Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sometimes I get an overwhelming feeling when I see a book or a movie or even a person. The feeling is that I KNOW I want to read it, or see it or know them. On the rare occasions that I get those feelings they never prove me wrong.

I remember years ago I was in a Target store and I saw an employee putting out a new book. I rarely buy hardback books unless it's something I have really been waiting for, like the new Steve Alten and James Rollins novels that just came out. I had to shell out the cash for the hard back versions of those because I couldn't wait for paperback. But this particular hard back book really gave me that "vibe" when I saw it. I asked the girl if she knew anything about the book. She said it was a new author but she didn't know anything else.

I had a lot of shopping to do and I didn't really want to splurge 25 bucks on a book right then, so I walked on past. By the time I was finally done shopping I knew I had to go back and pick it up.

I started reading the book that night. I couldn't put it down. It was so good. I read the whole thing in a couple days. That book turned out to be the very first Harry Potter book. Of course a short time later it became a sensation.

A few months ago I saw an advertisement for the movie "Up" and I knew I wanted to go see it because I got that feeling. I finally made it tonight. While the movie certainly didn't get the acclaim that Harry Potter has, it was one of the most charming movies I have seen in ages. The plot line was pretty unique, and it had a really sweet ending. It definitely is not a movie just for kids. If you haven't seen it, go see it before it leaves the theaters. It's well worth the money and you won't be sorry!

The Golden Age

I keep having all these lovely little topics I want to post about, and tonight is no different. I was going to tell a cute story about one of my cats. But as usual I have been reading and thinking and when I do that I make those posts instead that no one comments on. I am not sure if people just don't know what to make of them and prefer not to look directly at them or me, or if they glaze over and don't read them, much like R when I tell him these things. But my mind chooses to work the way it does and I am sure there is a reason for it. So on with the post...

The other day when I was letting the chiropractor work his sadistic machinations on me, he told me I have "an old soul." This is something that people tell me with amazing frequency. I have to level with you, I don't know what they mean when they say that exactly. I have even less of an idea why people keep saying it to me.

Once in a while though I think perhaps they might be right. I don't buy into reincarnation for the simple fact that the numbers don't add up for me. On the other hand I don't want to rule out the possibility because I just don't know. But sometimes I have knowledge on things I don't really think I should have. I can't say where it come from. Maybe we all have it and it's just coded into our DNA, but not everyone chooses to sort through the old dusty pages to seek it out.

Years ago I read an article by a man whose name I don't recall, but his theory was that the culmination of intelligence and technology isn't a straight uphill line the way we seem to believe. Instead that the line goes up and down hills in a wave pattern. When I read the article I was surprised because I had always thought that was true, although I can't say how I came to this conclusion.

Tonight I read another article, it echoed the one I had read years ago. It was pretty fascinating really. In the article the writer says that our consciousness and level of self awareness, intelligence, understanding and technology rises and falls. We have golden ages where we reach an apex and then we start the downhill descent into a dark age.

I think if we look back at history on a large scale this is pretty self evident. It's the nature of civilizations to grow smarter and more advanced and then decline into obscurity.

The article goes on to talk about periods of history where things like being psychic and having a greater sense of our energy and what we can accomplish with our minds is commonly accepted. At the end the writer quotes a verse from the Bible. He says that even Christ himself said "These things that I do, so shall you do also and greater things." to back that theory up. While that verse is taking slightly out of context an obscure thought popped into my head.

(This is the part coming up where you can either glaze over if you haven't already or you can start to wonder about my sanity. I am also fairly certain what I am about to type is heretical and possibly blasphemous. However it was just a weird wayward thought and in no way diminishes my faith or is trying to poke fun at anyone elses.)

But there is another type of proverbial Golden Age in history. There is are a couple very small windows of time over the course of history when all of our greatest spiritual leaders cropped up. Christ for those of us who are Christian, Buddha, Kukulcan, and a whole host of others. There have been other small windows previous to the ones we follow today where other gods cropped up in previous ancient cultures.

Believing in a higher power is the common thread among all races that have ever lived on this planet no matter how diverse they were in other ways. There is a common theme in most religions. Have a childlike faith, be good and treat people the way you want to be treated, be compassionate, well rounded in body and spirit and help those less fortunate. Another common theme is that most of these figures all promise in one way or another to return.

It is also prophesied in most of them that mankind will attain certain God like abilities before it's all said and done. So taking those bits of information and assembling like a puzzle, I had my wayward thought.

What if...just suppose for a moment...that possibly these people are from our future. If in our future we manage to achieve time travel. If that were the case, it would certainly be proof that they will indeed be (re)born and come again. It could also explain how they possessed accurate future knowledge of events that hadn't taken place yet, and how they had powers that were beyond the understanding of the time.

I know it's a far fetched notion. It's not something I seriously believe, it was just one of those wayward thoughts that cross my over crowded brain pan. I should keep these things to myself, because I know how people will react. But sometimes ya just have to put it out there because right or wrong, it's always good to make people think.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Strange Reaction

A few weeks ago I watched a show about a 45-50 million year old fossil they found of a little monkey. She was found in the Messel Pit in Germany which is sort of unique in that the things fossilized in it are incredibly well preserved. It had to do with the composition of the pit and the instant death and preservation of the things that got trapped in it.

When they gave the description of how the little monkey most likely died I felt that usual twinge of sympathy, compassion and sadness for a life lost, in my heart that I always feel when I hear someone or something dies. I suppose in this instance that might be kind of silly because the monkey died long before human beings were even around.

Most of us don't openly grieve over lives lost that we don't know personally, but we have that passing moment of emotion when we hear these things. I think that's very natural.

Yesterday I woke up and logged on and saw that Farrah Fawcett had passed away. Again I had that twinge in my heart. I felt that brief sympathy for those who loved her and lost her, and what they have to go through. I felt sad for her struggle with cancer and then I went on about my day.

I feel the same way over any life, famous or not when I hear of their passing. I think we feel these things because even though we don't know them, we share an existence on this planet. We also share the knowledge of what it's like to lose something we love and the knowledge that we, like every living thing shares the same end fate. We know how their families feel and we can sympathize. That little pang of compassion is part of what makes us human.

A few hours later I came back to the computer and saw that Michael Jackson had passed away as well. I had the oddest reaction to this news. Actually I should say I had the oddest lack of reaction. I didn't feel that twinge. I didn't feel anything. I don't understand why not? It makes me feel a little heartless. Why am able to feel sympathy for a monkey who died a millenia ago and not a man and his family who passed away yesterday? I was as much a fan of his in the 80's as anyone else. I believe his life was probably rather tragic. I think any life lost too early is sad regardless whether I don't know them at all or if I did and felt admiration, apathy or contempt for how they lived and who they were. So why don't I feel anything this time?

I have always been pretty self aware and I usually know why I feel and do the things I do, whether they are right or wrong. But this has me stumped.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Something's Got To Give

I had a fun little topic I was going to post about today, but I thought I should sort of give an update instead since I know many of you are waiting for new bears.

I think we have all heard the phrase one step forward and two steps back. I have always believed things like to happen in their own time, but this time it seems to be taking too long much to my chagrin. Right before we went to Barbados I had to go to the doc for my yearly check up and round of blood tests for my pills. I have an under active thyroid and PKD so they insist I get check ups. My doctor is not of the newer variety that likes to push pills, so when he suggested a diet pill I was rather surprised.

I am by no means a thin woman, but I am also not particularly unhealthy with the exception of a few little nagging issues like those mentioned above. However, I took his advice to heart...just not in the way he suggested. While I know the pills I take now are necessary, I am not on board with the notion that a pill is the answer to everything.

Instead R and I decided to join a gym, we had been talking about it anyway. I figured healthy exercise is far better than a pill. I belonged to a gym a few years ago and enjoyed going immensely. The only reason I stopped going was because they were having issues with the pool filter that never seemed to get fixed and I kept getting ear infections. Shortly after I had to have a hand surgery and never got around to joining another one.

The new gym is really amazing, it's brand new and has so many amenities you can't imagine. When we joined was the same time I got the kink in my neck, but I hadn't realized it wasn't going to go away on it's own yet.

I have been trying to alternate the gym with the chiropractor and this morning I woke up and discovered I was so sore I couldn't move. The gym is working new muscles that haven't been worked in a while. The chiropractor is using such intense acupressure that it left me covered in bruises.

Since my mental state wanted to join the fun, Basil, my cat had to have bladder surgery last week to remove 3 very large stones. A few days after the surgery he managed to jump and pull the internal sutures so we had to do it again. Naturally all of this was incredibly stressful from worrying about his well being and the accompanying bill so soon after having to get the new washing machine from the flood we had a couple weeks ago.

It may seem as if I am complaining or telling my tale of woe for sympathy. But I promise you I am not, it's just that the result of all of this is that the bear I cut out two weeks ago is still sitting on my machine in pieces. I either can't find the time to make him or I am too sore when I do. I figured you should know what's going on and why there hasn't been anything new.

As I was laying in bed this morning with one cat on my stomach and another howling from the cage he has been relegated to until he heals a bit, willing my muscles to move and discovering the harsh reality that I am not super woman but just a mere mortal afterall...I realized something has to give.

I always feel like someone put a cork in that creative place in my soul when I cannot work for so long. I cancelled tomorrows chiropractic appointment, told the vet I would bring Basil for his checkup on Monday not Saturday, and put off the gym for today. I am going to make a store run, then relax this evening and not abuse myself, then tomorrow I am going to devote myself to that bear.

So I apologize to those of you who have been patiently waiting...they are coming, soon...very soon...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Winning The War

I've always believed it's important to pick and choose your battles. However we sometimes get dragged into skirmishes we would rather not be involved in. I have been raging war for the past decade with the same enemy. This morning I scored a giant victory.

I am convinced that under my neighborhood has to be one of the largest ant metropolitan areas in the entire city. We moved into this house at the end of October, so our foe went unseen for a few months. Then Spring arrived and so did the never ending army.

The first couple years I fought to reclaim the garden area in front of the windows in the front yard. I finally succeeded in taking the hill so to speak when the reconverged in my bathroom wall.

One loose shower tile and we discovered thousands of ants behind it in the wall much to my horror. So R pulled down all the tile and replaced the drywall with concrete.

But they are persist ants, and they simply moved to the back yard. A whole variety of pet safe sprays and powders later they moved again.

This year my bathroom was plagued by sugar ants, but I did a search online and discovered that peppermint oil, which I just happened to have, is a great deterrent.

This morning I went outside to get the paper and put a letter in the box when I saw literally HUNDREDS of the nasty things building 6 different ant hills in the place where my driveway meets the garage floor.

Armed with a gallon of vinegar, which I also read they don't like, I poured it over all of them. Now I know that might seem merciless, but I am fairly certain that ants outnumber human beings 9 billion to one. I refuse to go quietly into the night...or in this case into the house. I noticed that the vinegar had brought the queens out and I know the best way to kill an ant colony is to kill the queen. So I sprinkled the ant powder I had left on top of the hills, and then just for good measure I sprayed the entire mess with Raid.

I know I am not alone in this fight, since I have seen hundreds of ant hills all over the neighborhood. I may not have won the war, but I have taken a small step for all people everywhere who can't escape the encroaching enemy. And some day....as God is my witness *assumes Scarlet O'Hara pose* I shall never have to fight another ant again!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Easy Job

Over the years I have had many people ask me if it's hard to make bears. I have always replied with the same response; nothing is hard if you know how to do it. That being said, there are also people along the way who have thought that I have an "easy" job. Making bears is definitely not an easy job.

People who make sweet little faces and furry limbs for any length of time suffer the consequences. Common ailments among bear artists are eye strain, migraines, insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, bone spurs, asthma, a whole host of muscle and joint issues, and even fibromyalgia. I have been inflicted with everything on the list except the last one.

A little over a week ago I cut out a bear. Thanks to my last ad in Teddy Bear & Friends nearly everything I had sold. So I need to replenish my stock before the next ad comes out. The next morning I intended to jump out of bed and make the bear I had cut out. I woke up with a kink in my neck. I have chronic neck issues, but usually it will crack and work itself out within 24 hours at the most.

Three days later, I couldn't even move my neck to the left, I had shooting pains in the back of my skull so severe I didn't want to yawn, cough or sneeze, pains in my jaw, teeth, collar bone and shoulder. I couldn't get to sleep without the aid of Tylenol PM. Still it wouldn't crack.

My doctor is highly against chiropractic care, but yesterday I hurt so badly doing nothing more than just sitting, and I was beyond the point of caring what his opinion was and got the yellow pages. After an hour's worth of acupressure, acupuncture, muscle stretching and one seriously good crack I am a little sore but I can move again.

This was the first time I had ever had acupuncture. I am not a big fan of needles but I read a few years ago why it works, so I gave him the go ahead to do it. I wish I had known years before why it works. I would have done it both to try to get pregnant and also after my shoulder surgery to speed up the healing process.

If you don't know why it works, I will tell you, it's a pretty simple concept. The needles applied barely under you skin stimulate your nerve endings bringing increased blood flow to that area. Increased blood flow always makes things heal faster and function better.

I think western medicine is very good, and it heals a great many people. However I don't think it's the only answer in every case. I am not really sure why so many doctors are against chiropractic care. I would rather be manipulated back into place than take a muscle relaxant.

I am going back for another session tomorrow, so hopefully I will have some new bears to share with the world very soon.

While it's certainly possible to love your job like I do, and it may not seem hard since I know my craft...I don't think any job that you put your heart and soul (and body) into is easy. If it was I am not sure it would be a job worth doing.

Life Before People

In the current accepted paradigm of history we were hunter/gatherers until the Egyptians came along and formed polite society with architecture, agriculture and things of that ilk. But every once in a while a tantalizing little piece of archaeology will pop up that seems to contradict that line of thinking. These things are usually shoved into a nook they don't really fit into with an explanation that doesn't work simply so we don't have to rewrite the history books, as in the case of Gobekli Tepe. Lets face it, humans are resistant to change even when it involves the past.

I like to watch a show that comes on The History Channel on Tuesday nights called "Life After People." The premise is that it shows what would happen to flora, fauna and the things that we left behind if we all suddenly vanished from this planet. It's sort of a redundant show because I cannot think of a single event that would erase 100% of humanity from the planet while leaving every other living thing and structure intact.

A few shows back they went as far as 10,000 years in the future. They said the only thing that would be left would be our stone monuments. Every other tiny bit of evidence of humanity would have broken down and been recycled back into the earth.

This kind of got me to thinking...if that's true, and it does make sense that it would be since mostly what we have of ancient cultures are stone and bone items...then what all from previous races living on this planet has been reabsorbed so to speak into the planet to be erased from the annals of history?

Perhaps civilization goes back much farther than we can even fathom. Imagine if there were people living in communities that hadn't discovered the great joy of erecting monolithic stone structures to leave their mark on the world yet. They could easily have vanished into the mists of a hazy history long forgotten by more recent societies.

Imagine the wonderous creations ancient cultures may have had. The thing about human beings is we don't really change much personality wise. We advance technologically, but we always liked making our lives easier with conveniences. We have always liked to gather together for fellowship and companionship. We have always loved, laughed and celebrated things. We have always had a fondness for ceremonies to affirm the big moments in our lives. Above all else we have always had a natural curiosity and inventive nature.

Of course I know any scientists or archaeologists who would read this would of course say I am wrong without so much as the bat of an eye...but if history has taught us nothing else, it's that when we are sure beyond all shadow of a doubt that something happened a certain way, we inevitably find out we are wrong.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Greatest Show On Earth

R would like to believe he is a very tough guy who rules our household with an iron fist. Neither thing is even remotely true. His guys at work would tell you he is a very tough but very fair boss however. He is a completely different guy at work.

I remember one time I wanted to get a new puppy. One of our dogs had passed away leaving only Buster and Chyna. Chyna came to our house after being raised in a kennel for six months and she never learned to play. Buster was very frustrated because his buddy was gone and he had no one to play with. Chyna was frustrated because he kept trying to play with her and she thought that was really annoying.

We had gone to lunch in Denver and I said I would like to get a playmate for Buster. R said no, absolutely not. 3 hours later we were driving home with a little white scrap of fur. *grins*

We had taken that same little scrap of fur to get a new collar about two years later when I saw Gypsy in the pet store. I really wasn't looking for a new cat but I just fell in love with her, and R said you absolutely cannot have another cat. We left the store and drove the mile home, halfway there he said ok we will drop Jazzy off and get the cat carrier. Now keep in mind that I didn't even bug him about these things, he just has a soft spot for animals and me.

About a month ago there was an advertisement on TV for the Ringling Bros circus. I said I wanted to go, and he naturally said why? I asked him if he wanted to go and he said no. I have been in the mood to drag him around to go see and do things.

The circus was Saturday night and we had a wonderful time. He really enjoyed it too. *grins again* I especially liked the elephants. I know people say it's cruel to have animals in the circus but honestly they seem to really enjoy it. I remember seeing an elephant playing at the zoo. He had a 50 gallon barrel he was throwing around and chasing like a dog toy. Elephants like attention, they like to put on a show and they seemed pretty well cared for. There were so many things to look at, that it was almost overwhelming. It was a great source of inspiration too.

I tried to get some pics but most of them turned out partially blurry because so many things were constantly going on. I did get a couple pics of the elephants that aren't too bad, but the lighting wasn't that great so I will post them, but keep in mind they aren't my best photos.

If you were like us and hadn't been to the circus in a while, I highly recommend going. It was a really fun evening and a great way to embrace your inner child!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Plowing The Furrows Of Time

I have a little furrow right between my eyebrows. When I see it, it represents plowing the field with concern over loved ones, squinting from sun sensitivity, concentration on what I am making and years of deep thoughts and theories.

I am going to be 46 years old next month and everyone tells me I don't look that old. I don't know, I am not sure what that old is supposed to look like anymore. I don't feel that old...I don't think. I suppose I could get Botox to erase that little furrow and the other lines and wrinkles I am slowly developing, but I am not sure why I would. Now that's not to say I don't have a problem with aging. I think every woman feels her mortality when she looks in the mirror and sees those little lines. I realize I am not 22 anymore and I never will be again. Of course there are days when I would love to have that face and body back. That's human nature and we live in a society that is geared towards youth and beauty.

But here is the thing...now think really hard. What does the forehead of each person you know look like? Do you know? I don't. I have no idea what kind of lines the people I know have in their foreheads. I don't look at them that way. In fact I can only think what one person's forehead looks like. That forehead belongs to Candace Bergen. I think she is a beautiful woman. She always has been and still is. But I saw her in the last episode of "Boston Legal" and I thought how incongruous her face looked. Her forehead was smooth...unnaturally so, and the rest of her face reflected a woman who has lived her life. It didn't make her look any younger. I don't think a few lines would have made her look any older or detracted from her beauty either.

Botox scares me anyway. I have a feeling in 20 years a lot of people are going to be walking around with foreheads full of cancer. Botox is not a healthy thing for the human body to process. I recently read that people are injecting it into their armpits now so they don't sweat. I thought perspiring was a needed body function?

I don't know what the obsession with trying to have a smooth forehead is. While I am willing to use creams and stay out of the sun for the most part, I am not willing to inject, cut, slice or dice on my face. I am going to age and wrinkle and I may not like it, but it's ok. I intend to wear my barnacles of age with pride, because I don't see a need to change it. I earned those lines, and I am going to let nature take it's course and give me the character I have earned from years of living my life.

Monday, June 8, 2009

An Interview

My excitement yesterday was that I was invited to do an interview on WhoHub.com by Elsa Wide. If you have any interest in reading it you can do that here:

Click here to read it!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Placebo Effect Of Good Luck Charms

How did you wake up yesterday morning? Did you jump right out of bed and embrace the sunrise or did you hang on to your pillow and hit the snooze alarm several times, only to finally crawl from the warmth of your bed groggily into another day?

What happened after you got up? Was it a good day? Were you feeling lucky? Maybe you wished you had stayed in bed because things didn't go so well?

The other night my friend and I were having one of those meandering discussions covering a myriad of topics and somehow we got onto the subject of good luck charms. We have all had something at some point we considered to bring us good luck, whether we took it very seriously or not is another story.

What makes something lucky though? Is it just superstition? It is said that we create our own luck. I think that's true. I think it all comes down to a placebo effect and a self imposed power of suggestion. If we believe something is lucky it will be because we are pouring our positive thoughts and energy into that notion. In fact the item is most likely inert and is just a tool that helps us believe in ourselves and allows us to succeed. Therefore any item under the sun could be lucky if you believe it is.

We all need something to believe in. Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting you replace religion, family or your sense of self worth with a rabbits foot. But sometimes we all need that little something extra.

I have a lucky coin. It's a Disneyland game token. It has a nice picture of Mickey on one side and the castle on the other. Every time I get scratch cards, if I use that coin to scratch them off I win. Sure it's silly, but it works. Because somewhere in murky depths of my brain the logic is...the coin came from the "Magic Kingdom" so therefore it carries some magic with it. But in truth it works because I believe I will win so I have focused my postive thoughts on that. Energy attracts like energy. Basic physics.

Tonight I watched yet another show where scientists predict our gruesome future filled with famine, drought, plagues and pestilence of all sorts leading to our eventual end. Every time I watch one of these shows I find myself wondering why they keep putting them on TV? Why are we so obsessed with the end of humanity and the world as we know it?

It's not that I have deluded myself into thinking we are never going to run out of natural resources or that we can't have bad things happen if we don't change. No, the reason I keep wondering why they put this stuff on TV is because I am afraid if they keep hammering this notion into people they are going to make it happen. These dire warnings constantly tossed out by the scientific community are very negative in their presentation. They are focusing their energy and slowly but surely ours into thinking we are doomed. So much for feeling lucky huh?

I don't understand why they can't present it in a positive way. Instead of saying what can happen, why not say what we can do to keep it from happening. Give people ideas. Give them hope. Give them something to believe in. In the show I watched, they spent 1 hour and 48 minutes telling us the dire things that will come to pass and 12 vague minutes telling us how we might be able to change it. If you ask me that's pretty flawed.

If you asked most scientists about your lucky charm, they would scoff at you for believing in superstitious nonsense. Maybe that's the problem, maybe these people who are supposed to be using their brains for the good of humanity are a little too serious. Maybe they could use something to believe in other than facts and figures so that they can believe in themselves a little more. So they can pour their positive thoughts into helping us all believe that we will survive because as human beings we are resilient and have a huge self preservation drive.

Maybe scientists should just pause to accept the magic of a four leaf clover or a lucky cap instead of telling us when there won't be any more of those things. Maybe the placebo effect would work it's magic on them the way it does on the rest of us, because in our innocent, superstitious ways we believe we will survive. And if we believe it, I think we will be able to bring that luck to us all.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Have Been Tagged!

Yup I have been tagged again. This time by Nascar Nana. So here we go...keep in mind these are in no particular order of importance.

8 is Great is the name of the Tagging game. These are the rules,if you would like to play:

1.Mention the name of the person who tagged you.

2.Do the lists of 8

3.Tag 8 bloggers of your choice.

4.Let said bloggers know they have been tagged!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. The rainy season to end and real summer to begin!

2. The Circus, I am going a week from Saturday.

3. Saturday morning breakfast, I am having lemon buttermilk pancakes.

4. Making new bears.

5. The carpet to finish drying from the flood.

6. Sleep. I am going as soon as I do this.

7. Reading the next chapter in my book. I am reading "Amazonia" by James Rollins. Also starting the next book I have lined up. "Hells Aquarium" By Steve Alten.

8. R coming home tomorrow. He was gone tonight.

8 Things I did Yesterday:

1. Finished laundry.

2. Talked to my Mom on the computer.

3. Talked to R and C on the phone.

4. Ordered chinese take out.

5. Spent too much time watching TV and playing a game instead of what I should have done.

6. Didn't sleep long enough.

7. Went to the store.

8. Plucked my eyebrows.

8 Things I Wish I could Do
1. Sing.

2. See the entire world.

3. Find something new that no one has ever seen before.

4. Create something truly unique.

5. Lose ten pounds.

6. Find homes for every person who is homeless.

7. Lose ten more pounds.

8. Have children.

8 Shows I Watch

1. Big Bang Theory.

2. Lost.

3. Psych.

4. Primeval.

5. Expedition: Africa.

6. Days Of Our Lives.

7. Monsterquest.

8. Even though I am ashamed to admit it....I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

8 Bloggers Tagged

1. These will be added tomorrow because I am too sleepy and my eyes are watering.








Monday, June 1, 2009

When It Rains It Floods

Two hydrogen molecules bonded with one oxygen molecule. It doesn't sound very complex does it. And yet...it is. Water is one of the most intriguing elements on earth.

In a glass it can be inert, in nature it can be a force to be reckoned with. It can be soothing if you take a hot relaxing bath after a long day. It can help you stay in shape if you swim in it. Living things have to drink it in order to survive, and yet it has the power to wreak havoc, destroy and kill. It covers over 70% of our planet.

This afternoon it covered 50 % of my family room and 100% of my bathroom and laundry room.

It was such a strange thing really. I had been doing laundry all day. I had just started a load of towels. I went to the computer to do some work and had the window open listening to the gentle rain fall while I typed. I also heard the washing machine running, but it's one of those sounds you don't really pay attention to because you're so used to it.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw motion and Rizzo jump. I thought she had found a bug or something. It took me a second to realize I was looking at swirling water on my tile floor.

I immediately ran to the washer and tried to turn the knobs that shut the water off but it wasn't working. The water was deep enough to cover my toes and I panicked. I called R who could barely understand what I was saying. Naturally these things only happen when he isn't home, and he was stuck in a traffic jam south of Denver. He told me how to shut off all the water for the house.

Then the fun really began. I tried to get one of the wet/dry vacs in the house from the garage and down the stairs, but akin to the troubles of Goldilocks...the first one was too big and I couldn't lift it. I managed to get the smaller one inside but it was too small to do much good. I did get the bulk of the standing water up with it, but the rugs were soaked. (These are big rugs.) I had to keep emptying it and it didn't seem to suck up much water. As it turned out R had forgot to tell me I should remove the inside filter first.

So I decided to make a second attempt to get the big one inside. After much huffing and puffing (we are switching fairy tales here) I managed to get it in the house and down the stairs only to discover that it had about 6 inches of dirt inside it from R cleaning the garage.

Dust, dirt and water aren't really the best situations for a woman who has reactionary asthma. At this point R was nearly home so I admitted defeat and left the rest for him.

After about an hour of cleaning he had it all up. Only one thing got ruined for which I am very happy. Tomorrow we are going to go get a new washing machine. Apparently the timer went out on this one. Now all I have to do is finish cleaning up the bigger mess...the one left by R, who like all plumbers manages to make things more dirty in the process of cleaning up.
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