the first couple days it broke open again.  It was quite the mess and I wasn't able to do much.  It's still bandaged, but it's finally doing better and I am going to live.  XD

Aside from that I have been feeling a combination of introspective about work and a bit reclusive.  Basically I haven't felt much like talking.  Sometimes it's like that when I get stuck inside my own head.  I am trying to get back out.  I just have to work out a few things for myself.  Having to cancel the show threw me off a little.  Plus I feel like I am on the verge of an idea, but it's just a whisper in my brain and I can't quite make it out yet.

Then R was sent to Fresno *shudders* rather unexpectedly last night to sort out things on a job that isn't going very well, and the weather is like a Fall day today.  It's cold, rainy and windyyyyyyyy!  I just want to curl up in the chair with my quilt and a good book.

Now if you're curious about the picture...well...I didn't think you wanted to see my hand because...ew!  So instead I am giving you a sneak peek of the weird idea I had before Christmas.  It's not done yet...but soon!  (And no, I am not making an inside out bear!)  However there are two new bears in the works, and with some luck and lack of accidents I might even have them done for you soon!

Have a lovely day!  K. <3


Amanda said...

These things come along....bloomin heck thats some mishap! Sometimes it does us good to turn ourselves inside out. I hope things come together for you soon, take care.

Claire said...

Glad your back Kelly, I really love your posts. I feel like you are keeping me company when I have to spend long hours in front of the computer writing assignments. Reading your posts cheers me up and makes it easier when Im feeling stuck.

Katy Cameron said...

(sorry, I was sure I'd commented on this before, must have got lost in the blogging vortex!)

Yikes! Hope your hand is feeling much better now, I can imagine how that would have made you feel a little icky!

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