Thursday, June 24, 2010

R To The Rescue!

No marriage is perfect, but R is a great guy and I have always considered myself very lucky to have someone like him.  He is always there for me if I need him to do something, we discuss things if a problem arises, and we work it out.  He is kind and takes very good care of the critters and I.  He never criticises me, and rarely gets mad at me...even when I deserve it.   I know he loves me very much, and I love him very much too.   Trust me, you would like him if you knew him.

But he isn't the sort of guy who just swoops in, handling everything without my input and flat out rescues me like a knight on a steed. He knows that overall I am pretty resilient and if something comes up I can usually handle it one way or another.  He likes that about me.

This morning however, when he got out of bed I was pretty much sobbing uncontrollably over the broken camera because it had just happened.  He hates it when I cry because he thinks I am usually too upset over nothing, that I will figure it out since I am the problem solver in the family, and everything will be fine.  I don't cry very often, but I seem to have been crying a lot lately.  I guess this was simply the straw that broke the camels back for me.  I have never dropped any of my cameras before...not once which is amazing really considering how much I use it.  I am always very careful with things.

A little while after he left, as usual I sucked it up, thought about my options and announced the fire sale.  It was pretty much all I could do in that moment to try to save myself.  I was about to go look for a temporary job or offer web design services or something to get out of this bind.

When I talked to him this afternoon, I told R about the sale and what I was planning on doing.  It didn't sit well with him which surprised me because as a rule he doesn't care one way or the other what I do with my bear business.  He figures it's my business and I had it before I had him, so what I do is my own affair.  But he was really disappointed that I had to offer up all my hard work for no profit at all, and that I was considering drastic measures.  We couldn't discuss it more right then, he had to go because his own job was demanding his attention.

When he came home this evening he had a Best Buy bag in his hand.  He smiled good naturedly, gave it to me and told me "don't ask."  Inside the bag was a new camera.  Not just a-make-do-until-I can-get-a-better-one type of camera either.  This was a niceeeeeeeeee 35mm 18 mega pixel camera.  Far better than the one that got broken.  This one also has a full coverage extended 2 year warranty in case I drop it too.  Heaven forbid!  I have no idea how he managed to come up with it.  I haven't been this speechless since he gave me diamond earrings two years ago for Christmas.  (He doesn't buy me jewelry.) 

Of course I was instantly worried about the dental bills and said he shouldn't have spent so much.  He said don't worry about it, we will be fine. 

I managed to take some pictures of the miniature bear.  I haven't quite got the macro settings figured out yet.  I am sure once I figure out how to work it, and what all the bells and whistles on this new camera do, I will have something far more impressive to show you.  But at least I can still work and post pics for now.

Today after I got up was actually pretty good even before the camera, the worst thing that occurred was I discovered a nest of garden snakes in the wood pile...but that's not really a big deal other than causing me to scream in fright because I wasn't expecting them.  Even the neighbor situation seems to have resolved itself.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that things are going to look up finally.  Although I have to see the periodontist tomorrow to see about my failed gum graft, so hopefully I won't get bad news there.  If it is going to cost me a bunch of money again, it will simply have to wait until next January when I have a new limit on my dental insurance. 

So that's where I am at right now.  Since I announced the sale, I will still honor it even though R assures me I don't need to.   The only bear exempt from the sale is Bronte' since she is going to be in the ad I have coming out.  Piccalilli should be up on the website shortly, and he will be offered for the sale price as well.


Amanda said...

I'm so glad you've turned a corner, even I had to gasp at the bad luck. R just shows though, underneath it all you've had the best of luck when you met him and thats there day in day out quietly in the background. Take care!

KellyJo said...

**** :) *****

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