Saturday, June 19, 2010

Once In A Blue Moon Blog Give Away

Since I am hosting the party on July 17th, I thought a blog give away would be the perfect thing! So you will have a chance to win "Blue Moon" shown above. He is 6 inches tall, hand dyed mohair, glass eyes, sparkly nose and comes in a Smith & Hawken basket. (He is a collectible and absolutely not meant for children!)

I will give him away on July 18th, the day after the party. All you have to do to be eligible is make a post on your blog about him with a link back here. You can also use the button at the left if you like. Make sure you leave a comment on this post and let me know you posted about him with a link back to your blog, and you will automatically have one chance to win him.

If you sign up and join in the fun of the Midsummer Night's Secret Dream Party you will get three additional chances to win him! Easy huh!~

International readers are welcome to enter too!

Good luck to all who enter! K. <3


silver niknats said...

have just bloged about the cute little once in a blue moon here at

julietk said...

Hi Kelly I would love to have a chance to win one of your delightful Bears. I will blog later as i have posts lined up for a few days but I will add it to my side bar right away x

lita28mya said...

Hi Juliet,
I don't have a blog but will add the details on the Yahoo group I own,
BTW I'm one of the mods on Thread Artist Guild which is how I saw your give away!
Hugs and kisses, Lita xx

lita28mya said...

My apologies Kelly for getting it wrong and calling you Juliet ;0(
I blame it on the heat wave and not reading this properly. Don't you just love it when you realise your mistake as soon as you've hit send?
Hugs and kisses Lita (who is crawling away shamefaced.) xx
"Life is not about waiting for the storms to's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Ascension said...

Hola Kelly!!!
Me encantan los ositos y mirando blogs he dado con el tuyo, me encantaria participar en tu sorteo y optar a ganar esa maravilla de osito.
Subo el sorteo a mi blog.
besitos ascension

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Hi Kelly, I just posted about your sweet little giveaway and put it on my sidebar. I'm keeping my fingers crossed--he's just SOOOO cute! I'm also considering joining your blog party, but feeling so overwhelmed right now with life and projects. Hopefully things will settle down and I'll be able to join the fun.

claudia said...

I want also enter in this nice giveaway; have a nice weekend from Tenerife !!!!

Sheila said...

I would love to enter to win Blue Moon. She is just too cute. I posted a pic on my blog.

Ewa said...

Your bear is so sweet!!!

VivK said...

I would love this gorgeous little bear and have put a link in my blog!

EmmasBears said...

So So cute! Just so you know - July 18th is my birthday (does that give me extra points! :P) lol.
Also - I've just posted a link to your giveaway on my blog too:

soggibottom said...

As I have clicked on to the party, I can't not put him on our blog.. Done... or it will be there in a mo .
Beautiful giveaway.
x x x

Lombardbears said...

Gorgeous Love to win him, so off to post him on my blog!!!
You make wonderful bears! Will check party out!!

Terry said...

Hi Kelly
che amore l'orsetto azzurro !!! e per questo desidero partecipare al tuo sorteggio. Grazie!!
un abbracio
if I want to know ....

Natalia said...

Hello Kelly
Blue, but not by mood, bundle of joy. I wish be lucky.
I put link on my blog
All the bearbest!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! I blogged about your give away, ut a link on my blog and then completely forgot to let you know! Doh! I have also signed up for the Midsummer Night's Dream - fantastic idea! My blog is:
bearHugs, Bec

Jorgelina said...

She is cute!
Beautiful giveaway.

Im-bear said...

Dear Kelly, I love this sweet blue bear and your giveaway! Please count me in! I put giveaway button to my blog right sidebar two weeks ago and only now remembered that I didn't leave comment here ))))

Patty said...

I would love to participate in your giveaway!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hi Kelly. Serendipity brought me here and so I have joined your bloggie as well. I always follow what feels right. I would love to be entered in your blog giveaway, will post to my blog about it tomorrow and will be anxiously awaiting your Mid Summer do. We are really big fae fans and so look forward to the Magick.

Samanta/Sammy said...

I just posted about your sweet little giveaway and put it on my sidebar


Wayne said...

Hi Kelly, Blue Moon is such a cute bear! He is absolutely adorable =)

I am following your blog now, please sign me up for the giveaway. I have also link your giveaway on my blog, please take a look at this link:


psianka said...

I have just discovered Your Wonderful Blog and have seen many of the miraculous stuffed things You make:-)
I can say-I am not only impressed,but touched deeply in my heart with all the precious things I have seen,made by Your Gold Hands.I am really in love with all I have seen,so I have decided to take part in Your CANDY,I have not got any good luck in such events though,but who knows,maybe that beautiful,delicate Teddy will belong to me??
Of course I will be observing Your Blog with pleasure and I would like to invite You to me sometime.
Sending my Best Regards to You-psiankaDK-

ginger@bearbits said...

Hi Kelly,

What a wonderful blue bear and such a cute idea. Please enter me! I've got my post up here:

Thanks for giving us a chance at this teddy!


Snap said...

Kelly, What a cutie! I'm putting a button back to your wonderful give-a-way on my blog! YeeHaw!!!!

Love Bears All Things said...

Came over from Ginger's place(Bearbits).
I love the Blue Bear and I have posted about it on my blog.
Mama Bear

quiltmom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Val said...

An absolutely loveable Blue Moon! Would love for a chance to win him. :P

VAL at valspassions(dot)blogspot(dot)com

Anonymous said...

ive blogged about him :)
this is my post

Angelique said...

Hi Kelly and cute little blue bear !

I found your blog while reading an anouncement on Bearbits.
Are you sure you want to let this cute little darling move to another home ? ;-)
I would love to give hime a good home in my creative space with blue walls, white furniture and lots of red and blue details ! And I would teach the little one to understand Dutch (I am living in the Netherlands). Wouldn't that be nice ?
Please, count me in on your give-away !
I will post about it...

a beary hug,

peggy aplSEEDS said...

oh I am hoping to win this adorable bear and my post tells you why!!!

julietk said...

Hi kelly I have blogged re the party and giveaway.

Ann said...

Dear Kelly,
sometimes i also make a bear so i'm in to win your lovely little bear.
There is a whole family of bears here waiting to adopt him.

lovely greetings,

TheDeepCherry said...

Hey there, ive just blogged about your gorgeous little bear. Its here at

The Littlest Thistle said...

I saw this when I came back from holiday, and didn't want it to get lost in a pile of other things I wanted to post, then forgot to post altogether until now - doh! Anyway, all done now :o)

quiltmom said...

HI Kelly,
I did post a link to your blog in my list of giveaways on my current post.

Your blue bear is so sweet- He is going to be one popular bear - someone is truly going to treasure him.

You can find my link here:
Regards from Western Canada,

SheilaC said...

What a gorgeous little bear!!! Thank you for the chance to win!


I am off to blog about him :)

Blue Creek Home said...

What a precious little bear and basket! My brand new grandson would love to have it in his nursery!

I just added your button to my side bar.


Janine said...

Your blog and your bears are phantastic.
I post about your giveaway on my blog:

Lenora said...

Wonderful Bears! We have posted sweet Blue Moon on our blog nad some bears we have made too! See you tomorrow for Midsummer's Dream!

marilise said...

Here I am looking forward to that wonderfull giveaway candy , and I promise in case I win he will be the prince of my collection !!!!!

marilise said...

hope I am not too late , I also posted about him
hugs and kisses

marilise said...

i am wondering if you have seen my post about darling blue moon

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