Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Magical Weekend

First of all I would like to thank every person who stopped by my blog to have tea and leave kind comments on my Mad Tea Party post.  (If you missed it, it's in the previous post.)  I would also like to welcome all my new followers, it's lovely to have you!

It was kind of a crazy weekend for me, so while I didn't have time to leave as many comments in return as I would have liked, I visited








And I must say there are some wonderfully talented people in this world!  It was such fun to see every one's  party posts.

But before I got to do that, I got up Saturday morning and R took me for a day away.  He figured I needed one.  We went to the Renaissance Festival.  We go every year (yes we are dorks) but it's a fun day outside and we get to drink beer and eat steak on a stake.  I am not much of a beer drinker except for when I go there, go to Mexico and on Saint Patrick's Day. 

While I didn't hit it with my usual shopping gusto for reasons you know from previous posts...I still had a great time and managed to add to my magical pot collection.  They are made by a lovely local lady.  Aren't they sweet and you would die if you knew how inexpensively she sells them!  Unfortunately she doesn't have a website.

But now you know what it takes to make teddy bears besides stuffing and mohair!

Just for kicks, I also visited a fortune teller while we were there.  Is that the PC term?  I am not sure.  Anyway...I was surprised by what she had to say.  For one thing she told me things some very accurate things about myself that she couldn't possibly have discerned simply from any facial expressions or anything I might have been wearing.  I am ever the skeptic you know.

She told me quite a few things, one of which was that I would taking a trip over seas in the Fall even though I couldn't see how that might happen right now.  We shall see!

One of the first things she said was that I had been going through some money woes that would right themselves very soon and that things would be where I wanted them by next Spring.  I sincerely hope she is right!

She also said that I should write a book.  *Insert grimace here*  I get it already!  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE tells me I should write a book, but it's just not that easy!  I have been trying darnit!  I get distracted by fuzzy objects too easily.  *giggles*

The only thing I specifically asked her at the end of the session was if she had any insight on why I have had this run of bad luck.  She said something that made perfect sense after consulting her cards.  She said that usually I am very focused and in control - more so than most people - and that I am very connected to God.  But lately when things started going awry I got scattered and lost control , and that I couldn't get it back together and focus for a while.  That just kind of reaffirms what I figured out two posts ago. 

She also told me I am intuitive myself, and I replied with "Well I have allergies and I can't wear a watch, so it makes perfect sense."  She stared at me very long and hard for a full maybe it didn't make perfect sense to her?  I wasn't going to go into a speech about electrical bursts in the brain, magnetite crystals and dendrite pathways though.

The weekend went off with only one mishap, and it wasn't much really.  A guy bumped into me and I spilled an entire beer down the front of me.  I had only one sip before I wore it.  But in the larger scheme of things that's not so bad. 

All in all between the Ren Faire and the Tea Party it was a pretty magical weekend!

I hope yours was as well!  Hugs, K. <3

PS...I just discovered Liberty Bunny made it into an article in the Storque on June fun is that!


Amanda said...

Sounds like the tonic you needed!

Kathy said...

This was very funny. At least I sure hoped you meant to be funny especially the part about allergies and not wearing a watch!! Been to a few psychics in my lifetime. It's fun and always interesting. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Have a wonderful "lucky" week! Ta-ta Kathy

DogsMom said...

I spent years work, umm, playing at Ren Faires. The best summer job. Sure it is hot and muddy and sweaty and those outfits are not built for comfort, but all the fun one has makes you want to return again and again.
I had to be careful NOT to go shopping each weekend.

Kelly said...

It was Amanda!

Um I was kinda serious about that. I have a lot of electricity in my system so I burn up watches, and when I have an allergy flare up my head fills with liquid which conducts electricity...they have done studies and when people have precognitive episodes they usually have an electrical burst in the brain when it happens. I made a post a while back how I noticed when I have an allergy attack I sometimes have precognitive flashes. Nothing interesting, just silly little things like I knew a light bulb was going to blow a split second before it did, or the phone would ring. Stuff like I was serious. XD

DM...I would spend so much if I worked in one of those! So many fun, handmade goodies! I don't think I would do well wearing a corset all summer though.

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