Thursday, November 29, 2007


I have mentioned before that I have a fondness for cryptozoology and other odd things. I was watching one of those shows on TV tonight in fact. I am always amazed by one constant factor in every person's story they interview on any of these shows. They can always rattle off a size or distance when asked. Maybe it's just me, and I am unusual in that I have no concept of distance or size, but honestly if I saw a giant bird/alien/sea monster/bigfoot and someone asked me how big it was or how far away I wouldn't have a clue.

Now you would think that someone who works with material that comes in yards and inches would be able to calculate such things. Especially someone with my IQ. I don't even know how people do it.

The ironic thing is that on this show they decided to put it to a test. Someone made a giant bird kite and asked passers by to estimate how big it was. Some people came fairly close but not one person out of the dozens asked got it right.

So I have to wonder, am I odd in the respect that I can't tell the size or distance, or am I odd in the respect that I admit I can't? Hmm...

Monday, November 26, 2007

~*~ Jingle Kringle ~*~

Jingle also went up on ebay tonight:

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

On A Wing And A Prayer

I have been insanely busy getting ready for this upcoming show so I haven't been posting properly. But the last few days something has been nagging me to tell a particular story about something that happened a few years ago. I am not sure why I keep feeling this urge to tell this...maybe someone out there needs to read it. I don't know, but at any rate I am giving in to the impulse:

Sometimes in our lives we come across something that we were taught at an early age that we have always taken to be absolute fact and then one day we discover that isn't true and it rocks our world.

I was raised with the notion that every person has their own guardian angel. But one day I discovered that it doesn't say that anywhere in the Bible. There is a phrase that could be interpreted to mean that, but it might not. For some reason finding this out really bothered me. To a degree it rocked my faith, I don't even know why. Not my faith in God maybe, perhaps just in knowing what all I had been taught is true. It's hard to explain in typed words exactly what I was feeling. But I wanted to know for an absolute certainty whether we have one or not. (I know what you're thinking; there is no way to ever know for certain right?) I didn't really stop to think about that part, I was on a tangent I wanted to KNOW. So I started looking at all these books on angels. I learned a great deal about angels and how they apply to many religions. The concept of angels has been around much longer than Christianity even.

Through my research I came across a book written by a man who was supposed to be THE authority on the subject. If anyone had answers it would be him. The problem was the book was out of print. I looked on ebay, I looked on Amazon, I called book stores and no one could get the book. I started going to the used bookstores around town trying to find the book.

By the time I got to the last used bookstore in town that I hadn't looked in I was feeling pretty despirited about it. I felt as if I would never have my answer if I couldn't find the book. So in I went.

Now I have always believed that miracles aren't so much about what happens, but more the timing of what happens. I think that sometimes the best miracles are small.

So I went into this last bookstore and asked about the book. The lady behind the counter said she didn't have it, but she must have seen the look of determination on my face so she kindly offered to go with me to double check the shelf anyway. The book wasn't there.

I went back out to my car and got in. I sat there for a moment then turned over the key. That's when I noticed it on my windshield. There was a white feather sitting on it directly in my line of sight. Now I know it was from a passing bird or the wind blew it there. But somehow it was like confirmation. It was as if an angel was passing by and just wanted to say don't worry we are watching over you. It calmed my concerns, restored my faith and I have been content ever since in the knowledge that one way or another something IS watching over us.
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