Saturday, June 19, 2010


Every community has it's paragons. The bear community is no different. One of the things we have always been able to look to is Teddy Bear & Friends Magazine.

Over the years most of us have looked at the pages eager to see the shiny eyed faces of new bears. It has always been a little thrill to get it in the mail. As soon as I get it I sit right down to peruse the pages.

There are so many places to advertise on the internet that it can be overwhelming to choose just one. Shortly after I created my website I made the rounds of advertising on all sorts of sites. While I did sell a few bears from them, I am not sure that it was worth the time, effort and money invested in those ads.

I found myself going back to the old standard of print ads. While advertising on the internet can seem an inexpensive way to go, once the ad is's gone. People sometimes tend to save magazines for years. I know I have gone back to look at them as much as a year later and find myself looking up a website listed in an ad.

TB&F has the best of both worlds, they offer ads in the magazine and also have a teddy bear directory on their site. This afternoon I was chatting with Gail Davis, their advertising liaison, on the phone. She told me that they will be offering a free directory ad on their website with every print ad purchase. The online directory used to cost 240.00 for a six month listing. So by offering it as a free ad on with a print ad purchase, that's a pretty substantial savings.

She said they will be announcing it in the July newsletter, but I felt this was such a good deal that I would pass it along to my readers. I certainly took advantage of it. TB&F is far more established and hits a target audience than most of the places I could ever find to advertise on the internet.

If you are interested in doing a print ad, just click the link above and go to the advertise with us tab. You can e-mail or call Gail, she is a very nice person and I am sure not only will you sell some bears, but you might make a new friend too!

Hugs, K <3

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