Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Have To Be Joking!

Today I went to the gym, and then to the grocery store. Now it shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that grocery shopping isn't my favorite thing to do since I don't really like to cook. But if you want to eat, you have to go.

I was at the checkout counter and there was a woman bagging my groceries. She was feeling chatty and I was politely listening. But she said something so mind boggling that I wanted to just haul off and smack the stuffin out of her!

She was talking about this new thing the President has brought up about a longer school year. She said she hoped they went to school year around. I said I thought that would be horrible. I have fond memories of summer vacation. Then I asked her why she would want that? She replied..."So I don't have to deal with my kids." I thought she was joking at first and commented along that vein, but she was SERIOUS!!! (As if that wasn't bad enough she put an acorn squash on top of my stuffed mushrooms and a bottle of juice on R's chips! Gahhhh!!!)

I know lots of women who are Mothers and I fully understand that it can be exhausting at times. But as a woman who wanted children more than anything and was never able to have any, I was utterly disgusted by that comment and it was all I could do to keep my Irish temper in check today. If you don't want to "deal" with your kids, give them to me. I would be happy to invest lots of time in them and deal with them in a very loving and committed way!

A Vintage Home Cottage Give Away!

If you haven't been to A Vintage Cottage Home Blog
you really should go visit! It's a charming blog and you really do have to go see it. In fact Coralie is celebrating her one year blogoversary. To celebrate she is giving away a copy of her first book; "The Wishing Years." So make sure you stop by, read her heart warming posts and don't forget to enter!

Hugs, K. <3

Did The Sandman Miss?

I got my ad for the magazine done tonight. I am posting a mini pic of it above. (I edited out some of the pertinent info since this is the net and all. Of course no crazy people would read my blog! *wink wink*) I used my pre-Halloween graphics because that layout will be coming back for a short time in November until I do the Christmas one.

I am about a day behind on everything else though. I am hoping to get a bunch of stuff done today and get caught up.

I had a curious thing happen this morning. I went to take my bath like usual before I head to bed. Covering about a foot or so of the edge of my tub was a very fine sparkly sand. It wasn't in the tub or on the floor, just on the edge. I can't imagine where it came from. I have an aversion to gritty body scrubs, so I know it wasn't that. I wasn't dirty today despite working outside, and there isn't any sand in my house other than what I use to make the cubcakes, but it doesn't look like that.

The only conclusion I can come to is that the sandman missed! *Giggles* Seriously though, it was very odd.

Make sure and check tomorrow's post...with some luck I will have something special!

Hugs, K. <3

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taking The Plunge ~ Making My Own Website

Today was a much better day than yesterday. Summer returned to Colorado with 80 degree weather and I got to go spend the day outside working in the yard and playing with my critters instead of running errands and working, but it was worth it. To top it off I lost another two pounds!

For today's post I wanted to continue on a bit with yesterday's topic of goals. September 12th marked the second anniversary of my website.

Having a website was a big goal I had for several years before it happened. But like so many people who are antiquated in their thinking, I was scared to make one. How did I begin? What should it look like? Would anyone come to see it? Wouldn't it be expensive? Could I even do it?

I had so many questions and it kept me from doing it. But one day I woke up and said that's it, I have to do this. This goal had to be met. Other people do it, so I can do it too. I had never had any instruction, classes or tutorials on the computer. Slowly over the years I picked up coding. Don't ask me how, I just soaked it up as I went along the way I do much of what I learn.

I knew that if I was going to do a website I wanted to do it myself so I had control over it and when it was updated. Despite having enough coding knowledge to do a basic website, I did an internet search to find a program to do make one. The path of least resistance you know. I found a very good site that had programs listed by rating. The first one cost almost $700. *groans* The second highest rated one cost $35. *Perks up again* I could afford that! I did a search on the program and it had good reviews. I only found one complaint and it was minimal. So far so good...the program was sold on Amazon. I ordered it and waited.

In the interim I needed a domain and a web host. For this I asked a friend who has had websites for years. There are soooo many out there, how do you choose? She pointed me to When you pay your yearly fee (about $70) you get another year for another website for free to pass on to someone else. So she kindly gave me my first year for free. How great is that! By the way I still have a year's hosting for free from paying my bill this year if anyone out there wants it. Just E-mail me and I will happily pass it along. Pay it forward!

It's been a great host, it only goes down about twice a year for a couple hours for maintenance and I have never had my bandwidth exceeded.

Within the week my program arrived. It was pretty unassuming looking. The outside of the package was plain, and I opened it up to see no instructions. Uh oh! But I was determined to go forth, so I popped the CD in, and uploaded it. The tutorial on how to use the program is right in it. I have to say, it's the easiest, most user friendly, written in plain English program I have ever seen. You don't need ANY coding knowledge to use it. It comes with all the bells and whistles and you can make a pretty amazing site up and have it up and running in a couple hours with hardly any limits. The program is called SiteSpinner. It also includes a year free webhosting if you choose to use it. I HIGHLY recommend it. I don't know what the $700 program could offer that this one doesn't, but whatever it was I don't need it.

Ok so I had a domain, a web host and a program...but now what? What should I put on it? I have seen many artist's sites, some are beautiful and some are pretty boring and the latter surprises me. I don't really get that to be honest. I look upon my site as another extension of my art, so shouldn't it have artistic aspects? I knew I wanted to make it creative and fun to look at. But how?

Again I never had any instructions on making graphics, it's just a been a trial and error, self taught experience. I have never even read any of the instruction manuals that go with my editing programs. I just like to click stuff and try things to see what it does. That's the same process I used to learn to make bears and pretty much every other thing I know how to do. I learn something new every time I change it, and each time I think it gets a little better. In truth I use a rather old editing program. I have Paint Shop Pro 7. I have newer and fancier ones that I also learned to use, but I just like that particular one. I can always get what I want done. The only thing that limits me is my imagination. I am sure there are people out there reading this that groaned when I said that's the one I used...but it works for me. When the day comes that it's obsolete with computers and I won't be able to use it I am going to cry!

My website has gone through so many incarnations I can't even remember them all. But I look upon my site as my store front. I like to change the front window and the displays so it keeps it interesting and people like to come back to have a look to see what I have done next. It's no different than changing up my patterns to keep my work fresh.

So I had my site all done...but how to get people to come to it? Well to be honest that's the hardest part of having a website. The first thing I did was sign up for every search engine relating to teddy bears that I could find. I started promoting it on the net, but to be honest that's a slow process and there are so many places to promote that it's like spitting in the ocean. Plus it's so time consuming that I was spending more time promoting than I was working. I had to find a way to hit my target audience. I came across a site to promote the bears and bear sites that is just bears, and most recently I have started doing ads in the magazine again. I am getting there.

I know I still have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to photography, but all in all...I am glad I overcame my fear and did it. It has been worth the time and money I put into it, and I enjoy doing it! I hope you all enjoy it too.

If this is something you have been wanting to do, and you haven't done it...just do it! Overcome your fear. If anyone out there reading this wants to do a website and needs help, I would be happy to help you. I am no expert...but I will share what I can!

Halloween Update

I have been a busy girl tonight. Over the past week I have been doing new Halloween graphics for the website and blog. I love this background, it looks like you're peeking out of the doorway of a creepy old haunted house to an even creepier scene across the street. (Well it's not that creepy since the bears get scared easily.) I got that all done this evening. I know it's a tad early but I love holidays and thought it would be fun to "spook" up the site...besides the bears love holidays too!

If you want to head over and have a peek, and maybe tell me what you think that would be great!

Click here to go to

Hugs, K <3

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Inspiration: Big Goals

My crabbiness from earlier has abated and I do have some inspiration today after all, it's just coming a little late. The inspiration turned out to be for me by way of a quote from Nelson Mandela that really hit home.

This morning I wrote down seven goals I had for this week. I want to get healthy, as in over my cold. I want to go the gym twice without waiting for R. I want to sell three pieces of my work. I want to clean the work room. I want to sleep better. I want to make Peposo. (A peppery pork stew recipe I found in Martha Stewart magazine for this month.) And I want to make three really good pieces for work.

Everyone has goals. Some of them are smaller goals that we set for ourselves to accomplish throughout the day or the week. Others are long term, and some are things we just dream about but aren't sure we can ever accomplish.

Some people are real go getters who know how to make their dreams happen. But for most of us, we have no idea how to accomplish some of our bigger goals. So how are we different than the go getters?

I rather suspect that in many cases it comes down to fear. Fear of success, fear of failure, or fear of being greedy. I have never been terribly good at asking for things.

When I say my prayers before bed, I ask God for things for my family and friends but I rarely want to bother Him with my own little wants. It always makes me feel greedy to ask. I know it says "Ask and ye shall receive" but I have a hard time with it. I am not good at asking other people for things either.

I ask R for things like changing a light bulb I can't reach or taking out the trash and end up having to nag him to get him to do it. It always makes me feel bad. I guess in a way that's more on him for not doing it in a timely fashion and I have to nag him in order to get it done. But I still feel bad about it.

Usually I end up accomplishing a goal I set on my own merits. But this past week I am learning that you can't do everything yourself. Sometimes it takes others to help you get to that place.

Maybe if I learned to ask for more help, I could set bigger goals and achieve them. Is it wrong to ask for a little help once in a while? Am I greedy and selfish for wanting big things and expecting help to get there? And yet I have absolutely no problem offering to help other people as much as I can. Maybe it's ok to ask for help?

This is the question I have been struggling with all week. But today I ran across what Nelson Mandela said and suddenly I had my answer in a most unexpected way. That's usually how we get answers to tough a most unexpected way.

He said; "Your playing small does not serve the world. Who are you to not be great."

If Nelson Mandela isn't an inspiration for setting goals and getting them accomplished, I don't know who is.

Monday: No Love Today

I know that I said I would start the week off on a positive note with love or inspiration every Monday. But I am not feeling the love and am a bit cranky today. I keep getting this cold back every time I start to get over it. It seems as if everyone is sick out there, and so many people don't cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze. It makes me wonder if people have never seen the news. If I have to go out when I am sick, I stay far away from people, cover my mouth, carry tissues and wash my hands with soap as soon as I can after coughing or sneezing. R accuses me of being a germophobe, but I am really not. It's just when you have allergies and asthma it makes you so much more susceptible to every germ that comes along so I take extra precautions and makes me more aware of the things others do who are sick. In turn I like to try to avoid making anyone else sick.

R is out of town tonight, so along with that and being sick I decided to make the Wendy's drive through run so I didn't have to cook. I thought about getting Chinese, but I haven't been able to taste anything for 6 days, and it seems like a waste to get something I enjoy when I just can't taste it at all.

So I hopped in the car and set out to fight the battle I knew was coming. To get out of my neighborhood, I have two options. Both of them result in going out onto the same cross street at different points. Between the two points sits a public middle school with a private middle school right next to it. One gets out at 3:15 and the other at 3:30 so for about an hour in there the street is wall to wall cars both parked and driving with people picking their kids up. Even if I am not going past the school, I still have to deal with the mass of cars on the street.

These people have absolutely no respect for the people who live in this neighborhood. No one will pause and let you turn out. On several occasions I have had parents make obscene gestures because they pulled out in front of ME without looking and nearly hit MY car, I have had to sit and wait for as long as 20 minutes to get out before, and I have seen so many people pick up one child and drive no more than a block or two in 70 degree weather and pull into a garage.

Believe me, I can tell you why America has issues with gas. I can't even imagine how much they go through for those hundreds of cars every day, and that is for just ONE school. Can you imagine what the tally is for every parent driving a car to pick their kids up from school in this country every day? It has to astronomical, and in my opinion irresponsible to the environment.

What I don't understand is why parents don't let their kids ride the bus? I always rode the bus or walked and I was fine. But my parents taught me to be smart about crossing streets and talking to strangers. I also don't understand why the school doesn't explain to these people to have a little respect for the people who live in this neighborhood. Afterall, our tax dollars are going toward the school as well.

On top of everything else, I stabbed myself in the arm with a paint brush. I have a bad habit of leaving them in my toothbrush holder and I had a long one in there sticking up. The brush on it is quite stiff and I poked a hole right in my arm.

So yes I am a little cranky today. I had to get it off my chest, but never fear...I will have something nice for you tomorrow!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Step Through The Duirwaigh

I found the most amazing website tonight. You have to go have a look at looks like what my website wants to be when it grows up! I was making new graphics for the site and blog for Halloween when I found it...and after seeing it I think I am going to throw mine out the window! Be prepared for a visual feast! I saw it and fell in head over heels in love!

Duirwaigh Studios

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Mystique has been added to my website on the animals page of my website if you would like to visit her.

Friday, September 25, 2009

~*~ Pumpkin Cubcake ~*~

I made another cubcake. You can visit him on the bears page of my website.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Divorced Over Dinner

I am absolutely convinced that the most commonly asked question for people who co-habitate is "What do you want for dinner?" I am equally convinced that when you are married, no matter what a peach your spouse is and how much you love them...there are just going to be days when you want to throttle them.

If you have been reading my posts lately, then you know that I have really stepped it up on the cooking this week. I made the Beef Wellington, I made this awesome wide Swedish pasta with hot spicy sauce and hot Italian sausage. I made marinated lemon chicken with tabouli stuffed tomatoes. I made brisket with black beans and strawberries and even baked biscuits to go with it. Not bad for a girl who hates cooking and prefers microwave or take out.

Yesterday I was already exhausted and sick and I told R he had to pick out dinner today. This afternoon I was halfway through my many errands, and at the grocery store. I was already so tired, having trouble breathing and my feet hurt. I still had to make two more stops. I called R and asked him what he wanted for dinner. The man had the temerity to say...."I dunno what do you want? Just pick something, walk around and see what looks good." I think he realized just how grievous an error that was when he was met with very long silence on the phone. I am sure he had no idea what I was truth my Irish temper that I usually keep in check, was suddenly unleashed with a vengeance. I was standing in the deli mentally saying words that would make a sailor blush and using every ounce of willpower I had to not scream into the phone "if you don't pick something I am going to divorce you!!!"

I am almost certain there isn't a judge in the world that would deny me the divorce either. "Um yes your honor, the grounds are he refused to tell me what he wanted for dinner." GRANTED!

Ok I am kidding, I wouldn't divorce him...but I swear I get terribly sick of the dinner battle. I get even more sick of the pat response "I don't know, what do you want?" I think this is the standard answer for 98% of husbands in the world for any question their wife asks them concerning food, outings and furniture purchases. I think they actually believe that somehow makes our lives easier. Well husbands...if you're reading doesn't...just pick something for once, before we beat you senseless!

The Seven Deadly Sins And A Piece Of Toast

For the past three days I have wanted a piece of toast. A simple piece of toast with butter and maybe a little cinnamon. Now I suppose you're thinking well Kel, go make yourself one. But it's just not as easy as it seems.

The seven deadly sins aren't actually listed in the Bible, even though most people think that is the origin of them. In fact their earliest conception is a bit murky. Several people are attributed to adding them into their writings and it's not real clear who did it first.

The one thing that is pretty much universally agreed upon is that they are as follows:


The basic idea is that if one indulges oneself in too much of any of them it will lead to that persons downfall. When you think about it, it's true. We have all committed them at some point. But lately I have been taking great steps to avoid gluttony and sloth. Those are the two I have the hardest time with.

As for gluttony, I have been trying really hard to curb my shopaholic ways. I am not doing too bad, but I fall off the wagon every once in a while.

When it comes to sloth...well that one is a little harder for me for a different reason than you might think. It's not that I am lazy, it's just that I can get really caught up and fixated on something and lose track of other things that need to be done. That is one of the inherent issues with having the type of brain I have.

This past week I have been working myself to the bone to get things made since I am having this upcoming gum graft surgery and I know I will be out of commission for a bit. They happily assured me I won't be eating any solid food for 2-6 weeks. (They need to work on their sugar coating skills.) Plus things have been selling quite a bit lately and I need to keep some inventory. But I have also been cooking and cleaning like mad.

Along with all that, I felt a need to eat things that are nearing their expiration and left overs since I don't want to be wasteful.

I am not real big on toast. I don't eat a whole lot of bread. But I just had a hankering for it. What I don't have is an opportunity to have any. By the time I eat the big meals for dinner I have been making, and a little left over something for my other meal, I have no room for toast.

All this cooking and cleaning and working has also left me too exhausted to even make any. This is the first time in days that I have been able to make a real post other than pictures in fact. I am only doing it now at the sacrifice of reading a chapter in my book before I collapse into bed for my 5 hours of sleep.

I have also been fighting a cold, and R thinks I need to take it easy. I told him I would take it easy today after I drop the dogs off at the groomer, go to the store and go to the craft store to pick up a few things I am out of...and pick the dogs back up from the groomer...and photograph what I finished tonight...and make dinner...and finish the bear I started tonight after I finished the cubcake I was working on..

Well maybe Friday I will take it easy...and have some toast.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

~*~ Mystique ~*~

I made another bat since the first one had already flown away. Mystique isn't on my website however, because I have a customer interested in purchasing her. But you can still have a peek at her.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Day Early

Tomorrow is officially the first day of Autumn, but it has arrived in Colorado a day early. It only got up to 45 degrees today! It was 72 yesterday. We are supposed to have our first frost tonight...and possibly even a little SNOW!!! It's going to be like that all week.

Usually we don't get any snow until the end of October to the middle of November. I have a feeling we are in for a bad Winter and I don't think I like it. It's days like this that I dream of moving to a tropical island! Brrr!

Monday Love: Making The Effort

I do not like to cook. When R and I got married we agreed he would do the cooking. He is very good at it. In the past few years however he has to drive so much for work, and is gone from home about 13-15 hours a day so now I do the cooking.

I still don't like it, and I am not very good at it. It really stresses me out, especially if I have to use more than one pot or pan for each thing...or have to get several things all done at the same time. I can do simple things like spaghetti, baked chicken, salads, soups, etc. I make an awesome roast, but that's thanks to the slow cooker and french onion soup mix. However, every once in a blue moon I get a Donna Reed inspiration, and feel like attempting something fancy.

I like to do it so he knows I care and want to make that extra effort for him. Of course there are usually a few hysterical fits to be heard from the kitchen, but whatever I make usually turns out ok.

In truth I would probably make more fancy things, but R is picky about what he eats. He doesn't care for broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, artichokes, seafood, capers, or anything foreign other than Mexican and Italian. All of those things I listed are things I love. So it presents a challenge.

The August issue of Victoria Magazine was their annual British issue. They had a recipe for Beef Wellington, and R loves both beef and I thought there it is...the perfect thing! Now I have to tell you, working with puff pastry terrifies me more than the thought of swimming with sharks.

I also had to make a beurre rouge sauce to go with it, which separates if you heat it too much, and horror of horrors, it has to be served immediately! Then of course on top of all that, I had to make a side dish which also had to be done at the same time. I was going to make Yorkshire Pudding to go with it, but we decided that would be a bit much and just settled for peas.

By some small miracle it all got done at the same time. When I served it, I waited nervously for him to take a bite and see what his reaction was. He liked it! It turned out great, and it looked nice too. Of course I have never had Beef Wellington before, so I don't really have a basis for comparison, but I think it was good.

As I was washing the mountain of pots and pans required to make it, I realized that maybe what made it taste so good was the love and effort I put into it by searching for something he would like and going outside my comfort zone to make it. I just hope he tasted that too.

Tonight though, we are having grilled lemon chicken and tablouli stuffed tomatoes, whether he likes it or not! *grins*

Hugs, K <3

Saturday, September 19, 2009

~*~ Berry Cubcake & Peppermint Cubcake ~*~

I have two new little cubcakes in red. One for Autumn and one for Christmas. You can visit them on the
Bears page of my website.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What Happens While You're Sleeping

I have a tendency to wonder about a lot of things. If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know this about me.

Tonight while I was sitting and working I got to wondering what exactly happens after I go to sleep. I wake up sometimes with odd things that I know I didn't have when I went to bed because my last act of every day is to have a bath before going to sleep.

A few mornings ago I woke up with the odd sensation that my arm hurt. I had a whole constellation of little red raised bumps on the underside. I know I didn't have them when I went to bed. Now I wouldn't have thought much of that since I am constantly breaking out in hives from allergic reactions, but all of these looked like little pimples, for lack of a better comparison, that had been squeezed too hard and bled a tad. (Sorry about the unattractive visual!) I have never had anything like that before. Nor did they go away like hives. They are healing, but I still have them.

Last year I woke up with double puncture marks on my leg in two places that looked like I had shot a staple into my thigh. The holes were about that far apart. They weren't raised or infected looking, just two holes. The following morning I woke up with another one. At this point I thought maybe a spider or something had found it's way into my bed and was biting me. The holes were a little far apart, and not sore but I changed the sheets anyway just in case. I woke up with more every morning for the next four mornings after that. I never did figure out how I got them.

I wake up with all sorts of strange cuts, scratches, bruises and bumps all the time. I go to bed after R goes to work, so it isn't anything he is doing. The dogs aren't permitted on the bed, so I have narrowed it down to two possibilities. Either the cats are taking their aggressions out on me while I sleep, or I sleepwalk. Or in a bit of weirder possibility these things are self inflicted, but I kind of doubt it. I don't exactly know how I would get staple marks without waking up, and I don't have a lot of guilt that would cause my subconscious to want me to do penance for something.

My money is on the cats...sure they look sweet and they are lovable when I am awake...but what are they doing while I am asleep and at their mercy? *Arches an eyebrow* Look at that pic, is she really sleeping with the dog...or plotting her revenge???

Of course I did sleepwalk regularly as a kid, so it's possible that I am doing it again.

So I find myself also wondering if this happens to anyone else? If you have cats? *Hums twilight zone theme and grins*

Hugs, K <3

***Disclaimer*** No cats were psychologically harmed in the making of this semi humorous post!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

~*~ Evangeline ~*~

My new girl is done, you can visit her on the Bears Page of my website.


Jealousy is a natural human emotion. We have all experienced it at certain times in our lives, and we all will experience it again in the future. It's a strange emotion though, because it's not something we ever consciously want to feel or try to feel like other emotions, but we do. It's also a wasted emotion because it never brings us any closer to the thing we are jealous over.

By and large however, I don't think I am really a jealous person. When someone has a great accomplishment or recognition in the bear world, I am pretty happy for them. I think accomplishments of that nature are a combination of hard work and a little luck, so I don't begrudge them that. I also look upon it as it having nothing to do with me or my work. I had a friend years ago that always felt that it should have been them that got the accolades instead of whoever actually got it. I never understood that line of thinking. I just figure when it's my turn it happens, and it has happened a few times. I am confident it will happen again too. Being an artist, success tends to go in waves. There is enough to go around for everyone who works hard, and eventually it pays off. When it runs it's course, you work that much harder and the cycle starts again.

In matters of the heart, when it comes to R, I am not jealous there either. He has never really given me any reason to be, but that's based out of love and trust. We have people flirt with us sometimes, but we don't reciprocate so it's all good.

I have felt those little twinges of jealousy on occasion over another woman who has a great figure or is younger than me. But it passes quite quickly and isn't something I dwell on or want to take drastic actions in the way of cosmetic surgery to fix. I was younger once and had a better figure and I am sure someone has looked at me and felt that same twinge at some point in the past. So again it balances out.

When I was a teenager, I used to think that being rich and powerful would be a great thing. I blame that line of thinking on being poor as a child and the TV show Dynasty that was popular at the time. They made being rich and powerful look pretty glamorous. As the years have rolled by I have lost any urge to be rich or powerful. Power of that type is entirely over rated. The allure of wealth only holds two appeals for me, I could donate more to charity and I could travel more. But even the latter is tarnished by the treatment of airlines these days, so the dream of seeing the world has diminished as well due to the hassle and disrespect you receive from companies that should look upon you as a customer instead of an inconvenience. Let's face it, they pretty much hold you hostage from the moment you get the ticket these days and you're at their mercy. But I digress. I have nearly everything I really want or need, so I don't need vast amounts of wealth.

I don't buy designer labels, but that's ok. I still enjoy a little fashion and I don't need to spend a kings ransom to get a sewn in label. But that's not to say I don't have things I would like to have. I would really like to have a genuine english carpet bag. I would like to see Sri Lanka and Scotland and of course Paris. I wouldn't mind having a personal trainer. But those are just little whimsical desires that I can live without.

For quite a few years the one thing I have truly been wanting is a Mini Cooper. I have never had a brand new car. My Sonata was nearly new, but not quite. It had been a lease for a year before I got it. I have had it for nine years now, and I have to say it's been an amazing car that has needed very little work. Especially considering how many times I have driven it across country to shows. But deep in my heart I still dream of owning a brand new Mini Cooper. They are just so darn cute!

My sister in law called today to tell me she got one...a convertible which she was driving around with the top down. We knew she was probably going to get one. Her boss bought it for her as a company car. I know R thinks I am just green with jealously over it. He was being ornery and teased me when we first found out that she was getting it, and said that he would let me go visit her in Phoenix so I could drive it. He doesn't read my blog, so he will probably continue to think that I am just green with jealousy. I did have that fleeting moment of envy because I am human, but really I am very happy for her. She has had a rough time in other areas of her life lately and so I think she deserved to have something nice.

While I was dressing up the new bear I made tonight I thought about that. I wondered why I wasn't jealous, or if maybe I really was jealous and trying to convince myself I wasn't. But after some soul searching under a self imposed spotlight I realized that I am just not. I don't know why I am not. I don't think anyone would fault me too hard if I was. The only thing I could come up with is that my life is pretty darn good, so even if I never get my Mini's still complete just the way it is. Who knows, maybe now that they are saying the recession is over I will sell more bears and be able to get myself one someday. But if I never do, it's ok.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Creepy Cute

I love Halloween. I like carving pumpkins, I like a good haunted house story with mummies and werewolves and vampires...oh my! But I don't like gory or macabre stuff. I pretty much like the Hallmark version of Halloween. But every once in a while I don't mind something that is "creepy cute."

I went to run a bunch of errands and pick up salads from Target for dinner. While I have an intense dislike of K-mart and Walmart, and only go to those if I absolutely have to...I truly love Target. I used to work for them when I was 17 and they are a good company. They also have things that are a cut above the usual discount store fare, and frequently get designers and unusual brands to do exclusives for them.

They had gotten all of their Halloween stuff out, so naturally since I love holidays and decorating, I had to go have a look. This year they have a small selection of Skelanimals items. I fell prey to the wiles of a "Kit" the cat key chain/purse charm. They also had a spider, puppy, owl (which was equally adorable) and bat. I hadn't actually heard of Skelanimals before, but they are definitely a little creepy and a whole lot cute!

I just wanted to share this, because they looked like they were going fast already and I know that deep in the hearts of many adult bear artists and collectors lies a 15 year old who loves stuff like this! Kit is going to adorn my very fancy adult purse with pride this season...and I don't care what anyone thinks about it. *Giggles*

Hugs, K <3

Don't Step On A Crack...

Remember when you were a kid, and there was the saying "Don't step on a crack or you'll break your Mother's back!" I don't know if kids still say that, but this afternoon if I had stepped on a crack, I would have broken a back. Although it wouldn't have been my Mothers.

When I step off of my porch a sidewalk like walkway leads to the left and meets the driveway. Where the two meet isn't quite level, with the walkway being about an inch lower.

This afternoon I went out to get the mail. On the way back I nearly stepped on the crack between the two when it registered in my brain that it was darker than it should be. I sidestepped quickly thinking it was a stick or something and I didn't want to fall down. I am a little clumsy sometimes, and prone to spraining ankles and breaking toes.

After I recovered I turned to pick up the stick, but discovered in fact it wasn't a stick at all. Instead it was a ramrod straight garden snake, spanning the walkway perfectly. Of course it's always a little shocking to see a snake when you're not expecting it and I let out a shriek since I was bent over halfway by the time I realized what it was.

I ran back inside feeling some perverse need to take a picture of it. I grabbed the camera and ran back outside. It was gone. I was a little disconcerted because I didn't know garden snakes could move that fast.

The mailman was extremely late today so I had to go check about three times before he finally came. Talk about paranoia, I was looking very carefully where I stepped. The only thing worse than seeing a snake is knowing one is around and not knowing where it is.

I also had to go out to the garage several times today, and I was walking cautiously in there as well. We have had several snakes in there before, and with the rapidity that it vanished combined with the close proximity to the garage door I had to wonder if he had gone inside.

I have a love/hate relationship with the garter snakes that move in every year. They are sort of creepy looking; dark green with two parallel yellow stripes running down their backs and they always surprise me in an unpleasant way. Not to mention that they will coil up and bite if they feel threatened. Their bites will cause itching, swelling and redness. But they also keep the mice population down.

It's my fault that the mice and the snakes both come to my house. I have a very large bird feeder outside my window that hangs above a forest of apple mint. The birds knock the seeds into the mint, the mice move into this lovely secluded retreat to eat the seeds that fall, and the snakes are drawn to the mice.

So every year we have to catch and relocate some of the snakes to a nice field not far away with all the amenities they like. My Mother says I should just kill them, but I don't like to kill anything really. I know snakes aren't cute and cuddly and people have tendencies to kill things more easily that aren't cute. But it's not the snakes fault it's a snake and not a puppy.

Plus snakes don't come in the house when it gets colder (at least not so far and I sincerely hope it stays that way) and mice do, so it does me a service while it's here.

Still though creepy crawlies aren't really my thing...and I will be watching the cracks I step on for a while to come!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Inspiration: Giving The Heart Wings

My favorite shape has always been a heart. I suppose it could be because I have always been a hopeless romantic. Adding wings to a heart to me represents freedom to love what you want and express it with wild abandon. It represents an elation that cannot be described with mere words. Lastly, it represents being able to share that freedom, wild abandon and elation with others. That's why it's been my logo for many years now, I am fortunate enough to have a job that I love with wild abandon and fills me with elation every time someone sees a bear and is filled with delight. I like a winged heart so much, that I have one tattooed on my ankle. While my winged heart logo has undergone some cosmetic changes over the years and will probably undergo more, the meaning behind it has never changed.

In that spirit, last January I created my Works Of Heart Blog Award. When I did it, I felt like passing along a little recognition because it makes people happy and I don't think ordinary people always get enough recognition the way public figures do. But in truth, I did it on a whim, passed it out to a few people and then got busy and pretty much forgot about it.

Tonight I got to thinking about it, and did a little internet searching to see what might turn up. Much to my surprise, it's still out there being passed around...a lot! I found some blogs who wrote such nice things about the people they received the award from.

They say there is no such thing as a selfless act, and I believe that's true. Tonight when I saw the things that were said by others about the people who gave them the award it made me feel good to know that I was in a small way instrumental in that. I like that feeling, I am sure you would like it too.

So to perpetuate that feeling, I would like to give every single one of my blog readers this award. (Not just my followers, I know some of you are shy and read anonymously.)

The Works Of Heart award is for people who put their heart and soul into their work, their words and/or their kindness to others. There are no stipulations or rules about how many people can receive it, or any other criteria. You don't have to post that you took it, or link it back to my blog. Just save it to your hard drive and pass it out as much as or as little as you would like.

I know in my heart that each and every one of you out there deserves it, and I know that you know others who deserve it as well. So please...take it, display it proudly...pass it on...and give your own heart wings by making someone else happy for getting a little recognition they deserve.

Hugs, K <3

Friday, September 11, 2009

What Bears Are Made Of ~ It's Not Just Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice!

I had a post I was going to make today about another topic, but a comment I received two posts ago made me realize it's time for an informatory post on the types of materials I use and what goes into making a bear.

I have two teddy bears that belonged to my Father when he was a kid. They are still in excellent condition despite being played with for two generations. When I embarked on bear making as a career I knew right away that I wanted to make something that would withstand the trials of life and tests of time the same way these two guys have. I am really detail oriented and just flat out picky about how I do things. I could never take on any assistants because they would never do the work to my standards and they would end up hating me as an employer.

I have one bear, Phineas Edgewater...Edgy for short, (shown above) that I made and kept that has been traveling the world with me doing shows for many many years. He has had a well loved but tough life and the dubious honor of being my crash test dummy so to speak...just don't let him hear you call him that! He has been stuffed into carry on luggage, gone through the x-ray machine so many times he should glow at night, bumped around in back seats, been carried all over, and gotten attention and hugs from friends and strangers alike. The only thing that has ever happened to him is that one of his thread claws caught on something and got pulled loose. I was able to fix it of course...but when that happened, I set about figuring out a way for this to (hopefully) never happen to any of them again.

Some years ago a major company approached me to do designs for them. (No it wasn't Boyds, this was before them.) While the money would have been good, I turned them down because I knew seeing my patterns manufactured overseas and made of lesser grade materials in stores would drive me nuts. I would be critiquing faces and assembly, picking fur out of seams and straightening bows every time I saw one.

The most common material for jointed artist teddy bears to be made from is mohair. Back in those days however, there were no suppliers in this country. So if I wanted to get mohair it meant scouring antique shops and secondhand stores. Army jackets used to be lined with mohair, furniture was upholstered in it, and carriage lap robes used to be made of it. Even theater seats were made out of it sometimes.

But what is mohair and where does it come from? Mohair is sheared from angora goats, and then woven into a cotton backing. This type of mohair is only produced in a teeny tiny quantity in the US in Texas, but the majority of it comes from Germany and a little from England. It comes in a variety of colors, styles and lengths. In order for bear artists to use the highest quality mohair we have to get it through an importer. There are only two importers in the US. All of my supplies come from Edinburgh Imports. Mohair is incredibly expensive, and costs on the average about 200.00 a yard but can go up to 400.00 a yard. I even use a higher quality thread to assemble each piece.

I also occasionally use alpaca which is created in the same way, but comes from alpacas. There are also a lot of quality german synthetics, but I don't use those. I prefer to stick to traditional mohair.

Their paw pads are made from imported German wool felt. (This is also what I have used for the little bears in the previous posts, as well as any other felt I use on my pieces.) The difference between German wool felt and regular craft store felt is pretty much like apples and oranges. Craft store felt is not sturdy, and made of a synthetic. It costs about 25-50 cents a square. German wool felt is made of a combination of virgin wool and merino wool. It's finely felted, leaving it very smooth and thick and you don't see any light through it if you hold it up, unlike craft store felt. You can wash it, you can stitch it, you can turn the pieces, and in order to poke a hole in it you have to apply a good bit of pressure. It costs about 45.00 a yard. Craft store felt would not survive those things. I have noticed wool felt being offered in fabric stores now, but it's still no where near the quality of what I use.

All of my pieces have glass eyes, which is a large part of why they are collectibles and not for children. Glass eyes are hand blown with a wire loop to set them into the bear. The noses are done with pearl cotton which is purchased also from the importers, however this can be found in needlework shops.

Inside the bear, in order for it to have five way jointing like a doll(The head turns, and the arms and legs move) I use metal and hardboard or wood joints. Hardboard is used on the smaller pieces which also comes from the supplier. Wood, which I cut out with a drill and a hole saw is used on the bigger pieces. Actually R does that part for me now, but I used to do it myself before he came along. The metal parts are bought at a hardware store. There is no way for these to come apart without destroying the bear once they are assembled.

They are then stuffed with a combination of polyfil and plastic pellets to give them that wonderful feel everyone who sees me at a show comments on. I have been told many, many times they are so huggable. That is my goal! *Smiles* It's a shame you can't feel things and see the attention to detail when you buy them on the internet. Sadly photographs just can't tell the whole story.

Last but not least is the distressing process...however that is my secret. Hey a girl has to keep a little mystery right? I have developed techniques over the years that work for me. It's kind of a smoke and mirrors process to create something that looks stained and worn from years of being played with, but really isn't. I am extremely picky about things being hermetic, and I have worked very hard to create a well loved look that is sanitary and won't fade away or harm the mohair. You have to be careful what you apply to the mohair because certain things can erode the cotton backing over time.

When all of this is done, the bear is costumed, photographed and put out there for adoption. Many of their costume pieces are hand made as well.

The quality of supplies combined with all of the work that goes into each piece accounts for why they cost what they do. Despite that, I keep my prices on the lower end of the scale so that they are affordable.

While my works are meant as a collectibles, they are also assembled with the intention of lasting for many generations even if they are handled a great deal. No artisan can insure that nothing will ever go wrong, but I do my very best to try to make sure they are going to last for many years to come.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

~*~ Halloween Cubcake ~*~

I have made the first little cubcake that will be available. If you would like to visit him, he is available on the bears page of my website.

Something Simple

Maybe I can do simple afterall. I was looking at my gingerbread man pattern this afternoon and thought...hmmm...maybe I can turn this into a bear, and voila! I did!

I think it turned out pretty cute. Since it was derived from my gingerbread pattern, I needed a "sweet" name for the little guys. I finally settled on "Cubcakes." Button Cubcake is the prototype, but I have another one cut out already. You should be seeing the first one to be available very soon.

Hugs, Kelly <3

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~*~ Hexabelle ~*~

I have my first Halloween piece done, you can visit her on the animals page of my website.

Artistic Madness

I just sat down with a nice cup of tea before I go to bed. I think I am feeling a little frustrated this morning. If you follow my blog, then you know over the past year I have been struggling with trying to make something "simple."

Last night I got an inspiration and set aside the second goose I was working on to draw up a pattern. I used to have a bear artist friend who could whip up ten patterns a week. It was amazing, and I envied her ability. Being a perfectionist, pattern drafting takes me a while. When I drew my monkey pattern, it took me a month of working on it every day to get it just the way I wanted it. If you looked at the prototypes, you probably wouldn't have noticed the minuscule changes I made as I went along, but I saw them and that's what mattered. I only made three of them, because the pattern was so complicated that I haven't had the urge to make another one. Maybe some day.

So I finished this pattern and was pretty satisfied with the results. I went back to working on the goose, with the intention of trying the new pattern as soon as I was done with this piece. I left the pattern laying on my work table. I would periodically glance at it and my brain started working. That's where things generally tend to go wrong. I could just do this to make it better, and maybe change that. I thought about a pattern design I have had in the back of my head for a while and thought maybe I should do that instead. (The pattern in my head is by no means simple.)

Finally I picked up the pattern I had drawn and pitched it in the trash. I have no idea what the finished piece would have actually looked like. But I had talked myself out of it. I think I have finally realized that I can't do simple. I just can't. My brain won't allow it.

I see these absolutely adorable, sweet and simple little things people make and I think to myself...I wish I had made something like that. I like simple things, they have a certain innocence about them. R says I am my own worst critic, but sometimes I think I am also my own worst obstacle.

It's very hard to realign your thinking, when you're used to making complicated things. Oh well...I guess someone has to do it right?

Monday, September 7, 2009

~*~ Crispin The Gingerbread Man ~*~

I know it's a little early for Christmas, but I found this adorable sparkly basket and couldn't wait to use it. So I made a little folk arty gingerbread man. He is on the Trinkets page of my website if you would like to visit him.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

~*~ Soraya ~*~

I made a little goose with colors and foliage that reflect the transition from late Summer into Autumn. She is on the animals page of my website if you would like to visit her there.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Third And Final Post On The Subject Of Using Old Things In Art

Boy I haven't made this many posts in one day ever. But I wanted to segregate the three subjects because even though they are part of a whole topic, I felt they deserved separate posts on the aspects of each. So this post is dedicated to using every day vintage and antique items in our works.

Recently I saw a piece on someones blog that had been made using some really nice vintage cardboard pieces. I was dismayed to see that they had used a hole punch to make holes in order to string them together with ribbon. Looking at this piece I could think of three other ways off the top of my head to achieve the piece and the look they were going for, while easily preserving the integrity of the items that had withstood the test of time that had been incorporated into it.

Over the years I have used many vintage items with the bears and other pieces. I really love old things, they have a story and history. If I am going to use an authentic old item, I don't want to destroy that history, I want to add to the story. So I rarely take anything apart. (The rosary mentioned in my previous post wasn't that old.)

If I do take something apart, I will only do so if it's already falling apart. I have taken quite a few hats apart for the decorations on them, because straw will rot, felt gets terribly moth eaten, etc. But if the hat is in good shape I will use the whole thing on the bear. Even so I try to attach the pieces in a way that doesn't alter what I salvaged. I am not a big fan of glue. I rarely use it on new things let alone something old, unless there is no other way, and I NEVER glue anything directly to mohair.

It's not that difficult to take something new and distress it to make it look old to fit the continuity of what you're creating. So frequently that's what I do. I also make sure that it's clearly labeled as such so that the person purchasing it doesn't think they are getting something genuinely old. In the case of Delilah's roses on her bow and collar...a friend was looking at her after I completed her and asked where I found those fabulous vintage velvet roses. I explained that they were not vintage, they were from the bridal section of the craft shop, and I simply employed the techniques I have figured out over the years to give them that appearance.
(I also want to note that when making something look old, worn or dirty that what I use to create that effect is not dirty or unsanitary in any way.)

When I create something, I feel when using old items, it's my responsibility as an artist to preserve things for future generations to enjoy just the way I enjoy them now. I know it might be hard to imagine that a lot of thought needs to be put into the creation of a teddy bear, but I put a great deal of thought into every piece I make. As an artist, I it's not in my nature to destroy.

There are no rules in art, it's all subjective and about what you, the artist are willing to do, and what the person who purchases it is comfortable buying. Whatever you choose to do, I just urge you to think it through for a moment before you do it. Now I am done with this subject and I will be moving on tomorrow to something a little lighter.

I hope everyone who took the time to read all three of these posts has a lovely day, and I want to thank you for taking the time to read them. Hugs, Kelly <3

A Follow Up Post About Being Respectful

I want to do a follow up post to my last one from this morning. I am going to tell a little story. I realize that things of this nature can be a touchy subject...but that's ok because I think as adults we can handle touchy discussions once in a while. So here is my story:

About ten years ago or so, I was working on a very large wizard bear. I had hand soldered his staff with crystals, and he was wearing a velvet hooded cloak. He had a small leather pouch filled with wizardy type things, But I felt he was lacking something. I decided I wanted to put some beadwork on his cloak.

I didn't have just the right thing, so I went out looking for some beads. In those days what the craft shops had to offer was pretty basic. So I went to one of my favorite antique shops. They had just gotten several boxes of items from someone who had recently passed away. She had been quite a jewelry girl like myself.

I was digging through a box of her jewelry and down in the bottom I spied a necklace that had just the perfect beads on it. When I pulled it out however, it wasn't a necklace. It was a rosary.

I am not Catholic, I don't know all the ins and outs of rosaries, and it means nothing to me really. However, I understand that they are items of great importance to the person who owns them.

I have always believed it's important to respect the core beliefs of other people. Our system of morality and our religious beliefs are a very integral part of what makes us who we are. So I personally believe it's important to be respectful of those beliefs in others even if we don't agree with them or simply don't understand them. I respect the right of others to believe anything they want as long as no one is getting hurt, and I always hope they will do the same for me in return.

So I left the rosary sitting on my work table for a few days, unsure what to do. If I took it apart would I be desecrating another's faith? Finally I called a priest and asked them if it would be ok to take it apart. He told me that since the person was deceased their main blessed rosary would have been buried with them. Since this one had been given away by the family after they had passed on, it was fine to take it apart. So I went ahead and did it, but if I hadn't called him, I don't think I would have.

Now I know some of you reading this might think I was being silly and a little too cautious. But that's ok, it's just who I am. I guess I look upon these things as I would if I were an archaeologist. If I found religious relics, mummies, or skeletons from an ancient culture, I would be respectful of what they are and how I treated them. I don't think recent people and cultures deserve any less respect.

Conversely, I had a friend years ago who told me a story about another friend she had who made a cross out of Barbie arms and legs and had it above her bed. (She couldn't understand why she couldn't keep a boyfriend either...I think I might have an idea why. *Giggles*) Now while I find that bizarre and a tad creepy, it's not really offensive to me. I am sure some people might find it so, but it was just an expression of her art, and she is welcome to it. Barbie isn't a real person or a religious artifact though.

I am not saying you shouldn't use old photos, articles, or even Barbie limbs in your pieces. I just think it's important to think about what you're doing and the person they belonged to before you incorporate them into a piece. I am well aware not everyone shares this view...and I respect your right not to!

Using Old Photos In Art Respectfully

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I picked up several magazines today at the bookstore. One of them had quite a few altered art and mixed media pieces.

I love to look at that stuff even if I don't quite get it all the time. It's pretty common for people to use old photos in these genres. I certainly don't want to pan another artist's work, because art is in the eye of the beholder. I also want to make it clear that I love Halloween. That being said, something really struck me.

There was a Halloween piece that caught my attention. In this piece quite a few very old photos had been used. There really aren't any copy write laws concerning old photos of ordinary people. They were just pictures of mostly elderly people from about a hundred years ago. Of course back then it was common for people to not smile in photos so some of them looked a bit stern. Across one photo was stamped the word "witch." Below it read "they turn out at night some uncouth being." The woman in the photo really had nothing about her that said witch to me. She had kind but somewhat sad eyes, and her face reflected a life filled with hard work.

It struck me how utterly disrespectful this was to her memory. On rare occasion I will use an old photo with a bear or even in my blog header, but I am very careful about how I use such things. I think it's really important to remember that these aren't just clip art pictures. Behind those photos were real people. These were someones children, parents, spouses, grandparents and siblings. They had lives filled with joy and sadness, they worked hard, and if they made it to an elderly age that was an achievement in those days. I am sure most of them were good Christians because most people of the time were, who would have been offended to be called witch because it wasn't such a cavalier concept as it is now. One of my Grandmothers was Menonite, and if someone put the word witch on her picture she would be turning over in her grave because that would have been deeply offensive to her. Plus it really made me sad to see them called uncouth beings.

In a way I will be happy when this trend in art passes. I have seen too many antique and vintage things destroyed, and too many photos used in ways that I personally feel are disrespectful to the dead.

When we create art, it's an expression of ourselves, but when we incorporate the memory of someone else we're going beyond just ourselves...stop and think, is that how you would want to be used in a hundred years? What if someone put something on your grandmother's pic, your mother's pic or your pic that they or you would have found incredibly offensive at the time? I would really hate to see any ancestral pictures of my family used in this way, because they were lovely people who were definitely not uncouth. Just my two cents worth.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some Day's It Pays To Loiter

I had a terrible outbreak of hives this morning. So I took an allergy pill, went back to bed and slept really late. They make me sleepy. I woke up a little before 3, and crawled out of bed all blurry eyed and groggy. I couldn't conceive of going anywhere, but R is out of town which meant I had to forage for food.

Normally I order Chinese when he isn't home, because he doesn't like it, I love it, and I don't like to cook. I wasn't really in the mood for it today though. That meant I had to force myself to get out of the house.

I am not a huge fan of fast food, but I like Wendy's salads. However, I recently discovered that we had a Taco John's here. I loved Taco John's as a kid. At one point they closed them all down. Since I hadn't ever been to it, I looked it up on the map and set out. I thought after I would go to Barnes & Noble and see if they had the new Somerset Holiday's & Celebrations magazine in. It was supposed to be out yesterday.

I set out, and about 3 miles from home it started to rain. As it turned out Taco John's was nearly 9 miles away. I know that isn't far, but I had to drive in an area of town I don't usually go to, and am not familiar with. The streets are really eccentric over there and it was interesting getting there. When I finally saw it I still had a hard time actually getting to the parking lot entrance. By the time I pulled into the drive through, the sky had opened up and was dumping rain by the bucket full. The inside of my car and I got absolutely soaked despite the awning. Sadly it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be either.

From there I went on to Barnes & Noble. In an uncharacteristic moment of forgetfulness I couldn't remember the name, nor the author of the book I wanted to pick up. I also wanted to check out a particular cookbook I had heard reviewed. I thought I might have a Donna Reed moment and whip up something spectacular. The cookbook didn't have anything R and I would both eat. We have very different tastes. He is a meat and potato's guy, and I like seafood and veggies.

I headed over to the magazine section and didn't see the magazine I wanted. I know it's only the 2nd, and sometimes they take up to a week to make their way to Colorado after being released, but for some reason I couldn't process that it wasn't there. I wandered around the store and went back to check to make sure I hadn't missed it.

I still didn't see it, but I did find Martha Stewart's Halloween issue. Nobody does Halloween like Martha! So I grabbed that and a couple other magazines. My brain was still rejecting the idea that the one I wanted wasn't there. I am not sure why. I stood there staring so long, that I noticed a guy sitting in a chair covertly watching me. He was probably wondering if there was something wrong with me.

I wandered off around the store again. I just couldn't quite bring myself to leave. After another round through the store I made a third visit to the magazine section. Low and behold...someone had brought out a cart of magazines. On the bottom shelf I saw the edge of one sticking out, it was a deep coral color, and I just KNEW that had to be it. I don't even know why I knew that one was the one. I had no idea what the cover looked like. I looked around for an employee because I am never sure if you are supposed to take things off the cart or not. I couldn't find one and finally reached down and grabbed it. Eureka! It was the one I wanted. By this time the guy in the chair was openly staring at me.

While I guess wasn't actually loitering per se', it does pay to be patient sometimes because the late sleeping bird gets the worm too! I am going to go look at my magazines now!

Hugs, K <3

~*~ Delilah Rose ~*~

Here is my new 16" girl! I managed to get her photographed despite sitting outside this afternoon. You can visit her on the bears page of my website.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Blues

Today I am typing to you from my back deck. It's 84 degrees and absolutely beautiful out, even with the haze finally reaching us from the California fires. My heart goes out to those people. This seems to happen to them every year.

The first of September always makes me feel a little melancholy. It signifies the ending of summer, which is my favorite season. This year is even worse, because we had so much rain that we barely had any summer. I don't think we have even had a month's worth of sunny days, so I feel a little cheated.

I finished the bear I was working on, and it's waiting to get costumed. I could have done it and photographed it this afternoon, but I wanted to take advantage of the day instead. You will see the bear by tomorrow I am sure.

The next upcoming projects are going to be a Halloween and Christmas pieces. (And maybe something else as well.) This is part of why September gives me the blues. While I love summer, when we get along to this time of year I have to start thinking about the holidays. That tends to put me in the mood for them too. So I kind of go directly from summer to a holiday mood a little too soon, and I get impatient for them. But nothing really happens after the first part of September so I feel like I am in a holding pattern. I have an ad due in a few weeks and it's for the Christmas issue of the magazine, so I have to think about that as well.

Next weekend will be fun though. I am dragging R off to Littleton for A Paris Street Market. I have not been to it before, so I am excited to see what sort of treasures they will have. Then of course every year we have the Balloon Classic, and I am sure we will get up to go watch them take off if the weather is good. That's always fun and the only day of the year I ever eat funnel cake. I have never entirely decided if I like it or not.

For now though...I hope summer sticks around just a little bit longer! I am going to go play frisbee with my puppies!

Hugs, K <3
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