Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If Everyone Cared

With Independence Day right around the corner I always get to thinking about how lucky we truly are in this country.  It's not the only time I think about it, but as I hang the flag out for the 4th of July it always brings it home.  In Colorado Springs we have a lot of military bases and the air force academy.  Hardly a night goes by when we don't hear on the news that one of our soldiers has died overseas.  It makes me so sad.  Someone has lost a son, brother and/or husband.

I guess I am a hopeless dreamer because I really do wish for world peace.  If only we could realize there is enough of everything to go around for everyone on this planet, we could abolish wars and hate.   So I am dedicating this song to soldiers everywhere.

1 comment:

Linda in New Mexico said...

In cruising your postings to get to know you, I have found something else we have in common. My Sweet Man was raised in Colorado Springs and my brother's family live there as well. We just love the Springs. Linda

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