Tuesday, June 8, 2010


While I was working on my rabbit tonight I was thinking about quantum physics. So I guess I will throw a little science at ya...it might bore you to tears, or it might make you think...that's up to you!

At some point or another we have all heard someone say you create your own reality. Now if I had to guess this concept probably started back in the 60's when people were experimenting with drugs. I could be wrong.

Oddly enough, drugs aside...if quantum physics proves valid, that may turn out to be more true than we ever imagined. Of course adhering to the principals of quantum physics if enough people believe with enough focus in the theory we will cause it to be a reality thanks to all those kooky little particles and waves. Interesting catch 22 isn't it?

I have long been fascinated with human behavior. I have always attributed it to the fact that we moved so many times, and I have encountered more people in my lifetime than most would in ten lifetimes. I have discovered that people tend to react to any situation in predictable ways. I probably would have made a good profiler.

In recent years I have become more interested in what causes that behavior on a more physical level. I have learned some fascinating things about the brains, bodies and DNA.

I have learned that our brains are full of tiny magnetite crystals and that it has a charge about the same as a ten volt battery. I have also learned that DNA actually emits a very tiny amount of light in all living organisms. I am also extremely fascinated by HOX genes.

The interesting fallout of all this learning has been that things that seem implausible to most of us may not be as implausible as we all think.

In recent years I noticed that I would have small periods where I would tend to have little precognitive episodes. Nothing interesting like winning lotto numbers or stock market figures, but things like reaching up to turn on a light and knowing the light bulb was going to blow when I turned it on, or knowing the phone was going to ring right before it did.

We have all had these little episodes at one time or another. But being the sort of person who over analyzes things to death, I started to paying attention to what else was going on with me when these things occurred. What I noticed was that my allergies were always acting up at the same intervals. Of course I cheerfully mentioned this to my doctor who thought I was cracked.

But when you start to think about it, it makes perfect sense. We are alive because of electrical energy. We experience brain death basically when our battery dies. That is why they give you a charge with the paddles and it can potentially jump start you back to life within a certain time frame if you were more or less healthy to begin with.

When you combine that with the magnetite crystals, adding the extra liquid from stuffy sinus's it would naturally conduct a tad more electricity. They have discovered that people who have abnormal precognitive episodes have "power surges" when it occurs. I say abnormal because technically we all live in a slightly precognitive state of a few seconds all the time. But that is a science lesson for another day.

At any rate, the concept of precognition, or dare I say it..."ESP" suddenly doesn't seem so far fetched now does it?

Now if you have actually read through all this, you're probably wondering where all this rambling is leading. Well...no where. It's just the sorts of things I think about while I work. I find it interesting and sometimes I like to throw it out there in case someome else does too. I have no idea what other artists think about when they work, but sometimes I develop theories about things.

Just the other day I was watching something on the Mayans while I was working that was discussing (again) how Kukulcan was possibly an alien or from Atlantis. I find those notions a tad ridiculous so I started to really give it some thought, and I came up with a theory that I think is bit more plausible. I think there is a chance that he may have been an autistic savant with hydrocephalus. Now I am not doctor, but from what I understand those two conditions can go hand in hand...and it would explain how the Mayan calendar was so very precise, and they could make those amazing astronomical predictions. It would also explain why he was reported to have an enlarged skull that caused Mayan women to bind their babies heads to reshape their skulls in an attempt to emulate him.

I have a zillion more theories, but I don't think I have enough room to type them all out. At any rate, I am nearly done with two new pieces...so with some luck I will have pics of them for you later today. In the mean time, it's bed time for me!

Have a great day all! Hugs, K. <3


Heather said...

Admittedly I know very little about this sort of thing, but to hear about the crystals is interesting, and I personally think your 'congestion theory' makes sense... unless snot has a magical ability to not conduct electricity that we don't know about! I mean, if your head is full of an extra amount of conductive material, who's to say it's not amping up the electrical activity in the brain?

If we hook ourselves up to a tiny generator can we achieve immortality? (Your post sent my brain on a decidedly sci-fi route where in truth the human race is a form of advanced robot (Cylon?! NOOOO!) but we just don't know it)...
but in seriousness, your theory on Kukulcan sounds plausible too... (and I love saying Chichen Itza... random, but true) although I'm not sure how someone with those ailments would handle being a priest/ruler... unless people simply looked the other way on certain behaviors... I'm also not sure about how he'd handle the sacrifices... would an autistic savant with hydrocephalus be able to preside over, and possibly commit the sacrificial act?
I'm not sure about that.

Do they have the skeletal remains of this ruler anywhere? That would be something interesting to look at in regards to figuring out more about him.

(ps, I love your speculative posts)

Kelly said...

Now don't quote me on this...but I don't think that Kukulcan preformed sacrifices. In fact I don't think they started until after he left. Part of the reason for the sacrifices was to try to bring him back.

He was also white with blue eyes, and they considered him a god, so any type of unusual behavior would have probably been chalked up to that.

There are no remains of him because he didn't die there, he left.

On a side note, I have been to Chichen Itza!

Heather said...

Oooh, I am envious! I've not been anywhere exciting outside of the US.

Hmm, in one of my art classes they showed us artwork from Chichen Itza that showed Kukulcan presiding over a sacrifice... but... maybe it was the God instead of the man... that might explain a lot of my confusion XD

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