Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ghost Hunters

Happy Halloween everyone! I know it's been a while since I posted, but I have had terrible sinus headaches all week from the weather, and the thought of looking at the bright screen didn't enthuse me too much.

If you read my Valentines Day Post, then you know we went to Briarhurst Manor for dinner. I will quote part of the post so you know how this is relevant to Halloween:

"Briarhurst Manor is this beautiful Victorian mansion, and it's going to be featured on an upcoming episode of Ghost Hunters. I don't know if they found anything, but I did notice that they are now offering haunted tours so I am going to guess they did. About halfway through dinner I caught my hair on something and it really yanked it. In fact I let out an audible "ouch." I looked to see what it had caught on, and couldn't figure out since the back of the chair was completely smooth and there was nothing else for it to get caught on. R was teasing me that a ghost pulled it! Of course I don't think that was it, but it was funny."

Briarhurst contacted me and put what I said on their website under ghost stories.

Last Wednesday Ghost Hunters aired the episode that showed where they did indeed visit Briarhurst! About 30-35 minutes into the show Grant was sitting in the same spot at the table where I was and mentioned "this is where the lady had her hair pulled." That was me! So that was kind of cool in a weird way, especially since it's right before Halloween.

I am still not convinced it was a ghost, but I can't say what it was since I never found anything that would have pulled my hair.

We finally have a nice day in Colorado, and the kiddies should be out in full force tonight. We will be decorating the yard and porch since it was too snowy earlier in the week. We will also be carving pumpkins, and passing out candy. Other than that, I have no other plans for the day. But it's always fun to see the kids in their costumes. I always wear a witch costume and they seem to like that.

I hope you all have a frightfully good Halloween, and don't eat too much candy!

Hugs, K <3

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Night Of January 16th ~ A Blog Mystery Give Away

This is crazy far off yet, but I wanted to announce it early so I can link the details on my website.

On January 16th I will be giving away a mohair bear..but being the ornery little dickens I am, I am going to make you work for it. (I will post a picture of the bear later.) I wanted to do something a little fun and different with it. So this is how it will work:

On January 2nd I will post a mystery about a vanished bear on my blog. You will have 2 weeks to figure out which suspect did it. You can also speculate on the motive.

Clues will be posted on my website.

An extra clue will be provided via my monthly newsletter for anyone who is signed up for that. (You can sign up on the details page of my website.)

Anyone who guesses the right suspect from the list will be entered. Anyone who guesses the motive as well as the correct suspect will be entered 4 times.

Posts will be kept hidden so you won't be influenced by other people's guesses.

On the night of January 16th a winner will be chosen from the people with the correct guesses by randomizer.

Good Luck!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Madness

Normally I try to make my Monday Love or Inspiration post, but today...while I am filled with inspiration, it's not the normal kind. I am definitely riding a small wave of madness. Last week was trying to say the least.

I had asked the doctor if I could go off of my hormone replacement pills since the surgery was several years ago and I felt that the menopause I was thrust into had passed. He said no, that I should stay on them for another year or two, but when do I ever listen to what anyone says? So I decided to compromise, I have been taking them every other day. I am sure he would yell at me for it, but he isn't here now is he? >=} As a result of this, I have been on a little bit of a mood roller's not nearly as bad as it was in the beginning, but I have been a bit off. I am sure my posts may have reflected that.

Also I woke up the other morning with three sore spots on my forehead. Later I noticed I have a blue-ish purple line running vertically down one of the sore spots. It looks and feels for all the world like I ran into something, but I know I didn't. I can't imagine what happened. I still swear those cats of mine abuse me when I am sleeping.

Then I had the bear buying issues, but somehow that post vanished. I don't know where it went. *Shrugs* The internet isn't a perfect science.

Of course I still have eating issues from my gums. So I guess no one can blame me too much if I am a little crazed.

I have also been trying to clean the work room. It's coming along, but I have about 12 times as much stuff in there as the room should really accommodate. I am a master at organizing and stashing it, but there are days when I open the closet that I fear for my life a little.

Having the accumulation of the ages in there has in fact inspired me. I am working on designing a new pattern for another animal or two that will work with some of these wonderful treasures I have.

As I have said before pattern drafting is not my strong suit and I always...ALWAYS make myself crazy when I do it. I want it to be perfect. In fact I always want everything to be perfect, which is in direct contrast to the love of making things that look old and worn. Whew~ It's no wonder I drive myself batty some days, hormones aside.

So wish me luck and sanity and a few days I will have a new little something to show you. In the mean time I am also working on my little Christmas bear, so he should be along in the next day or two as well.

May you all have an inspired week...even if, like me, your inspiration just comes from cleaning!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

~*~ Chipper Chirps ~*~

I got the first of my two new pieces completed. You may visit Chipper on the animals page of my website.

Ginger Is Having A Give Away!

Ginger is having a give away of the most adorable, precious little thing ever! Isn't she generous! I saw it and fell in love. To have a chance at winning, head on over to Bearbits and enter! Read the rest of her blog too, she is a lovely person and makes very fun posts! Good luck!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Playing Catch Up

The last few days I haven't gotten a whole lot done. I blame Dan Brown and my inability to put his newest book down. He writes such fun intellectual fluff, and the story keeps you wanting to know what the next puzzle is and what's behind the next door. Some of the plot points make me want to smack him in the head with the book and others I really enjoy. I managed to finish the book yesterday morning though, so it was time to get caught up on what I had been putting off.

I am working on two new pieces that should be done very soon. I am also cleaning the studio. It always tends to get messy, since I work there. When I am done with all that I need to do some cleaning.

Watch for new pieces soon...very soon! Also today is the last day for free shipping on my site.

Hugs, K. <3

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What Would You Do If You Knew?

Every morning hundreds of people read their horoscopes in this country. The degree to which they take it seriously varies. But there is one constant, since the beginning of mankind, we have been fascinated by the prospect of fortelling the future.

Many people put a lot of stock in the Nostradamus and the Mayan Prophecies, even though most people don't quite have the right information on that thanks to the hype of the media. There have been countless forms of divination in most cultures over the centuries.

This Fall a new show started on TV called Flash Forward. The premise of the show is that for 2 minutes and 17 seconds everyone in the world blacked out and had a vision of their life for the same 2 minutes and 17 seconds six months in the future. Some saw something good and some didn't. Being familiar with the book the show is based on, I know what caused the black out, but not to worry, I won't spoil it for you if you're watching the show. I will say this much, if the show adheres to the book, it's probably not what you think it is. It's a far fetched but fresh plot device.

So now the show asks the question, if you knew the future what would you do? Would you try to prevent what you saw? Would you try to create what you saw? Or would you just let fate play out the way it's meant to despite what you saw?

I personally don't believe we can ever get a clear and accurate picture of our future, and quite frankly I have no interest in trying. But if we could...what would we do?

There are certain things about our future that we don't need a crystal ball to discern. If we don't change our ways both our planet and our society are heading for downfalls.

If we look back at history, every civilization falls. They usually all fall from the same mistakes. Immorality, egocentricity and greed. These are the three main causes of disease, wars, and overuse of resources. But as a race we seldom learn from our past mistakes. We still think we are more indestructible and enlightened than our predecessors, which is rarely the case.

So why then are we so interested in knowing the future? If we could accurately see our futures would we be the cause of bringing about what we saw? Would it be a matter of self fulfilling destiny. On the flip side of that coin, can we avoid fate?

I guess it all comes down to what you believe. Is our personal future a predetermined path we follow or is it up to us to make the right choices?

I have often heard people say "If I only knew then what I know now..." But would you really make a different choice if you knew?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free Shipping!

Good morning everyone! I would like to welcome my new followers. I am happy to have you!

Every once in a blue moon I offer something for my blog readers. With the holidays approaching, I thought I would give all my readers free US shipping (or the equivalent for my foreign readers) on anything purchased from my website, Blondheart, through Saturday! I will refund the amount on paypal when you make your purchase.

Hugs, K. <3

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monday Love & Inpsiration: Blogs & Parties & Holidays Oh My!

Since I wasn't up to posting my usual Monday post last week, I thought I would share a little love AND inspiration today. And of course I have my announcement. But before we get to that, I want to say that I am doing better. My mouth is healing, I am ten pounds lighter, and if you ever have to get gum grafts it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be! Plus did I mention I am ten pounds lighter!!! *giggles* I could tell you a funny pants story, but I have enough to tell in this post.

Secondly, I really want to thank everyone who visited and left me such lovely comments from the Halloween party post! Despite only 3 1/2 days to do it, and trying to recoup, I really had fun with it. The bears enjoyed it as well and want to put on more little plays for you in the future. (Actually they wanted to do War And Peace today but I told them I would pass out, so they decided maybe a break would be better. Besides I told them it's best to leave their fans wanting more for a little while!)

Ok so on to the post! I am always inspired by so many of the blogs I read. There are so many amazing and talented people out there and it's one of the better sides of the internet that we get a glimpse into their lives and get to know them a little bit through this medium!

I also love parties, and I love love holidays! No...really I LOVE holidays. I enjoyed Vanessa's party and reading every single blog that participated. It was so much fun and filled with love and inspiration of every magical variety!

So last week while I was doing everything else except eating, I decided I wanted to host a party of my own for Christmas! I know it's a little soon to think about Christmas since Halloween hasn't arrived yet, but I wanted to be sure to give people plenty of time. It's a busy time of year and I figured even if people had things to do they could get started early and have a post ready for that day.

So without further ado...*dramatic pause*...I am having the first ever A H'artfelt Christmas blog party! Everyone is invited to join in the fun...yes everyone, even that rotten boy in second grade that tried to kiss me all the time. Everyone in the entire world. Not that I expect them all to show up, just maybe 2/3 of the worlds population! *grins cheekily* So head on over to the special blog I made just for the party info, and sign up! (Don't grade me too harshly on my poor attempt at poetry please!) A couple enterprising people found the blog before I was done setting up!

I hope to see you all there!

Hugs, K. <3

Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome To The Party! ~ A Halloween Carol ~ and all! You have found my post for the Halloween party hosted by A Fanciful Twist! It's a fine day for a party! But no Halloween gathering would be complete without a ghost story. So grab a cup of cider and a popcorn ball and settle in as I present to you:

Tebearneezer Fudge hurried down the cobblestone street. He wanted to get home after a long day of running errands. A fog had started to cover his sleepy little town and was getting thicker by the minute. He heard voices through the mist calling out Halloween greetings to one another. Bah humbug he thought! He did not like Halloween one little bit!

Suddenly the fog thickened to the point where he couldn't see past the nose on his face. He had been so lost in thought over his dislike of Halloween that he hadn't been paying attention to where he was. "Well this is a fine pickle!" he muttered under this breath. He reached out his paw, groping his way along the street until he felt a door latch. He decided he would go into the shop and wait until the fog dissipated.

When he entered, he was met with a curious sight. A gypsy was sitting at a table with two chairs. "Velcome...come...sit" she said when he entered. Tebearneezer wasn't sure what sort of shop this was. He didn't remember ever seeing it before, but the gypsy seemed nice enough so he thought it would be ok to sit for a bit.

As he sat down she said "Lovely veather ve are" Tebearneezer smiled politely. "Er...if you say so." He didn't want to be rude afterall. The fortune teller peered into her crystal ball, and then started to lay cards out on her table. "Oh my, such sadness I see!" she said and shook her head. She studied the cards a bit more. "But all is not lost" she said finally. Tebearneezer stood up rather abruptly. "Now see here, I didn't ask for my fortune to be told!" he exclaimed. But before he could add anything else, the gypsy said "You shall be visited this night by three ghosts."

"" Tebearneezer said a bit nervously, but then quickly regained his posture. "Stuff and nonsense!" he said, and stood up abruptly. He thanked her for letting him sit in her shop, and then hurried out the door. When he got outside the fog had cleared. He hurried the rest of the way home.

Later that night, when he crawled into bed he remembered the fortune tellers words. He refused to let any ghosts into his house, that was for certain! He couldn't help feeling afraid as he blew out the candle. He tried to go to sleep, but every noise made him jump. He pulled the covers up over his nose, even though he knew he was being silly. He finally fell into a fitfull sleep.

Some time later, he awoke. He was sure he had heard someone calling his name. He opened his eyes and saw a diminutive, hazy figure in a black ballgown and holding a masquerade mask, standing by the foot of his bed surrounded eerily in green light. "I am the ghost of Halloween past." she said sweetly. Tebearneezer jumped out of bed and grabbed his robe. This couldn't be real! She floated towards him, and took his paw in hers. "We will travel back to the day you started disliking Halloween!" She brought her mask up to her face. Before Tebearneezer could protest, the room started spinning out of control.

When it stopped, they were no longer in his room. Instead they were in the town square. "No..NooOOooOOoo!" Tebearneezer cried. He did not want to relive this fateful day.

As he watched he saw himself as a cub playing in the town square with all his friends. They had been excited about Halloween in those days, and were all sporting their costumes. He had dressed as a clown. He had been so proud of that costume his Mother had made him.

Then he saw them...the horrifying ghost with the scary mummy at it's side. He covered his face with his paws. He didn't want to remember how frightened he had been! He saw his younger self hiding behind a huge pumpkin, crying in terror and hoping they didn't find him and eat him. All his so called friends had run away and he left him alone. He turned to the ghost and asked "Why! Why have you brought me here?" She said "Look Tebearneezer, they aren't really monsters...just older kids dressed in scary costumes! They were trick or treating same as you!" Tebearneezer peeked back at the scene unfolding before him. He saw they truly were just kids in costumes! How could he have made such a mistake? He was about to reach out to his younger self and point that out so he wouldn't be scared, when the world started to spin again! He found himself back in his own bed, his room dark now except for the full moon shining in through the window. He rubbed his eyes and thought to himself it must have all been a dream. He turned over and went back to sleep.

No sooner had he started to doze off when he heard a booming voice. "I am the ghost of Halloween present!" It announced. He rolled over in bed to see a chubby, spotted cat wearing a pointy clown hat sitting by the side of his bed. He groaned...not again! The cat grabbed his paw with a loud laugh and the room spun out of control.

He found himself back in the town square. This time everyone he knew was there helping set up the Halloween display. "See how much fun your friends are having Tebearneezer Fudge!" said the ghost. "Friends" muttered Tebearneezer. He didn't have any friends. Not since he was a cub. He knew what people said about him behind his back, how they called him grumpy and a curmudgeon! It made him feel a little sad. He almost wished he could join in the fun. "Bah humbug!" he said instead, "who needs fun!" "Everyone does Tebearneezer! What is life without friends and fun?" said the ghost. He was about to reply when the world spun out from under him. He was alone in his room. He lay thinking about what he had seen and what the ghost had said for a long time before he fell asleep again.

Concluded in the next the main header to read on if you arrived via this post!

~ A Halloween Carol ~ Part 2

He awoke with a start. A tall, thin figure was sitting by the head of his bed staring at him. It had a green face and a pointy hat, and was carrying a staff. This ghost did not speak, it just stood there ominously. Tebearneezer did not want to go with this ghost. He sighed, resigned. "I suppose I must?" he asked inquiringly. The ghost slowly nodded, took his paw, and tapped it's staff against the floor. Tebearneezer squeezed his eyes closed as the room spun away. He wasn't sure he wanted to see what the future held.

He heard the sound of music, laughter and merry making of all kinds! He opened his eyes and saw a party. The annual Pumpkin Patch Ball in fact. People were having such a good time! Part of a conversation reached his ears as they watched the scene. "What a great party this is, everyone in town is here!" said the first voice. "Everyone except crabby old Tebearneezer Fudge!" said the other. "Eh who needs him to ruin the party!" replied the first voice. "I used to be his friend when we were cubs." said the second. A third voice chimed in "I wish he was the way he used to be! I miss the chap sometimes. I think about paying him a friendly visit once in a while. That is, if I didn't think he would surely send me away. I still feel bad for running away in fear and leaving him alone that Halloween day when we were cubs!"

Send them away thought Tebearneezer! He didn't think anyone ever wanted to visit him! He wouldn't send his old chums away! Especially now that he knew they were sorry they had left him alone in the square that day! A tear trickled down his fuzzy cheek. He had been missing out on so much all these years, just because of a silly mistake he had made when he was very young. A voice in the crowd excitedly yelled "Come on, it's time to bob for apples everyone!" Tebearneezer started off in the direction they were all going. He wanted to bob for apples! But the ghost took his paw. "No" he cried, "I want to stay and have fun!"

When he was back in his own quiet bed all alone he felt very sad. But then he realized it was only Halloween eve, and that the party wasn't until tomorrow...there was still time! He flew out of bed and started searching the closets and cupboards for things to make a splendid costume. He was going to the party! He would have friends!

The clock chimed midnight, as he heard it he paused his search. He ran to the window and threw open the shutters. He leaned out and yelled jovially "Happy Halloween to all, and to all...a frightfully spooktacular night!"

Tebearneezer went to the party the next night and had a wonderful time. He returned to the fortune tellers shop to thank her for what she had done, but found an empty building. He didn't dwell on it though, because he was having so much fun!

As the years went by he not only attended every party and made lots of friends, but he helped put up the decorations in the town square and passed out barrels and bushels of candy to everyone.

So dear friends, this concludes my tale. But if you should ever find yourself being visited by spectres in the night and feel afraid just remember...

Thank you all for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed your stay! Don't forget to click the link in the first post and visit the other participating blogs! Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

We Have A Winner!

The winner was chose by randomizer at So without further ado, I would like to congratulate Marion, from Rusty-Prim! Pumpkin will be winging his way to Germany as soon as you e-mail me with an address!

I want to thank everyone who entered and who reads my blog. I also want to tell you that I have two surprises coming! One will be announced Monday, and the other sometime in November. So watch for those!

In the mean time I am working frantically to get everything ready for the Halloween Blog Party on the 17th. I hope to see you there!

Hugs, K. <3

Last Chance To Enter The Give Away!

Today is the last day to sign up for the blog give away! I will have the drawing tonight around midnight MST.

Also, if anyone has made more than one post, I will delete one before I do the drawing.

Good luck! K. <3

Monday, October 12, 2009

Who Doesn't Love A Party!

I am going to be doing the Halloween Party with A Fanciful Twist. I had been meaning to sign up ever since I saw it in Artful Blogging and with all that has been going on, I had nearly forgotten! Luckily I saw a post on Ginger's blog from Bearbits, and remembered!

The bears are already planning their costumes! I hope to see you there! Also it's not too late if anyone else wants to sign up too. Just follow the link and follow the rules!

Frozen In Time

I really don't have a Monday love or inspiration post today since I am in a lot of pain this morning. I took the putty they put on my gums as dressing off, and it was stuck in one place. It was really cutting into my gums and lips so it had to be removed, plus it was loose. One spot was stuck and when I pulled it off it started bleeding. So everything is pretty tender again. But I did take a sort of nifty pic this morning about 3 am.

It didn't get over 28 degrees all weekend, and sadly all my lovely green foliage froze. I took a pic of my frozen tree that hangs over the deck. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it was very pretty.

Perhaps later in the week when I am doing a bit better I will make an inspiration post. If not, then next Monday for sure.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Food And Bears Everywhere!

Have you ever noticed how many commercials there are for food? I suppose you don't notice these things unless you are hungry. I read a few blogs today and I noticed a lot of people posting about food.

I also noticed a lot of bears being posted. It was great fun to look at them all, and I have my eye on one of them...but it's a reminder that I am not allowed to work yet. I am not supposed to do anything strenuous for a couple more days, and they deemed making a bear strenuous.

I have a whole cupboard full of lovely things I can't eat, and a bear cut and pinned on my machine that I can't sew.

I am not a good patient. It's been three days, I should be healed up by now right? *Giggles*

What I wouldn't give for a big juicy steak, a crunchy salad and to sew...sigh~ I have watched more TV than I can stand, and slept for hours on end. I think I am bored and hungry.

Oh well...this too shall pass.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dr. Basil

Yesterday was a little rough. I stayed in bed most of the day, and I had no energy to make myself some soup. So I didn't eat anything until R came home. He made homemade cheese soup, which is so good because it has a bunch of vegetables in it that are boiled then blended and put in. So it's still very smooth, but it has nutritious value. After I ate I felt a lot better. I still feel like I have been punched in the mouth though, and I have an awful lot of swelling along my jaw. I actually do know how that feels, because many many years ago I worked as a cocktail waitress and one night a drunk and belligerent customer who didn't want to take a taxi home actually did punch me in the mouth.

However, while R was at work I was in good hands...or should I say paws. Buster was on his best behavior for once, and Jazzy came to stand on her stubby little hind legs and peer at me with those keen dark brown Westie eyes as if she was checking on me and wondering why I wasn't getting up.

Rizzo came and laid by me and purred, and Gypsy was never more than two feet away all day. But it is Basil who always takes the best care of me. He is the very special little guy I posted about last year who loves Christmas and smiles like a Cheshire cat. The post is called A Christmas Tail if you missed it and wanted to read it.

I don't really believe in reincarnation, but if there is such a thing, I am convinced Basil was a doctor in a previous life. After I came from home from my hospital stay from my hysterectomy he would come in to the bedroom and do the oddest thing every hour to two hours. He would lean over and stick his nose under my nose without touching me, then a couple seconds later he would lay his head on my chest for a few seconds. Then he would go back to laying beside me. It took me a while to figure out he was checking my breathing and heartbeat.

Yesterday he came and sat on my chest, stared at me for a minute then gently put his paw on my bottom lip as if to say "Open up, I want to have a look." I opened my mouth just a little and he leaned over and inspected it. When he was satisfied, he sat up and squeezed his eyes closed a bit. I think he probably believes he could have done a better job...or maybe that look was simply "Boy are you high maintenance!"

He is so sweet and concerned, and I felt very loved and taken care of in the best way he knows how.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not Doing Too Bad And An Award!

I survived the procedure today. He managed to get me numb as promised which was such a relief. However, once it wore off...I won't lie to you, it HURTS! I feel like I have been repeatedly socked in the mouth. Thank goodness for Vicodine. I slept most of the day. I just managed to suck a tiny bit of tomato soup through a straw and drink some water. So I am not doing too bad all in all.

When I finally made it down here I had a lovely surprise waiting for me. Suse from Suses Teddygarten gave me this lovely creative blogger award! Isn't that sweet, and on a day when I could certainly use something like that!

I am going to go put the ice pack back on and then go back to bed. See you soon!

Hugs K. <3

The Last Rose Of Summer

I just thought I would leave you with something pretty before I go in a couple hours. Every year my rose bush blooms for the last time in October, but with the erratic weather this year I only have one lonely bloom. Pretty isn't she!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Panic Mode

The hours are ticking by way too fast today. 8 AM is fast approaching and I have noticed I have achieved panic mode. I can't think clearly, I feel that overall cold chill you get from fear and I am slightly shaky.

I am trying to not be afraid of tomorrow, but I am. They want me to take a Xanax to relax me before I come in, but in truth that's kind of adding to my anxiety. I have never taken a Xanax and I am not sure what it's going to do to me. Sometimes I have very odd reactions to drugs, so I try to take as few as possible.

I probably won't be making a post tomorrow or even possibly for a few days to come. I don't really know how I am going to feel after the procedure. So if there is silence for a few days, just know I am sleeping and healing.

Wish me luck, I am going to need it! Also if anyone has ever taken Xanax, please tell me what it does to you.

Thanks, K. <3

~*~ Tea Time Cubcake ~*~

I found this great tin, and knew I wanted to make a cubcake to go in it. I loved tea with my bears and Raggedy Ann as a kid, so every once in a while I have to do a tea party set! You can visit her on the bears page of my website.

Also don't forget to enter my give away for a Pumpkin Cubcake by clicking the link to the right if you haven't done so already.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Natural Born Skeptics

I am going to continue on in an odd vein of topics today for two reasons. The first is that something rather odd happened the other night. The second is because I always think about weird things when I am stressed, and if you read my post on my upcoming gum surgery then you know I am stressed. So bear with me, posts will probably return to normal next week. Also it is October and Halloween is coming, so what better time for ghost stories right? On with what will most likely be a very long post.

Grant Wilson of TAPS said that a skeptic is a person who hasn't had an experience yet. I think that is true up to a point. I have yet to come across anyone that couldn't tell a story about something they couldn't explain happening to them. Maybe they thought they saw Bigfoot, or a UFO, maybe they saw a ghost, or it was something as simple as knowing something before it happened or having a mental connection with a loved one in a moment of crisis.

Now if you went out into public and put any two people together and told them to tell each other a story of something that happened they couldn't explain it would most likely go something like this:

Person A tells their story with great earnest, giving the details of what happened as accurately as they can. Person B listens politely, but is thinking to themselves how crazy that is and that they had to be mistaken, there is another explanation or they made it up. When person A is done telling their story, Person B tells theirs. They in turn tell their story earnestly with as accurate of details as they can and Person A sits there politely listening thinking that there has to be another explanation, they misunderstood what they saw or they are making it up. Both people know what happened in their own experience, but doubt what the other person is telling them they saw.

I think we are all for the most part natural born skeptics even when something odd has happened to us. I am no different. I am always very skeptical, and yet I have had some odd things happen. Although in all fairness, I am rather skeptical over those too. So the question is, why would this be? Is it a simple notion that everyone else is lying? Probably not. I think it's just that when something odd happens to us that we can't explain we have a hard enough time processing that something outside of our parameters of normalcy and logic is going on, and when someone else tells us a similar story it puts us on that uncomfortable path to realizing that maybe we don't have as much control over our environment and we don't know as much as we think we do. So it's easier for our brains to dismiss the possibility that there are things that simply defy explanation as of yet. People have reported seeing spirits since man has been able to tell stories or write accounts of things down. But yet we like to think we live in an intelligent, scientifically enlightened, civilized world and that superstitions and nonsense are from an age of scientific ignorance.

So on to my story that you most likely won't believe. It's ok though, I have a hard time with it too even though I was there. I have said in the past that I don't really buy into the conventionally accepted concept of ghosts. I have an alternative theory, but it's very long and based on quite a few things, including physics, that I have assimilated so I won't go into it now. That being said, I am about to say something that I have never said aloud. I think my house is "haunted." Even as I type that, my brain is still rejecting that idea.

We moved into this house ten years ago this month. Over time odd things have happened on occasion. I keep dismissing them, despite a few of them being quite solid. The biggest of which was a white puff of smoke, or cloud or vapor...whatever you want to call it rushed out of the bedroom at my head one night when I opened the door to let the dog in to sleep with R. It startled me and I jerked back. The only reason I know for certain it was there and not a figment of my imagination was that the dog saw it too and chased it across the living room, jumping up trying to catch it. I searched for days to try to find a logical explanation for what it was and never found a thing. Was it a ghost? I don't know, I can't make that call. I only saw one other similar thing, and it was dark so I can't be sure I saw it.

A few years later I was making the bed when I distinctly heard a voice at the foot of the bed call the shortened version of R's name. I never use the shortened version, I was home alone, and the windows were closed since it was winter and cold out. I ran right away to look outside and didn't see anyone at all out there that might have said something I would have heard.

Over the years I have caught motion out of the corner of my eye so many times I lost count. But I always chalk that up to tricks of the eye, lighting or imagination. If I don't see something dead on, I can never be sure I really saw it.

I have also seen a picture fly off the mantle. I wouldn't find that unusual except that it was in the second row and the pictures in the first row were left standing upright because it flew over the top of them.

A couple nights ago, I was sitting in the chair down here working on some graphics when it sounded for all the world like someone said something right in my ear. If it had been a real person they would have had to have practically had their lips up to my ear to make it sound like that. I was startled again and spun around in the chair so fast I nearly fell out of it. There wasn't a thing there. I have no idea what was said either. It happened so fast and out of the blue I didn't catch it.

It was at this point, after ten years of odd occurrences, that I decided maybe...just maybe it's time for me to accept that there might be something going on that I just can't explain rationally. I am still not comfortable with that idea, and I am still not sure I really believe it despite having had it happen.

I think my biggest problem with it is that it doesn't make sense in the conventionally accepted idea of ghosts. Why would something want to stay here after they departed the physical realm? Why would something want to scare me? Is that even the intention? If the intention was less sinister...the question still remains why? If something could manifest itself enough to take on a vaporous form or a sound why not just write me a note and say what it wants to say?

I think enough people have had paranormal experiences throughout history that it's safe to say something is going on that cannot be explained with the knowledge that we have, but what is it? That's why I developed my own theory based on things that I understand. Someday, if you really want to know, I will type out my theory.

Maybe it's a simple matter of I don't want there to be anything else living in my house besides us...but despite having seen and heard and lived through some odd things in my life that I can't explain, and having known countless others who have lived through things they couldn't explain...I can't get over being a natural born skeptic.

Why Do They Have To Be Mutually Exclusive?

Last year Nasa was perusing some pictures they took of the first "man made" holes on Mars. They were made by the drill on the Mars rover. In one of the pictures someone noticed something that looked a bit unusual. In fact they thought it looked like a fossil of a worm. If you look at the picture you will see that it could be almost anything really. But if that turned out to be true that it was a fossil, then it would be proof positive that life once existed on Mars. But they never got any other pictures of it.

I read an interesting article tonight about that in a magazine. There is the supposition that they purposely didn't take more pictures of it because if it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was life on Mars, or anywhere else for that matter, every religion on the planet would crumble.

Now I can't say how accurate that article was since there were no references or facts to back it up. The writer was proposing a conspiracy theory, which I suppose is possible, but it might also be possible that NASA simply didn't see the fossil or whatever it was in time to get more pictures of it. If it was intentional as the article writer was suggesting however, I don't get that line of thinking. I have heard this notion of what would happen before.

A large portion of scientists are atheists, so how can they assume what people of faith would do or think when they don't have that in their own arsenal of personal experiences to draw from?

If you go outside and look at the night sky you will be seeing over 2 billion stars at any given time. It's pretty safe to say at least some of them have planets orbiting them. I think deep down inside us we all have a basic instinctual knowledge that we are not the be all end all of life in the universe. If we were, wouldn't it be a waste of those 2 billion stars we can see and however many more lie beyond those? Wouldn't it be vain of humanity to believe it's all out there just for us?

Now whether we will ever get to meet any of that other life during the existence of our species, or whether we would even want to is a whole other can of alien worms.

Ok so suppose we found proof positive that life existed elsewhere. How would that change anyone's faith in a higher power? I haven't read all the religious texts in the world, but I do know in the Bible it says "And God created the Heavens and the Earth..." Notice that Heavens is plural. So where is the problem?

When did science get to the point where it always had to be mutually exclusive of any other line of thinking? In science there are no miracles, no magic, no faith, no intelligent design. Just cold hard facts. But yet from my perspective as someone who does have a working knowledge of physics, quantum physics/mechanics/evolution, biology, chemistry, astronomy, geology, paleontology and a whole host of other sciences...I don't see how you can't believe in something more than yourself.

If you can't look at the stars and see the magic, if you can't look at the creation of life and see the miracle, and if you can't see how complex things are at the tiniest subatomic levels of existence and have faith along with the facts, then how can you possibly study it objectively? The whole point of scientific study is to be open to all possible answers until you find the right one. But sometimes there isn't just one. I will never believe that something so vast and complex on every level in every layer was an accident, and I will never believe that in this amazingly huge universe we are all alone.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Terror (Not A Post For The Squeamish)

I don't have a fear of the dentist the way most people do. I have had several fillings, two root canals, all my wisdom teeth and an impacted molar pulled, and a crown. None of it really phased me a whole lot. The doctor scares me much more than the dentist.

However this Thursday I am finally going to the oral surgeon for gum grafts. I was supposed to go in June, and put it off because you can't eat normally for a few weeks and it takes a full nine months to completely heal. Summer involves BBQ's and trips and I didn't want to have to deal with it. Plus I thought it would be easier to handle during soup weather.

Apparently I brush my teeth too hard and it has worn away my gums on the four corners. I have to be honest...I am just terrified. It all sounds so Frankenstein-esque.

Before they suggested this, I had never heard of gum grafts. I figured if your gums receded that was that. I was both happy and nervous to find out they can fix it.

This is your last chance to turn back, I am going to get graphic now, so if it bothers you...don't read any further!

The procedure involves making a vertical slit in your gum, and then they slide a piece of "human tissue material on a synthetic matrix" under there and stitch it closed. After nine months your own tissue takes over and the original is gone.

The human tissue material sounds really disturbing. He assured me that no one has ever had any problems with it ever. Let's hope I am not the first. The stitches part is bothering me too. I have issues with anything unnatural going into my skin, this includes needles. It's a miracle I have pierced ears or two small tattoos.

Another issue I have is that I never get numb at the dentist. They never believe me either. Luckily this guy did. He said some people have very deep set nerve endings and sometimes dentists don't get far enough up with the Novocain to numb them. The next time I find a disbelieving dentist I am going to mention that! It would save the extra expense and risk of having IV sedation or the pain of just grinning and bearing it...which I have had to do a couple times.

They also want me to take a Xanax before I go in. I have never taken a Xanax and that makes me a bit nervous as well. Sometimes drugs effect me in strange ways other than how they are supposed to, and I am not sure what a Xanax will do to me.

The girl on the phone reassured me it was no big deal and they do it all the time. Well ok...they do it all the time...I don't! So to me it's pretty terrifying.

I am trying to be that brave, tough girl I am...and I am failing miserably. I wasn't this scared over my shoulder surgery, hand surgery or my hysterectomy. Maybe it's because for those, I knew I would sleep through it.

So as we draw near to Thursday, my posts might get a little odd...if they do, just know it's the terror talking!

Monday Inspiration: Coffee With A Friend

When I was a little girl it was nothing unusual for someone to stop by for coffee at my Grandmother's or my Mother's house. Later when I was in college we always went out for coffee to chat and study. Even later still, my best friend and I would always stop for coffee after a night out of dancing. For years after we moved here I had another friend who I would meet for coffee at least once a week, and sometimes as many as four times a week. Sadly she was much older than I and she is gone now.

Every time I read Artful Blogging I am convinced that I am not doing it right. Maybe I should quit reading it. People tell stories of their blogs and how they strive to inspire people every single day, or how their blogs are personal journeys of a spiritual nature or self discovery. Some of them try to teach about their art and share their techniques. Other post amazing pictures they take and beautify the world at large. Whatever the story is behind each blog featured, it's always something huge and changing even. It makes me feel bad, as if I am lacking by not doing that.

I would love to write something like that. But I can't, I don't know how. Maybe I don't view my blog in the right way, and that's why I can't. I am not sure.

When I sit down to make a post, I almost always have a cup of coffee...I figure it's the best time to post since I am taking a break and not focused on anything else. It's a little bit of time to relax. I approach it from the perspective of sitting down with a friend to have coffee. If I was having coffee with a friend, I would talk about what I did or needed to do that day, something that irked me or made me afraid, something that I thought was cute or funny, something that I got fascinated with, or simply show my friend my latest piece of work.

I am pretty sure I have never changed anyone's life over coffee in the past, and I probably won't ever do it through my blog. Sometimes I do make self discoveries through what I write, but I have never considered it a journey to be taken...more like a nice surprise I wasn't expecting.

I start off each week with Monday Love or Monday Inspiration, but those are more things that I love or inspire me than I expect them to inspire you. I just like to try to start the week off on a positive note.

Neighbors may not drop in to each others houses anymore for coffee like they used to, and I may not meet up with my friends in the real world much any more since they all live so far away, but I have made some lovely friends through blogging and I look forward to having coffee with them for a few minutes each day through this medium.

When I first started blogging, I wasn't sure I would keep doing it. I had tried keeping a regular journal in the past and always gave up after a few weeks. So when I came to blogging I didn't know what to expect of myself. I didn't know what to say, or if anyone would ever read it. But then again, when I had my first cup of coffee I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, or what to put in that either.

I may never type anything huge or monumental, and may not be following some mystical formula...but maybe I am doing ok anyway? I wouldn't trade those hours spent with many a friend over coffee, and I wouldn't trade my time blogging with you either.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Little Green Dog

R is out mowing the grass for what may possibly be the last time this year. When he goes out to mow he always has his two little "helpers." Jazzy loves to chase after him the entire time and my snowy white little dog ends up turning green. Buster just lays in the grass and watches after two or three trips across the yard because of his back problems. He has two compressed discs.

The last time she did it, I hadn't noticed how green she really was and I took her for a walk. A guy pulled over and yelled out the window of his pickup that he had never seen a green dog before! *Grins* She had been so enthusiastic that even her face was green last time! She doesn't care though, it's worth it I guess for the fun of chasing the mower, nlot to mention she is right for the season with her "Frankenpaws!"

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just Another Neurotic Episode From The Life Of An Artist

Some years ago R and I decided to redecorate the guest room. We got a lovely daybed, quilts, some beautiful book cases, a vintage table and a tiffany lamp. We wall papered the room in a nice floral to give it a warm homey feel. We also decided to put in new carpet. We found a discontinued piece of very thick velvety pile at a good price and R bought the whole roll.

As it turned out there was enough on the roll to also do my work room next door. I decided that if R was going to put new carpet in the work room, I wanted to fresco paint it first. I thought a nice rich carmelly parchment look would be just the thing since I don't really care for cool colors in my house. I like it to have a warm feeling. I painted the ceiling and the doorways a periwinkle. Now I am sure that might sound odd...but I wanted it to look like Mexico under a night sky. It's very pretty.

Little did I know what I was in for when I started the project. Now when you have been in business nearly 3 decades you tend to amass a lot of supplies for your work. I am never going to run out of lace, silk flowers, ribbons, buttons, findings, beads and a whole assortment of other doodads...not ever. Then of course I have the basic bear components which include hardware, mohair by the tubs full, stuffing supplies, etc. On top of all that my work room also houses my bear collection, dozens of books, a dress makers dummy, a small scale version of stone henge, a castle and a whole host of other curiosities. Oh yeah...and my sewing machine and work table, a pie safe, desk and hutch, several trunks and an amoire.

By the time I got it all boxed up, the room painted with paint that R bought which was a nice paint...but didn't really lend itself to fresco painting and reduced me to tears of frustration a couple times, carpet put in and everything unpacked and put back, it took three months.

I organized everything nicely when I put it away. Before that it was sort of stored in shelves and boxes and drawers in a rather neat but eclectic way. I knew where every single thing I owned was too. Since I organized it years ago I haven't been able to find a thing I want when I want it.

Yesterday I finally decided it was time to clean up the work room again. In particular the closet. *Bangs her head on the desk for a moment* I took half the stuff out of my overly full closet and realized with horror that I am never going to get it all back in. (Ok I will but it's quite intimidating to have it all out) The closet is full of plastic tubs filled with mohair and ribbons and other supplies, and my very large assortment of hat boxes. There are also bags of things...tulle, crinkle paper, velvet fruits, unpainted wooden boxes, hats, doll clothes, and the list goes on. Most of those things are in multiple colors or large groups because I had an idea at the time I bought them.

Some of those ideas came to fruition and some haven't...yet. When I put it all back the first time I thought it would be easy to find if I grouped like things together. I was wrong. Apparently my brain can't process such a concept. I am going to have to figure out a new system that will allow me to find what I want. Maybe if I colorize things like my clothes closet...I never have any trouble finding what I want in there.

I have considered making nice groupings of supplies in little boxes or bags and selling them in my Etsy shop. My only concern with doing that is the moment I sell something I am sure I will find out a week later I needed that particular thing.
I guess I will decide once I start putting it all back and can fully assess what I have.

My dream is to have a little stone cottage out back, separate from the house where I can work and keep all my stuff. Even though it never spills over into the rest of the house, I would like to have something I design the way I want it with shelves, cupboards and everything I need to stay organized and find what I want easily.

I should have worked on it tonight, but somehow watching a little TV and making this blog post seemed much more appealing. Sigh~

Friday, October 2, 2009


I really love old movies, especially musicals. "The Glass Slipper" with Leslie Caron is one I have seen several times and enjoy. My favorite character was Mrs. Toquet, played by the fabulous Estelle Winwood as the eccentric version of a fairy godmother who likes to "borrow" things.

When she first meets "Cinder-ella," she says she likes the sound of her name because it's as much fun to say as elbow, windowsill, pickle relish and apple dumpling. For some reason that left a lasting impression on me.

Whenever I run across a word that I find fun to say, I think of Mrs. Toquet. This afternoon I took a little break to read a chapter in my book, and came across the word arhipelago. Every time I see that word I have to say it out loud a couple times. That is a very fun word to say! It rolls off the tongue and brings up all sorts of fanciful visuals that have nothing to do with what it means.

I also like the word Algonquin. In fact I liked it so much that I named a little bear that once. Maybe there will be an "Archipelago" arriving soon? Don't worry though, he won't be in a cluster!

What words do you find fun to say? Maybe if you share a few they will turn into names for bears! In the mean time, try to catch the movie if you haven't seen it. I believe it pops up on TCM channel every once in a while.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just One Hour

Yesterday I woke up and hit the ground running. Ok well maybe it was more of a brisk walk, but still. I got up, changed the bedding, washed the sheets, went to the gym, went to the grocery store, did a little cleaning, washed dishes, fed myself in there somewhere, played with the dogs, finished the cubcake, photographed it, did the graphics for the give away, (see previous post) watered my jungle, had a bath and fell into bed.

Today I after having slept well for once, I got up and looked out the window. It was another beautiful day with bright blue skies and sunshine. I decided I would take a quiet hour for myself just to dust out my brain and rejuve a bit.(something I rarely do) I got my coffee to head out to the deck. I opened the door and walked out, then turned right around and walked back in. It was false advertising on Mother Nature's part! It was cold and windy! I was rather disappointed, I hate days that are deceptive like that, I always feel sort of cheated somehow.

However I decided I would still take my hour...just one lovely peaceful hour. I crawled under the quilt on the sofa with my coffee and a couple pretty magazines. I settled in and turned on a show I recorded a few days ago I had been wanting to watch. I was about ten minutes in when the phone rang. My Mother was having computer problems. She had already called about five minutes after I woke up.

Now it's not that I mind helping her, it's just that sometimes it's difficult to explain how to handle issues over the phone, especially when the person isn't computer savvy. So I helped her the best I could, and settled back in. Five minutes later R called to tell me he was on the way home and was stopping for a haircut.

Back to the sofa and my quilt...ahhh. It wasn't even two minutes later when Buster came and gave me the mournful puppy eyed look that signals he has to go potty. You couldn't tell me before I sat back down??? More sad eyes...I guess not. *Groan* Up the stairs I went to let them out.

Back to the sofa, and a door slams followed by pitiful meowing. Gypsy has an odd habit of shutting herself in the bathroom every once in a while. She instantly freaks out at the thought of being locked in every time she does it too.

Off to rescue kitty...back to the sofa...the doorbell rings. Someone trying to sell me aluminum siding that ignored my no soliciting sign.

At this point I gave up. I think it's impossible to have just one peaceful hour...sigh~ Sadly on the days when I wish for activity and phone calls there aren't any. Why is it always like that?

October Blog Give Away!

What better way to start off the month than by giving away one of my little cubcakes! I made another Pumpkin Cubcake and he might be yours...all you have to do to enter is post on your blog about my give away and leave me a comment letting me know. The winner will be chosen at random on the 15Th and will arrive just in time for Halloween! Readers from all parts of the world are welcome to enter! Good luck!

Hugs, K. <3
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